For The Love Of Blogs

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News reaches Leaky Towers that the local Labour group are getting a bit twitchy about this particular blog.

An inside source tells us : ” I know you were on the agenda for the last exec meeting , you’re worrying them – ha ! …..”

For the life of us we can’t think why !!! – however this did get us thinking about the proliferation of local blogs which seem to laugh in the face of the ridiculous claim that Wirral Council is the most improved local authority in the land.

This is also reflected in a story emanating from mainstream media sources such as the Wirral Globe and the Liverpool Echo  who have both reported this week on the unsurprising revelation that council staff absenteeism due to sickness is on the rise

Indeed from the information we receive we find it hard to disagree with a comment made by the appropriately named “Joe Blogger” on the Liverpool Echo website :

“Wirral Council. What a joke. No wonder staff are going off sick. The place is run by morons. The Social Services management team are a shambles and bullying is rife. Put that lot together and it’s a recipe for disaster.”

So much for lessons of history being learned!. We note that not only are sickness levels rising but it is reported that there is an almost total lack of staff appraisals being carried out by managers  – which suggests that council managers are both failing in their responsibilities and failing their staff by not wanting to listen to what they have to tell them.

We can only wonder whether council “leader” Power Boy Pip Davies shared this sorry state of affairs when he was schmoozing his peers at that increasingly ridiculous looking awards ceremony which led to Wirral Council being declared the Most Improved Council.

Perhaps one day we will be in  a position to share the shady shenanigans that we know went on behind the scenes which led to this wholly unwarranted accolade.

However Power Boy Pip seems to us to be a man who is increasingly uncomfortable in his own skin and well he might be!.

Whilst he may be able to blag the likes of the Local Government Association, the Local Government Chronicle and the endless parade of management consultants who after cashing the fat cheque head for some leafy enclave far from the badlands of Birkenhead , there seems to be a rising tide of dissenters and commentators joining us in realising that there’s something rotten in the state of Wirral Council.

So here’s a Wirral Leaks cut out and keep guide to those social media outlets which cut through the smoke and mirrors and reflect the true picture of how Wirral Council operates:

Wirral – the People Fight Back –  A Facebook campaign group raising awareness by compiling the horror stories that lie behind the local headlines.

Brand New Brighton Rocks On – Another Facebook group who successfully led a campaign to challenge car park charges in New Brighton and who clearly have an understanding of how Wirral Council operates.

John Brace – A blog about Wirral Councillors & Officers – a collection of video nasties ( filmed council meetings) and a forensic eye for detail that frequently puts council officers and councillors to shame.

Wirral In it Together  – Indomitable Freedom of Information campaigner Paul Cardin and his eviscerating commentary on Wirral Council have featured in the national press and in a government report by the National Audit Office.

The Morton Distortions  – Former Wirral Council whistleblower Martin Morton currently telling tales previously untold and a particularly good source on the Wirralgate saga.

It is a sobering thought that without these blogs the people of Wirral would be unaware of the litany of sin committed in Wirral Council’s name.Accordingly we would ask the powers that be at Wirral Council to consider two things:

Firstly – instead of pushing the responsibility for “stress management” back on to your staff how about looking at the poisonous culture that you’ve created –  an anti-Darwinian primordial swamp where it is not the survival of the fittest it is the survival of the slimiest.

Secondly – if you don’t listen to your staff they will find other outlets for their grievances.For example have you ever considered why your staff , acting in the public interest , frequently leak stories to this particular blog?.

Talking of which we’ve got some spectacular leaks in our in-box just waiting the thumbs up from our sources. Believe us Power Boy Pip and co have very good reason to feel uneasy – so on reflection perhaps it is no wonder that Wirral Leaks is an agenda item.

Therefore all that is left to say to the people of Wirral is to keep on reading those blogs……….

18 thoughts on “For The Love Of Blogs

  1. Social services,mmmm where do we start, how about sorting the safeguarding out that doesn’t safeguard!!!!!! While the directors sleep some of the homes in the Wirral are neglecting the very people they should be caring for. It’s a shambles, a disgrace.

    • On that subject, yesterday evening safeguarding was discussed at a public meeting of Wirral Council councillors. The Youtube video below should start at the right point. The manager giving the presentation seems keen to persuade councillors that things are going well on safeguarding.

  2. As you’ve linked to my blog I feel obliged to leave a comment.

    In relation to the comment about videos, I’m still (at the time of writing) uploading last night’s meeting of the Families and Wellbeing Policy and Performance Committee. If any of your readers are interested in the Youtube channel it can be found by following this link. Thankfully BBFC classification isn’t needed yet for Youtube videos of public meetings.

