Ghost Story


“Now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that’s what.”

Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses

In trying to maintain it’s increasingly ridiculous Most Improved Council in The World Ever! tag Wirral Council is seeking to kick quite a few compromising Freedom of Information requests into the long grass.However there was one request from August 2014 which seemed destined to be resolved today with the release of a damning report relating to a long-running whistleblowing saga.

No – not that  whistleblowing saga – this particular ghost story doesn’t have the benefit of either Frankenfield’s patronage or an incriminating taped conversation to help find an amicable – if unethical ,immoral and probably illegal – resolution.

No –  this is the long-running BIG etc ; whistleblowing saga and the attempt by the whistleblower Nigel “Highbrow” Hobro to have an internal audit report which he believes holds the key to unravelling a cover up of serious financial mismanagement to finally be disclosed. Unsurprisingly Wirral Council believe the report “should not be in the public domain”.

For those thinking of embarking on the process of trying to get information out of Wirral Council might first be advised to read the tortuous history of this particular Freedom of Information request :

You will see here that Wirral Council – having resisted every attempt to drag them kicking and screaming into the  promised land of openness and transparency by yelling
” EXEMPTION !”  at every opportunity were forced to bring in the big guns or at least some highly paid barrister writing on behalf of Wirral Council CEO Eric Feeble to try and kick this FOI request into touch (or more accurately out of reach).
The convoluted excuse for refusing disclosure this time was because :  “the  disclosure would prejudice the public authority’s ability to offer an effective public service or to meet its wider objectives or purposes due to the disruption caused by the disclosure or the diversion of resources in managing the impact of disclosure.”
Huh?.Sounds to us like legalese for “can’t be arsed”
However the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) were having none of it and stepped in and gave Wirral Council 35 days to disclose the report.
The 35 days were up today and needless to say Wirral seem to have ignored the ICO ruling.
We now await to see whether Wirral Council will either belatedly release the report or continue to be secretive and obstructive and spend yet more public money on legal fees challenging the ICO decision notice.
Meanwhile it would seem to us that the the corridors of power at Wallasey Town Hall will continue to be haunted by the ghosts of unfinished business……
Postscript – and what do you know the report suddenly appears on What Do They Know website after office hours on the last day before the ICO could take action to force the Council to release the report !.We await expert analysis of the findings – that’s if there isn’t too many redactions!. 

7 thoughts on “Ghost Story

  1. G’day My Good Lord

    Finally issued obviously demanded by a new hero of mine “Ecca”.

    Still unfinished business but it does look like “Ecca” is either choosing or is being forced to DO THE RIGHT THING.


    Time to get them in court now “Ecca” and court and fete the whistleblowers.



    Ps You will always be my No 1 hero of Wirral My Lordsville.

    Luv you more than the Information Commissioner has woken up to “The Shyster” and Wirral The Most Improved Council in The Country. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Ha ha ha ha ha after they have cleaned out a few more like AdderleyDadderlyDooDah.

    • The report hadn’t been released when the story was scheduled for publication.
      We’re appalled at Leaky Towers that Wirral Council have to be bludgeoned into submission after a year and forced to release the report after office hours and on the eleventh hour before the ICO stepped in.
      Desperate times at Wallasey Town Hall.
      We await further developments with interest.
      Hoorah for you!

      • Luv ya Lordly

        You say

        bludgeoned into submission after a year

        Mate, oh sorry My Lord, we have been asking for this for 4 years.

        As per the Grant Thornton Report you have to start at the back to see there should be prosecutions and clawback of monies.

        I couldn’t believe this report at first and then I got to the back.

        She certainly put a nice gloss on it for Wirral as she was compromised like Garry (nice payoff) but unlike Grant Thornton.

        That Grant Thornton investigator left as well as Beverley.

        It is all in the appendices even “Phil the Deluded Dill” is there no wonder he didn’t want this in public for four years.

        At first glance I thought those whistleblowers are a pair of naughty boys but I would challenge anyone to debate this issue with “Highbrow”.

        The case that Grant Thornton should go to the police doesn’t get a mention as this report was very early in the peace before “Highbrow” had even left Wirral “Funny” Bizz so he couldn’t spill all his beans.

        Beverley certainly was compromised unlike Grant Thornton and she certainly did put a nice gloss on the Council case but when read in total the turd could not be polished.

