Room at the Top

Comrade Burgesski laughs in the face of austerity…..

Following on from our report about the further adventures of ex-Council legal boss Bill Norman we bring you news of another prominent former Wirral Council officer doing rather well for himself hitching a ride aboard the public service gravy train.

We’re talking about none other than the former head honcho himself ex-Wirral Council CEO Graham Burgess (aka Comrade Burgesski) as it would seem that the sly old silver fox has gone back to Blackburn. A place he describes as being “close to his heart” – somewhat like his bulging wallet.

We were surprised to see no mention of his appointment that followed directly on from his so called “retirement” from Wirral Council . As we reported in November 2014 :

“And so to the surprise of absolutely nobody we hear that outgoing  Wirral Council chief executive G-man Burgesski – has with indecent haste after announcing his alleged “retirement” – revealed he’s got a lucrative new gig as chairman of a newly-formed Northwest housing group called Torus. SEE HERE  

Burgesski cheekily says :“The size, scale and vision of what I have seen so far are really impressive.”

Was this a case of Torus – the bullshit ? – or is greedy serial retiree Burgess job sharing?

However Burgess was and remains a puzzle to us at Leaky Towers. Sources have always insisted that his tenure as Wirral council’s CEO was a put up job by central government via the Local Government Association (with the initial approval of Birkenhead MP Frank Field) .This is supported by the fact that in quick succession Burgess went from being a specially invited guest from Blackburn on the Wirral Council/LGA Improvement Board which was set up the circumvent local government commissioners being sent in to run the show to acting CEO and within the blink of an eye to permanent CEO of Wirral Council.And just to square the circle he ends up back at Blackburn !.

For the life of us we can’t identify what Burgess brought to the party other than some useful contacts and his only lasting legacy will surely be the tarting up of Wallasey Town Hall.

Of course his days were numbered when ,how can we put this delicately? , certain  “distractions” got in the way and he was also proving to be an obstacle to Frankenfield’s plans to box off the Wirralgate scandal.

However if nothing else old Comrade Burgesski proves once again that there is always room at the top for those with the right connections.

5 thoughts on “Room at the Top

  1. A pox upon Frank Drebin, Spiney Norman and all the other serial redundancy takers. We should be better off shut of them ,but the dozy buggers at Brighton Street still get suckered in and the staff are continuously exposed to high stress levels-no wonder GB still has his Colgate smile.

  2. G’day Lordly

    Another one that knew all about Wirral “Funny” Bizz My Lordsville and them stealing £2,000,000.00 and now sunning themselves in Portugal thumbing their noses at the idiots at Wirral

    “Graham Burge(r with the lot plus super duper car and 29 mistakes in 7 seconds)ss’”. ha ha ha ha

    At least there are still some aiders and abettors there to cop the blame.

    AdderleyDaddleyDooDah, Basnett, Ball, Bradbury, not to mention Tour and Armstrong and all assisted by 65 Clowns.



    Luv you more My L than the times he visited her at the “Open” house they rented.

    Will she pop up in housing next My Wonderful

  3. G’day Lordsly

    Can’t wait to see who is next on your hit list My Lovely.

    I hope it is “Ecca” aka “Spotty Dog” aka “Mrs Robinson” aka “The Invisible Man” aka “The BLINKING CEO aka “the man that will sign those Wirralgate cheques when he is told to”.

    How many £49,000.00 is it My L four, five , six…………..

    You could focus on all his press releases.

    How much you think he will get in redundancy in the next two years when they have chewed him up and spat him out.

    No wonder My lordly he hides under his desk all day.



    Ps It must be a joy work for him… errr I mean stay away on sick leave.

    Luv Ya Lordly


  4. G’day My Good Lord

    As you might have noticed I quite often slag off Senior Clowncil Officers and more so the ruling Labor Party.


    Because they are bare faced, lying cheating, barstards.

    Just take a look at the team of crud

    “Phil the Deluded Dill”


    “The Pretend Friend”

    etc etc etc

    And the crap that are the senior officers

    “The Blinking CEO”

    “The Football Shit”

    “The Shyster”

    “Humpty Dumpty”

    “The Chamber Potty”

    “The angry little acting boss who never gets the job.” ha ha ha

    etc etc etc

    I bet the happy to be in opposition Tory Party laugh their socks off every time the labor rubbish is slagged off.

    So I am so appalled it is time to turn the tables.

    The purple faced buffoon had the effing audacity to write this on John “Tarrantino” Braces blog

    Hi John

    I can tell you categorically that my Councillors Allowance is taxed and subject to NI and has been for as long as I have been a Councillor. I am happy to Provide evidence if required On top of this as you know I do not claim any expenses from the Council so bear that cost out of my allowances!

    Cllr Chris Blakeley, Conservative Councillor Moreton West and Saughall Massie Ward. Wirral Council

    Him and his fearless leader who had his one and half minutes of fame as leader and blew it.

    His, has to be a female amongst the chauvinist shite that are the men at Wirral, offsider like “The Pretend Friend’s” long suffering was appalled by Wirral “Funny” Bizz but lacked the feminine clout needed. A disgrace.

    His “Raving Loony” that they wheel out, of West Kirby or Hoylake I presume, wind him up, tell him what to say and let him go. The most ridiculous person I have ever heard u turn. He will be suing them for whiplash next. Just another £49,000.00 will that be 8,9 or 10 £49,000.00’s.

    Then there is the show pony that obviously spends all her allowance and more in the hair salon that told a whistleblower she would turn up at Gra Gra’s farce of a public meeting into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods and sort them out.

    Ha ha ha she must have had a date with her husband.

    Just look at them Lordly and you can see why they are losers.

    So I digress.

    He had the audacity to talk about paying peanuts in tax and paying his expenses out of his allowances the effing hero.

    How about Clowncillor keeping your big righteous GOB shut on Wirral “Funny” Bizz nicking £2,000,000.00 of Wirral Taxpayers dosh.

    Let me also tell you you overfed buffoon the Village Idiot at Wirral “Funny” Bizz that took your useless senior officers for fools and bullshitters boasted on a daily basis and swore and lived by the policies and ethos of your great Tory Party.

    Says it all.



    Ps Do you get invited to Portugal to see the Ronnie Biggs of Wirral “Clowncillor I Always Pay My Taxes I Think”?

    Luv you Lordsville more than the number of blow dries she has at the salon.

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