    Tomorrow’s blog post (already written but yet to be published) is mainly about Liverpool City Council, but does mention Wirral Council in passing.

    If I just wrote about Wirral Council all the time, to be brutally honest with you I don’t think it would be a good idea. However yes, the blog is mainly about Wirral Council.

  3. G’day Lordly

    Can you just imagine what the state of Wirral would be like if it wasn’t for you My Good Lord?

    The Towers should be called The Wirral Powerhouse and be forced to look down on what really is the Wirral Shithouse in Wallasey.

    Most Improved Dunny Block in the country, with a staircase to the throne.

    I suggest that anyone having a staff appraisal, or, one to one with a manager should ask how Wirral “Funny” Bizz who are as thick if not thicker than dog doo got away with an approximate fraud of £2,000.000.00 for doing a rubbish job and and are now not being ensued.

    They could also ask why were Wirral “Funny” Bizz still being paid 18 months after the whistle was blown by myself and “Highbrow”?

    Then there is the really big question………does Ecca the Blinking CEO really exist or just a ghost on the payroll?

    Can you imagine My L having a staff appraisal with Tour or Adderley or that angry little Armstrong some of the absolute crud.



    Ps Bring in the administration Lordly they have totally lost their decency and morality and just hang on hoping for their next pay check.

    Luv you more than the time “Phil the Dill” spends on trying to beat Uncle Joe. ha ha ha

    • Can you imagine what Mr. Tour would write if he wrote a staff appraisal for me?

      This is satire and not what Mr. Tour has ever written about me: “Mr. Brace is too political and it would be far easier for me if he was in a post with political restrictions. He seems to be forever appealing my decisions and unlike others he rarely gives up and seems to be immune to intimidation. He costs Wirral Council a lot of money and is a drain on scarce resources. Can’t we persuade him to go on a holiday for a long time a very long way away to give us some peace?”

      • G’day John and of course The Good Lord

        I hope the barstards at the dump that you two expose on an almost daily basis lose sleep and lots of it…… they should do.


        Sir Git………… If he wasn’t a lawyer he would be in jail with what he knows.

        The Football Shit……….. err I mean Shirt, err……… no I don’t I mean Shit

        He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything. Ha ha he didn’t get the job again. Angry little man.

        What they get away with is just beyond belief are the general public really that stupid.

        Anyway boys keep up the great work the penny will drop to everyone at some point hopefully not too late.



  4. G’day Lordly

    I was criticised on a local blog by some hero called Anony Mouse for using silly nicknames for these very silly silly people who represent the Labor Party in Wirral who cannot dare fess up to a mistake.

    Ha ha Anony Mouse is the silliest nickname I have ever heard, he is genius.

    For my new BFFE Anony Mouse

    “Best Friends Forever”

    Tears you try so hard to hide,
    You hold it all inside,
    Pretend it doesn’t matter,
    Why you keep it to yourself,
    When you got someone else,
    You know can make it better,

    You try to be so strong,
    But I always know when something’s wrong
    See you when your feeling down,

    Hey, wasn’t it you who’d always be there for me?,
    Don’t forget what we’ve been through together,
    Hey, isn’t it true,
    We promised to always be best friends forever,

    So Anony for your cohort who don’t know who I am talking about (In no particular order)

    “Ankles” Foulkes

    “Phil the Dill” Davies

    “Crabapple” Crabtree

    “Clowncillor Doughnut” Doughty

    “The Pretend Friend” Jones

    “The Abbot” Abbey

    “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell” Davies

    Other assorted scum at Wirral

    “The Raving Loony” Watch John “Tarrantino” Braces video of 8 October 2014 and see the doddering old fool for yourself. A credit to the Torys

    “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” Armstrong ha ha he didn’t get the job…again angry little man

    “The Football Shirt” Adderley

    “The Chamber Potty” Basnett

    “The Garbage Lady” Bradbury

    “Humpty Dumpty” Ball

    “The Shyster” Tour

    “Ecca” “Eccles Cake face like” “Spotty Dog” “The Invisible Man” “The Blinking CEO”

    Go on Lordly guess that last one.

    Oh dear oh dear My Lord haven’t these peanuts got more on their plates than getting upset over their complete incompetence being criticised?

    They just don’t give a toss about Wirral they are just egomaniacs.

    Ahh did little Jimmy call me names.

    Ahh don’t the bloggers think I am great like what I think?

    Ahh diddums doesn’t The Blinking CEO know what to do about “Wirralgate” and Wirral “Funny Bizz?

