Norman Conquests


We like to keep up with Wirral Council alumni who have moved on to pastures new and as we know there has been a steady stream of council officers leaving since Wirral Council’s Annus Horribilis of 2012 .They’ve usually left clutching a large cheque to a) keep them quiet b) reward them for abject failure or c) they’d served their purpose and were becoming a liability – and sometimes all three.

Some have gone on to sit on Trustee Boards or become Directors elsewhere – trying to put all that “unpleasantness” at Wirral Council behind them and pretending it had nothing to do with them.

One of the more fascinating Wirral wanderers who we’ve reported on is former council legal boss Bill Norman.Thankfully the long suffering folk of Hereford were quick to get in touch after they inherited this model of the modern day public servant.

Now it would seem that with “immediate effect” Norman has relinquished his position at Hereford Council asking for and getting a third redundancy package following his lucrative stints at Torbay and Wirral.

The fact that Norman went with indecent haste suggests he either couldn’t wait to get out or Hereford Council couldn’t wait to get rid of him.This is also very reminiscent of his departure from Wirral Council – where there was always the puzzle as as to how a local authority can make someone who holds the statutory post of Monitoring Officer “redundant”.

The answer is that you simply can’t – but that doesn’t stop councils concocting a cover story to prevent the prying eyes of the public wanting to know how their money is being (mis)spent.

Needless to say the full story of Bill Norman’s debacle of a departure from Wirral Council has never been told but from what we know it is a salutary lesson in how leading councillors conduct themselves when it comes to backstabbing.

We’re particularly (though not exclusively) referring to Cllr Phil Davies relying on others to do his dirty work – a modus operandi which continues to this day and which highlights his weakness as a so-called “leader”.

As Bill Norman might have said:

Et tu Power Boy Pip  ?..…….

Of course now that Bill Norman is free of the encumbrances of public office and  – after 3 big pay-offs – we presume financially secure , he could perhaps contact us at and in the public interest divulge exactly what went on behind the scenes at Wallasey Town Hall as we believe that what went on then still influences a massive cover up that is going on now.

6 thoughts on “Norman Conquests

  1. G’day Lordly

    A blast from the past Bill Norman.

    He was in on the Wirral “Funny Bizz” scandal from the outset.

    A letter I sent to him and other buffoons 7 August 2011 and what have they done since that date.

    Fucking nothing four years on.

    james griffiths
    Phil L. (Councillor)Davies Adrian ER. (Councillor)Jones
    CC KevinAdderley Paula B.Basnett Steve (Councillor)Foulkes Bill D.Norman SurjitTour

    7 Aug 2011
    Dear Mr Jones

    Representations Under The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998

    Thank you so much for your immediate response.

    I was born here on the Wirral in at Clatterbridge, went to Australia at 18 years of age in 1970 and returned in 2004.

    I have always been so proud of my honest and Christian upbringing at St Joseph’s Primary when it was on Borough Road and St John’s in New Ferry before it became Plessington.

    I grew up with total respect for the WIRRAL BOROUGH COUNCIL thinking this was a special place. I even applied for an audit position on my return

    When I did return to the UK I was shocked to see the lawlessness of Merseyside and thought the punishments dolled out to petty criminals such as benefits cheats were, in my mind, archaic. Not a solution just a band aid.

    To find an excellent job at Wirral Biz at my age was such a joy I thought it fitted like a glove. I interviewed my PE teacher from St Johns which was a great joy and my best friend at schools cousin, but, thank God they did not get the special treatment from Wirral Biz.

    Then, to find the total and absolute abuse of anything that is decent in business was just totally soul destroying. I could not find anything decent in anybody there earning over £26,000.00 per year, either employee or sub-contractor, who was not in it just to rip off the public purse for all that it was worth. Nigel Hobro excluded, he is treated as a leper and an outsider, eccentric and insane and a target for abuse, known as The Rain Man. In other (my) words the only decent person there.

    The thought that these people will continue to get the blessing of organisations such as Wirral and NWDA and retire quietly off in the sunset is deplorable.

    Then, will the cancer carry on to the successor?

    I find this all very disappointing that almost 5 weeks after visiting the Town Hall that these people can still be operating with public monies.

    Five weeks on I am feeling that the world of commerce UK is not a nice place.

    Kindest Regards


    James Griffiths

    So Lordly as you can see they are still in denial which suggests they might need psychiatric help.



    Ps I presume from the absence of any comments on here or John Brace the disgruntled have all been threatened.

    Four years on c’mon Anony Mouse speak up.

    Luv you more My Lord than the number of years Labor will now have to wait.