        Just look at the appendices.

        For years they just checked tick boxes.

        I would love to know who the accountant from REgeNeratiOn was that approved Let’s Go?

        I bet you can guess Lordly?



        Ps There is enough there to get rid of more of the crud of the OLD COUNCIL Ecca if you are not on top of who or what you just have to ask “Highbrow” and me.

        Luv you My Lordsville more than the number of words “Highbrow” has to rubbish this report that is so damning.

        Lest we forget AdderleyDadderlyDooDah and Gra Gra

  2. Oh Lordy

    “Highbrow” is on the Beverley case and has ripped the whole report to shreds.

    Good luck Wirral.

    He has the database and still has piles and piles of evidence.



    Ps I think Ecca might get on our side Lordsville if he wants to clean them all out with Gra Gra and AdderleyDadderlyDooDah and what’s her boots called…….. Ugh.

    Just look at the attendances at the Big Panel, or lack of.

    Luv you more than the number in seconds in four years they have been hiding this report.

    Phil the Deluded REgeNeratiOn guru.

    Who was that accountant in REgeNeratiOn that passed Let’s Go for an easy grant “Dill”?


    Jack Nicklaus Wirral Waters Stella Shui Reno China AdderleyDadderlyDooDah The Chamber Potty and her from the “Open” house they rented.

    Ecca get a grip of these scumbag idiots they can’t even get together for small BIG grants.

  3. The most damning admission in this report is that it is conceded that no file was subjected to any quality standard by Wirral borough council before James Griffiths had his interview with Basnett and Adderley. On performing tests htwo invest wirral officers list copious numbers of incompatible signatures and incorrect dates and admonish Enterprise Solutions that no further Working Neighbourhoods money will be advanced and every file will be scrutinised.

    To quantify this absolute lack of scrutiny Matthew Slack in charge of A4e’s audits responded that A4e were only looking that each form in a predetermined ISUS pack was duly signed and dated-no more and no less. Wirral borough council was contributing £1.6m to NWDA’s £880,000 and yet for the period October 2009 to July 2011 was content not to examine any of the files for quality.

    Mrs Basnett confirmed this to the counter fraud officer and this of course referred backwards before ISUS , right through to 2006 and many millions of disbursed Working Neighbourhoods money.

    You could weep unless you happen to be the directors and staff of wirralbiz.

  4. Oh Lordy pick a bale of cotton

    The Beverley report that just keeps on giving.

    I think My L that i might have given Gra Gra too much credit for getting AdderleyDadderlyDooDah and “Humpty dumpty to stand up and lie on “Tarrantino’s” filum of his farce of a public meeting into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods on 8 October 2014.

    You won’t believe this Lordly he only stood up and lied himself. ha ha ha ha

    Not only two had companies failed like he said “Highbrow” has the evidence there was at least one more and do you know what Lordsville he only looked at one of the new names.

    Go on My Worshipful Master tell me how we were not conspired against.

    Jones and Davies were up to their voluminous arseholes in REgeNeratiOn no wonder they were some of the main players in this four and a half year Wirral charade.

    Laugh your bits of My Hero.



    Ps Will Ecca do the right thing now My Lovely?

    Luv you more My Regent than the thickness of the gloss Beverley put in her report and then had to put in the appendices that she couldn’t fix.

    No wonder Garry’s report that Wilkie said was a croc of shit had no actual evidence.

  5. Oh Lordy

    “Highbrow” is still on the case because he of course has the database and stacks of irrefutable evidence and he just keeps finding more of their lies.

    I wonder when “Ecca” is going to apologise?

    Probably after he has got rid of the rest of the crud and liars.

    Every time I speak to “Highbrow” he has found another one that went into liquidation five out of nine at the last count what a sample.

    Adderley told me there was none.

    Will all the BIG files be outed at some point?

    “Ankles” just flew past my window….fat barstard.

    “Highbrow” keeps using the C word when talking to me of Wirral……


    Contempt of Court






    Ps Out of respect to you My Good Lord I didn’t use the real C word about Wirral


    Because they are not just lying, deceitful scum.

    Luv you more My L than the number at Wirral that must be panicking now that they have a boss that makes impressions of doing the RIGHT THING.


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