Pie Chart in The Sky

Power Boy Pip : “People of Wirral – look at these lovely pie charts and all the pretty colours and tell me which colour should I paint the bar in Wallasey Town Hall?”

Thanks to the Wirral Globe for the pretty picture above and the accompanying story about the Wirral Council’s pledges attached to their 20/20 vision which is described as an “extraordinary step (that) has been taken in the battle against Government austerity with leaders of Wirral’s major public services agreeing to pool their budgets to form a massive £2bn fund.It is believed to be the first time in the UK that such a move has been attempted.The unusual proposal will have to overcome potential legal hurdles – and it is estimated it could take up to five years to complete.”


Five years?.We think there is about as much chance of this happening as Stella Shiu flying in from Reno on a prize winning pumpkin to open an underwater golf resort on Wirral Waters !.

“There may be some legalities and rules we will have to get around, but I am confident it can be done.” pipes up Council “leader” Power Boy Pip Davies.

Oh we bet you are Pip – let’s face it Wirral Council have had plenty of practice getting round legalities and rules!.And anyway if this is about public services agreeing to pool their budgets what is Paula Basnett the CEO from Wirral Chamber of Horrors , sorry Chamber of Commerce doing there and what exactly did she bring to the party?.

Pip helpfully explains : ” …the plan is not entirely focused on funding and for it to be successful public and private sector bodies need to “come out of their silos” to work together for the common good”

We presume that in Wirral Council’s case that’ll be one of those “silos” filled with farmyard slurry.But back to Ms.Basnett – someone who has still has questions to answer about the Wirral Biz debacle and who’s organisation is increasingly being brought to our attention – and not in a good way!.Indeed former Wirral Council employee Ms.Basnett seems to be creating a mini-Wirral Council all of her own – right down to the nepotism.Indeed it has been suggested to us that the Wirral Chamber of Commerce seems to have been recruited from Paula’s “Friends & Family” list on her BT telephone bill – “ Hi Shazza it’s me Paula – do you fancy a job?”.

Reports from disgruntled people at Egerton House , which is now under the auspices of the Wirral Chamber of Commerce , are becoming louder and more frequent.Wirral Leaks readers will no doubt remember the start of the empire building which led to the Chamber of Commerce acquiring the Pacific Road venue at a peppercorn rent :


Talking of empire building we are also being asked how on earth did Chamber of Commerce chair Asif Hamid get planning permission for a contact call centre in a prime position at the back of Egerton House?.

Search us ! – perhaps it was part of the ongoing charade that something was actually happening with Wirral Waters.

And talking of prime position the Wirral Chamber of Commerce will no doubt be the grateful recipient of Labour -controlled Wirral Council’s largesse as it continues to enthusiastically outsource and privatise public services.

There is nothing that infuriates us more at Leaky Towers than to listen to the continual self-righteous bleating about government cuts from Pip & co when it is they who so enthusiastically embrace Tory policy and ideology.Of which Wirral Council’s approach to the dreaded Bedroom Tax is perhaps the most heinous and shameful example.

Moreover it is no secret that Wirral Council have long wanted to outsource as much of their public services to private companies as they can.

And no wonder! –  it sounds like a Wirral Council wet dream.Just think – no troublesome staff whistleblowing and no pesky members of the public making Freedom of Information requests .It can only be a matter of time before Wirral Council becomes “Eric Feeble’s Commissioning (EFC) Hub” consisting of CEO Stressed Eric choosing essential services for the people of Wirral from a drop down menu on his laptop!.

But then they do say that part of Wirral Council’s problem that it has long been run by an EFC Hub !.

8 thoughts on “Pie Chart in The Sky

  1. There you go..If you ignore failures and explain them away they repeat themselves. If Egerton house is a hub of discontent remember when it was the home of wirralbiz and Invest wirral both.

    I still do not know why the subcontractor, Paul Davies, who prepared the shoddy BIG plans-one described by a visiting copper as “clearly fraudulent”, continued in his role at Invest Wirral until December 2012 18 months after the BIG fund files were exposed to the Council.

    Was it truculence or nepotism? I know not but I do know that none will sue me whatever the bluster cos none wishes to be a Mr Aitken with his”sword of truth” .

    Really it is important if you foul up ,you go, and to over-ride that rule of the private sector is to invite nepotism, croneyism and downright incompetence

    • In Mr.Aitken’s absence can Wirral Leaks brandish the “sword of truth” instead?.
      Gird your loins for further revelations tomorrow which we suspect you may find pleasing – if not surprising.

      • I’m savouring this. Great timing from you once again Lord Leaky.

        Tomorrow, let’s savour the dodgy ones’ Sundays being interrupted and spoiled.

        It’s all self-inflicted after all, so I suspect they’ll be tuning in as usual for the latest !

  2. One might also ask wht over a year beyond the detailed revelations of skulduggery at wirralbiz , why did the Council pay them £66,000, even aa Grant thornton were experiencing non-co-operation and when the Council had already deliberately deprived an untrusted wirralbiz of the final reviews work for ISUS which cost the council £60,000.

    Invest wirral did them at some considerable cost to the taxpayer but probably partly as penance and partly to obscure the matter. Of course WBC appear to have kept stum as wirralbiz won two further erdf contracts including Making Business work which in October 2014 was ignominiously wound up with a claw-back of £4.5 million. Great work regeneration department!!!

  3. G’day My Good Lord

    You wouldn’t let any of these idiots at Wirral or the Chamber Pot near £2 billion.

    This is so ridiculous you won’t believe it.

    When I went to work for Wirral “Funny” Bizz no one apart from Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro, employee or subcontractor, knew the difference between a profit and loss statement and a cash flow statement.

    You would have to check the figures with “Highbrow”, because Wirral probably wouldn’t know, Wirral “Funny” Bizz were given about £12,000,000.00 to dole out for work that all revolved around them providing projected cash flow statements and profit and loss statements in a business plan.

    For years they produced hundreds and hundreds of said statements that were exactly the same and did not have any similarity to the words in the business plan.

    When A4E came in to audit some cases on a regular basis Wirral “Funny” Bizz would be told in advance which ones and they would get “Highbrow” to fix them up the day before the audit.

    After the whistle was blown Basnett and Bradbury charged in like the light (not really so light) brigade to ensure the last statements were being prepared properly and they still did not understand them.

    Basnett wanted them closed down she knew what they were getting away with but was told to keep her gob shut. Her words.

    They kept paying the incompetents for eighteen months after the whistle was blown.

    How is she ever going to tell anyone they are doing the wrong thing or have any credibility if she couldn’t get her way with the village idiots at the Wirral “Funny” Bizz?

    My L you have to ask the question whether “Humpty Dumpty” and “The Football Shit” know the difference between a cash flow statement and a profit and loss statement because Basnett and Bradbury proved for years they didn’t?



    Ps These senior officers are not fit for purpose and nor is “The Shyster” for defending them.

    Luv you More My Lord than the hundreds and hundreds of crap business plans prepared by Wirral “Funny” Bizz for a £2,000,000.00 fraud.

    Ask that ridiculous councillor from New Brighton who had one, two, or, was it three business plans prepared by Wirral “Funny” Bizz for that community centre that is a white elephant at £3,000.00 plus a pop. What a loony!

    Up there with the Tory’s very own special “Raving Loony”.

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