  2. The above letter is as fresh as the day it was typed out.

    four years and nothing , no punishment whether for the £50,000 cost of Grant Thornton; the cost of two special meetings of councillors; the labours of ISUS1 , ISUS2 and ISUS3; the £36,000 plus cost to the DCLG investigation; the cost to the “beneficiaries” of Working Neighbourhoods and ISUS; the £60,000 cost to the council of completing the woirk wirralbiz could not be trusted to complete
    No just a lame allowing of Enterprise solutions (NW) ltdto be struck off the companies register and the directors thereof to retire with our money to Portugal.

    “It is a tale told by an idiot

    Full of sound and fury

    Signifying nothing”

  3. G’day Lordsly

    So My Lovely would you call it a CONSPIRACY of the recipients as Basnett has said she wanted them closed down immediately, her words, but was told to keep her gob shut.

    They kept paying Wirral “Funny” Bizz for 18 months after the whistle was blown.

    They spent £50,000.00 plus on an investigation by an independent auditor, Grant Thornton, who just coincidentally are the council auditors. ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Jones kept talking shit about due process, due process, and, you can’t pick the bones of corpses or some other such welsh drivel.

    Grant Thornton said there should be a prosecution or clawback.

    Ignored…it only cost £50,000.00 plus to ignore

    It took three years Lordsly to get this issue discussed whilst the baddies were doing a runner with their £2,000,000.00 fraud.

    When it was discussed at Gra Gra’s farce of a public meeting into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods Adderley and Ball just stood there and lied publicly.

    The Raving Loony….oh we won’t go there he won’t remember anyway Tory prat.

    Grant Thornton sat there collecting their pay and not saying boo to a goose. Obviously like Basnett told to keep their gobs shut and collect their pay.

    Oh Mrs Robinson when are you going to come out………..of hiding and do something about the trash you have working for you?

    Or have you just joined the dross?



    Ps Oh Lordy it might only be £2,000,000.00 or £4,000,000.00 or £6,000,000.00 but they will keep hearing about it until they actually behave like decent, honest law-abiding citizens and not like the crud they appear.

    Luv you more My L than “Ecca” aka “Spotty Dog” aka “Mrs Robinson” likes hiding away in his office and not saying anything.

    The scum “Kitchen Cabinet” must think he was sent as a reward.

  4. G’day My Lord

    I would like to use this site to ask “Ecca” to get the recipients of my email of 7 August 2011 above

    Phil L. (Councillor)Davies Adrian ER. (Councillor)Jones
    CC KevinAdderley Paula B.Basnett Steve (Councillor)Foulkes Bill D.Norman SurjitTour

    to defend their inactivity over a £2,000,000.00 fraud of Wirral taxpayer money.

    Not only explain their inactivity but about who arranged the CONSPIRACY amongst themselves.

    Keeping their gobs shut does not make them innocent Lordsville.

    “Crabapple” the (thicker than the) chair at Gra Gra’s farce of a public meeting into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods said something, I could watch the “Tarrantino’s tape to find out exactly but can’t be bothered, about us whistleblowers not coming back.

    We are coming back again and again and again until the right thing is done by the CONSPIRATORS.



    Ps C’mon “Spotty Dog” get them to fess up or you will forever be tarred with the same stinking rotten fetid brush.

    Luv you more My L than the number of senior officers and councillors that know about Wirral “Funny” Bizz and are staying schtum. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. G’day My Lovely

    So My L it is not just Wirral BC that are lying scumbags over Wirral “Funny” Bizz and their £2,000,000.00 fraud.

    Look at the rest of the recipients on the above email

    Good old NWDA who were nearly as incompetent and inefficient as Wirral and yet they didn’t survive.

    Where is that administration Lordly?

    So back to the NWDA who wanted the “Funny” Bizz closed down in 2010 and do you know what My Lord they lied in a letter to me.

    They were not only nearly as incompetent and inefficient as Wirral they like Wirral were liars also.

    I would show you the letter were they lied My Lordsville but it is part of the evidence in a court case.

    It exists My Wonderful.



    Luv you My Worshipful Master as much as the number of tens of thousands of pounds wasted on “The Shyster” running round in circles with his FOI’s and cases that only exist because of their shenanigans. eg Wirralgate Wirralgate Wirralgate

    • To me, the only credible explanation for all this is that the bastards are being protected up above. Most likely by an unseen central government handler who manages – for want of a better word – such matters, and occasionally when he gets pissed off, sacrifices those who step out of line or where power goes to their head (see Mayor Anderson’s current inability to comment on being found raiding the public purse for £90k).

      Okay, I accept this may be conspiratorial / theoretical, but in the ongoing absence of genuine smoking guns, it seems to be the only likely explanation for not just these crooked events but everything else, including the cases where vulnerable citizens and their offspring are sexually / financially abused, taken by the courts or even allowed to perish.

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