Master of Suspense

Master of suspense

We know we have our Wirral Council highly irregular regulars but if there is one councillor who has prompted more comments and queries than any other lately it’s Bidston & St.James councillor and , quite astonishingly , the Chair of Wirral Council’s Audit & Risk Management Committee  – the one and only Jim “Crabby” Crabtree.

We are proud to say we reinforced our public interest credentials by learning that his suspension by the North West Labour Party was due in no small part to allegations made on Wirral Leaks and shamefully NOT by the Labour Party members or Meadowside Special School who were repeatedly told what he’d been up to and chose to turn a blind eye to allegations made about him.

Let us remind ourselves that a key witness alleges : “ He was suspended because he took students from Meadowside School leafleting – this was at least the 3rd time and he dropped them off and left them there with 2 teaching assistants and went home to let in the electrician to his home…..He told the (Liverpool) Echo a fairy story about coming across a fellow party member which is strange as he’d told them he would be bringing a bus full of volunteers at 10 –  he pulled up ,  let them off and drove off. No risk assessment – no permission -nothing ……and he gave them his leaflets”

However further worrying reports about Crabtree are that he has :  “….. again filled the membership of Bidston & St.James with his family and friends as he does every time he’s up for re- election.He now has his female mate as chair person, he is the secretary, his daughter is treasurer and every other position is a family member or mate.”

Even more worrying is the allegation that he was also involved in conduct unbecoming of a councillor towards party members from his own ward.However a source ruefully comments that Wirral Council were strangely reluctant to investigate the matter in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct  : “ …..even with witnesses the legal dept say that in their opinion he was not acting as a councillor ,as with the leafleting , even in purdah.
I’m not sure how they can say this as they only met at meetings where he was there as a councillor and the ladies were chair and secretary and there only as reps for the ward .”

However with sad inevitably our source concludes :”The councillors are gathering round … to make sure he gets back in for another 4 years.Residents tell me he doesn’t turn up to surgeries and does nothing to help .Only when he can get his face in the paper or he’s up for re election .”

This sounds plausible to us as somewhat like Cllr George Davies’s  appearance in the local press last week you just need to show “Crabby” a flowerbed and a photographer and somewhat like Japanese knotweed he’ll quickly take over and be difficult to get rid of!.

They way things are progressing it seems Wirral Leaks were right in advising Louise Reece-Jones , the other Labour councillor currently under suspension by the North West Labour Party that : “we think her only hope is to foster a friendship with Frankenfield very,very quickly or her days are numbered….”
Particularly when a source informs us : “Can I mention also the disgraceful way Louise Reece Jones has been treated she is still suspended with no communication from any of them.”

So it would appear that for some reason senior local Labour politicians seem to have an allergy to LRJ. Meanwhile we understand that Frankenfield was allegedly “furious beyond belief”  that Crabtree had been suspended. As one of our sources  states : “I was as naive enough to think he meant because of taking the kids out but oh no it’s because he’s a fantastic councillor and how dare someone do this to him!”.

Thereby reinforcing our belief that Frankenfield’s moral compass is somewhat awry we ask ourselves what is the motivation of the Birkenhead MP who seemingly surrounds himself with fawning acolytes.We remember that the original “master of suspense” Alfred Hitchcock once said : “I didn’t say actors are cattle. What I said was, actors should be treated like cattle.”

Seems as though Frankenfield has the same view when it comes to local councillors , no matter how deep the cow dung they’re in as long as they take direction from him he’ll always be a benefactor to the bovine.

6 thoughts on “Master of Suspense

  1. Councillor Crabtree is my local councillor.

    So if he is chosen as Labour’s candidate for Bidston & St. James, then in 2016 I’ll have a vote as he’ll be a candidate.

    However it isn’t Labour and its councillors that are the problem here. There’s a complete lack of organised political opposition (since 2011 anyway).

    So when there’s that sort of political vacuum you get it from within a political party (which leads to all kinds of nastiness).

    However, a High Court Judge (his Honour Judge Waksman QC) decided not to look into an allegation as to whether Bill Norman (Returning Officer) had incorrectly accepted the nomination papers of Cllr Crabtree in 2012 for a councillor in Bidston & St James ward.

    However the statute of limitations passed on that in 2013 so we have to assume Cllr Crabtree and Bill Norman are completely innocent of any wrongdoing (despite no court hearing to determine the matter).

    The problem is when we have a police force that don’t understand/get warned off investigating crime (or refuse to get involved in a political matter) and a judge that won’t agree to a hearing over an important matter (the outcome of an election), is it any wonder that the country is the way it is?

    Take the recent Tower Hamlets election case that overturned the election of a Mayor. A criminal case had to be brought by the people (at an estimate cost of ~£1 million), a very large price to hold a politician (and a political party to account) because the police wouldn’t take any action.

    There is only so far you can go with holding the powerful to account if Lady Criminal Justice is blind, deaf and ignores what a solicitor or a councillor does unless the person who wants justice has lots of money?

  2. Mr Brace, I would agree with everything you have said the Councillor in question has a lot to answer for in his position as Chair of the Audit and Risk Management Committee, especially as a Positional Change was taken by another Councillor sat on that Committee ably aided and abetted by the two Cowboys Lambert and Adderley. Now how was it done? Bribe, Threat or other form of undue influence?

    These two Cowboys have tried it on with me, because they know that 4.5 Billion worth of Government Money over a 30 year period was destined for other pockets besides a little Tower. If people knew that it was not just the ERDF they had ripped off, but the people of Wirral, none of them would have been voted for or in. Many Many people are aware of this matter on the Council and in the Council, but have refused to speak out.

    Well Mr Brace, I have lost everything I ever wanted or dreamed of and all down to these people. As I have said before and I will say again ” Theft, Fraud, False Representation, Misconduct in Public Office, etc” I will give a Statement and attend Court if Necessary to give Evidence. The Police and Administration need to take Action and Now!!!!!!

  3. Methinks the Crabapple is Don Corleoni. But didn’t his actions amount to gross misconduct? If it was a member doing these actions they would have been sacked!

  4. G’day My Good Lord

    I’m backkkkk!

    I hope you and all at The Towers have had a wonderful summer.

    I also hope the conspirators and co-conspirators over Wirral “Funny” Bizz’s £2,000,000.00 fraud have had a shit of a summer full of misery and wet feet.

    I hope Lordy their children and parents have sat them on the naughty step and had a quiet word with them about what the hell are they doing and what they are really in post for.

    Keeping silent is not clever nor an excuse.

    The senior officers like Adderley and Tour are beyond any redemption at all they should just go straight to the equivalent of hell…… is that Rotherham, Rochdale or Tower Hamlets?

    Who is the new Blinking CEO does anybody know or has he just joined the gang?

    Anyway Lordly enough of that crud called Wirral for the time being.



    Ps Time for us Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers to up the game.

    Luv you more My Lordsly than the number of people Conspirator Jones has stabbed in the back boyo. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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