All Hail The New King Of Spin !

We think this is a picture of the guy in question.

Now who remembers the strange story of The Ladies of Hebden Bridge?.

This was a couple of Labour Party advisors who found themselves on the Council’s payroll and held such sway that like the mountain moving to Mohammed would summon leading councillors and council officers to God’s own country where it seems these political gurus would counsel the Council (although it’s never been fully explained what their role was or what the people of Wirral were actually paying for).

Then in the fallout from the scathing widespread public criticism that Wirral Council was a place where the abnormal was normal this bizarre little arrangement came to an end.

We now find out from a Conservative Party press release that a certain Martin Tittylip,sorry Liptrot  has been recruited as an ‘Executive Policy Officer’ on a salary of £45,737″  to ‘provide in-depth support to the Leader of Wirral Council’.

Furthermore we are told that Martin Trotsky ,sorry Liptrot, was the only person interviewed for the role and has, up until recently, been paid by the Labour Group to support political campaigning.

Details of Mr. Gobshite’s sorry Liptrot’s consultancy firm can be found here:

On his informative blog he tells us , among other things ,  that “Martin Liptrot is a loyal Labour supporter and Everton Fan. So is Andy Burnham….”

So we can see why he’ll fit in nicely with the powers that be at Wirral Council.Well maybe not the Andy Burnham bit. Frankenfield doesn’t seem too keen on Andy ” Maybe it’s Maybelline” Burnham.

Initial investigation has also established that Mr.Spinalot, sorry Liptrot also worringly describes himself as a “Public Affairs and Reputation Management Consultant”.

However the good news is that PR Week once described him  as an “energetic Wirral native and Wolverhampton Polytechnic graduate”  so at least he is a local lad and has impeccable academic credentials!.

Meanwhile the permanently outraged Tory leader Cllr Jeff “Outrageous” Green surprised no-one here at Leaky Towers by stating : “This is frankly outrageous.”

After raging about his outrage he goes on to say :

“There was no internal advertising, so existing staff could not apply.  There was no consideration given to a secondment role. Instead Cllr. Davies ordered the creation of this role which the net result is a political campaigner moved off the Labour Group’s books and onto the Council’s.

He continued: “I find it incredible that, when Cllr. Davies is continually berating the Government for lack of funding, he can find £45,000 for a political ally on top of the £17,000 per week we now know the Council is currently spending on consultants. When you consider the job description this person effectively is the de facto Leader of the Council. I have to wonder whether this is an admission from Cllr. Davies that he simply isn’t up to the job.”

Although the ruling Labour group are the focus of much of our criticism we are avowedly apolitical here at Leaky Towers.So what we find strange is the sudden interest in opposition parties in actually “opposing” the ruling Labour group. We also hear that there is an interesting development involving the 5 remaining Lib Dem councillors and the 1 Green councillor getting together to raise some important issues about Freedom of Information requests – more details as we get them.    

We have to ask ourselves whether this sudden lurch to effective opposition has been prompted by calls being discussed this evening about reducing councillors from 66 to 44.Our first thoughts were that less councillors means even less scrutiny and accountability but let us be frank , opposition councillors haven’t got a great record in holding the Labour group to account anyway.

This led us to ponder as to whether the appointment of this spin merchant strikes opposition councillors as a desperate measure by council leader Power Boy Pip and smelling blood they think the time is right to finally find their voice?.

Under the circumstances it seems that Mr. Tripsoffthelip ,sorry Liptrot is guaranteed to be the one Wirral Council consultant who’ll definitely be earning their fee!

2 thoughts on “All Hail The New King Of Spin !

  1. G’day Lordly

    So Fartin Lobsterpot is the man “Phil the Deluded Dill” has got in to rescue his reputation after he was all over REgeNeratiOn in those bad bad days of Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods being plundered at will by Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

    I hope he’s got a superman suit on, he will need it.

    Hey Fartin your first job is to explain where “Phil the Deluded Dill” was in REgeNeratiOn when Wirral “Funny” Bizz was helping themselves to £2,000,000.00 of taxpayer’s dosh courtesy of the very same department.

    If Super Duper Director AdderleyDadderlyDooDah was on £100,000.00 plus per year and was useless and good for nothing how good is this doctor on £40,000.00 going to be?



    Ps Ask “the Pretend Friend” My Lordsville if he knows anyone at Wirral that has the intellect of “Highbrow”?

    I bet he lies.

    Luv ya Good Lord, do you think he has a framed football shirt in his office? he he he he

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