Drinks On Us

Eric's bar
Times are hard , money is tight.
Redundancies and cuts to services abound but Wirral Council show us that when it comes to prioritising their finances they’re on the money.
Your money that is.
Yes indeed ! news reaches us that they’re looking to spend money fitting out a new bar in Wallasey Town Hall.
No really!.
That’s right  a bar- a boozer – a watering hole – an alehouse – a gin joint.
A speakeasy where nobody speaks easy – well you never know who’s recording you!.
Now we know the recent goings on at the Town Hall have made it seem like a non-stop sleaze-fest but is installing a bar really sending out the right message? .
This is after all supposed to be what they’d no doubt call the “administrative hub” of the Council and not a particularly louche nightclub.
Or are they going hell for leather to secure that sin city twin town opportunity with Reno?.
Next thing you know they’ll be installing a gambling joint in Committee Room 1 – let’s face it it’ll save a journey to Chris Pluck’s betting shop in Claughton Village for some of our more senior councillors.
Or how about the Mayor’s parlour becoming a massage parlour ?.
Or a big neon sign outside saying “COUNCIL TAX & COCKTAILS”
No doubt the justification will be about refurbishing the bar being an innovative moneyspinning venture creating a venue for hire.
But how long before inebriated teens are vomiting over the new carpet and defacing pictures of Wirral Council’s former mayors?……actually on second thoughts they’ve convinced us, the Leaky Towers posse might pop in for a quick stiffener.
Trebles all round!.
CEO Stressed Eric shows his leadership skills and gets the party started!……
Eric gets the party started


2 thoughts on “Drinks On Us

  1. Just reinforces the belief that the Council is full of Piss Artists. Perhaps they wil revitalise an old New Brighton Nightclub name for the shebeen of ‘The Creep Inn’ where ALL the creeps gather.

  2. Another Bar! It was only a few years ago when a purpose built bar was built on the first floor and then removed to make way for the Members Room. The bar cost many thousands of ponds with drinks were as cheap as chips. Probably why you could find so many councillors to open Tenders. Members even made one of the committee officers the licensee. What a joke, they even let committee staff use the bar to play pool on a full size pool table. I also remember the ” getting to know you Friday’s” when committee staff and senior officers were allowed to drink from 4pm. Looks like a case for Mr Brace and a FOI request to see how much money was wasted on the first bar.

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