    Ahh have they caught us out for not understanding accountancy or anything business savvy for that matter?

    Ahh do they expect us to fess up when we make a mistake and get caught out?

    Ahh do they expect us to claw back £2,000,000.00 from Wirral “Funny” Bizz and show how useless we really are?



    Ps They act like naughty little schoolboys.

    Luv you more My Worshipful Master than Anony needs to grow up and use his real name…..prat.

  5. Have you touched on the subject that it is now nigh impossible to get through to this authority on the phone. After two days I gave up and sauntered down to the local one stop shoppe. The lady there was all too aware of this and said.quite openly that they want to get rid of all interface staff and have a service facility – thats contact solely online. And to think, they are supposed to work for us.

  6. G’day Lordsville

    Lovely day to slag off the incompetents.

    Why don’t they just admit they are not up to it?

    There is a serious problem with people who cannot admit that they have made a mistake.

    They have to live with themselves and that must be awful unless they are just deluded buffoons.

    How can they sit on tons of evidence of criminality, incompetence and just unadulterated pigheadedness and pretend it doesn’t exist?

    What example must they be to their children?



    Ps When I worked before I blew the whistle anyone could look at my efforts and I was always the first to admit if I cocked up. I was always accountable.

    Luv you more My Lovely than the Labor Party hate you and “Tarrantino” Brace. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Keep up putting shit on them when they deserve it My L

      • G’day Leaky

        I will not be happy until either administration comes in, or, we Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers get them to fess up over the approximate £2,000,000.00 fraud.

        They should show all the reports that they are hiding that shows Wirral “Funny” Bizz were wronguns.

        The original report from Beverley Edwards, we have seen Grant Thornton, but, they have not taken that advice and of course the DCLG Report.

        Lordy I have been unemployed for almost four and a half years since I blew the whistle.

        Would I do it again? YES

        Wrong is wrong.

        Senior officers and councillors not speaking up does not make a wrong right.

        No contracts signed, standing lying in public, not pushing for prosecution or clawback makes them deceitful little vermin.

        They all have to be scum and not fit for purpose if they don’t speak up.

        Look at Simon Kelly he knew, they all knew, what a hero.



        Ps Oh My Good Lord please don’t call me Mr Griffiths it is not the Aussie way.

        Leave that rubbish for the pompous barstards at the Wirral Shithouse in Wallasey.


        Lest we forget I am not in anyway picking on the honest hardworking lower levels like Basnett you have to do as you are told.

        But then walk away for decency sake.

      • G’day Again Leaky

        I was just thinking about sickness and after I blew the whistle My Lovely I had 12 days in hospital which caused “Highbrows” industrial tribunal to be postponed.

        So Lordly that mob of dubious senior officers and councillors would make anybody sick.




    • The Labour Party read my blog, how else would they know what their politicians are up to? 😉

      You seem to forget at times James that this isn’t Australia. Here people rarely want to upset the applecart out of fear they’ll be forced to pick all the apples up! I know however the irreverent attitude in Australia to those in authority is different to here.

      Rocking the boat and making waves are frowned upon in Britain for the trouble they cause. Thankfully however I live in a democracy where journalism, however annoying it may be is tolerated.

      If I was doing what I do say in China (which has a poor human rights record for tolerating dissidents) I’d probably have to leave the country…

      People want to know what’s happening and going on and a better understanding by the public of political matters can only be good for society as a whole.

  7. G’day Lordly

    The above comments from “wirralleaks” doesn’t really sound intelligent enough to be you My Lovely it sounds more like my mate Anony Mouse or “Crabapple”, “Ankles” or that Crispy Cream Clowncillor Doughnut”? (Other shit doughnuts….err shit Wirral Clowncillors… are available My Lord)

    Sincere apologise to Your Good Lord if it is you and you are just having a bad hair day like “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell”.

    Although saying that it could be the dopey dozy “Pretend Friend” pretending to be someone else.

    Then again it could be the “Blinking CEO” because no one has ever heard from him since day 14 or before or after that. Does he really exist?

    It couldn’t be “Phil the Dill” he is still trying and thinks he can topple “Uncle Joe” for the top job at the Merseyside Shithouse errr Powerhouse. Deluded buffoon he doesn’t realise “Ankles” is just using him.

    Not “The Shyster” he is so bogged down by all the dirty filthy secrets and reports he can’t even find his cheap plastic biro.



    Ps Wonder My L how many of them have free tickets to watch their teams get battered today?

    Luv ya more than they just laugh in the faces of Grant Thornton. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    I worked at the Audit Commission Lordsville so I know first hand how it DOESN’T work.

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