Marty’s Got A Brand New Gig

Spin and Marty 2

What were we saying last week about consultants “auditioning” first before they got a lucrative gig with Wirral Council?.

We assume West Kirby dwelling  Martin Nipslip ,sorry Liptrot successfully “auditioned” for his latest gig during Margaret Greenwood’s West Wirral election campaign.

We were wryly amused to read that the final line of Executive Support Officer to the Leader of Wirral Council Role Description below is that this appointment is a “Politically Restricted Post” .This means that self-proclaimed Labour lover Martin Tripup ,sorry Liptrot should remain politically neutral at all times –  just like his recently departed Wirral Council PR predecessor Emma Degg ,  who just happened to be a former Labour councillor at Cheshire Council.

Finally can someone explain to us here at Leaky Towers why some local politicians are outraged at what they claim is a politically motivated appointment on the part of the Labour council leader and yet didn’t bat an eyelid when another staunch Labour supporter Nick Warren got the Wirralgate cover up investigation gig , which in our eyes was a much more blatant example of politically bias and conflict of interest  ?.

Anyway here is what you get for your money :

Executive Support Officer to the Leader of Wirral Council


The role of Executive Support Officer is a new position providing in-depth support to the Leader of Wirral Council, one of the largest authorities in England and Britain’s most improved council.

Wirral, like other local authorities, is in a period of unprecedented change. The authority is looking to secure new devolved powers, manage significant reductions in budgets and grants and respond to the needs of its growing, diverse population with innovative and efficient service delivery.

To continue the progress made to date, Wirral has developed a five year plan – 2020 Vision, and the delivery of this will require the authority to work in close collaboration with existing partners and build new relationships with public and private sector organisations to meet these objectives.

The role will:

  •  Work closely with the Leader of the Council (and Cabinet Members as appropriate/required).
  • Work closely with the Council’s Chief Executive Strategic Leadership Team (’SLT’) in the provision of provision of high level strategic and delivery advice to support the policy development and implementation of the Leader’s vision, goals, priorities and responsibilities.
  •  In conjunction with SLT provide high level advice and guidance on the development and implementation of the wider Wirral council policy agenda.
  • Manage the overall work and business management of the Leader’s office.
  • Support the effective development and implementation of timely communications from the Leader of the Council.

The responsibilities include:

  •  In conjunction with SLT, provide day-to-day strategic and operational management support to the Leader, ensuring his policy priorities and initiatives are reflected in the work of the council.
  • · Assist with the coordination of the delivery of Leader’s long term policy objectives as identified in 2020 Vision, liaising with Cabinet, SLT and officers to provide insight and government affairs guidance to facilitate collective policy decision-making and delivery of corporate strategies.
  •  Act as a flexible resource to the Leader of the Council, Cabinet and SLT to aid understanding of leader’s policy priorities, support the development of cross-cutting policy initiatives to help effectively deliver the council’s top priorities as reflected in the plan 2020 Vision.
  •  Work with the Council’s communications team to ensure that there is a communications strategy in place to support the leader to engage effectively with residents, members, partners and key influencers locally, regionally and nationally.
  •  Assist with championing initiatives across the council that reflect the Leader’s priorities and drive coherent, consistent and impactful outcomes in the council and borough’s best interest.
  •  Support the facilitation of productive management team interactions within cabinet, council, combined authorities and other groups. Support the Leader and SLT drive influence in the City Region through the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, Local Enterprise Partnership and North West and national agendas to the benefit of Wirral.
  •  Attend leadership meetings, monitor leader’s agenda, prepare briefings, reports and recommendations (as required).
  •  Attend meetings in the community and as liaison at partner and stakeholder meetings, including special meetings on urgent issues in the community, and others of a variable nature.

Martin Liptrot Person Specification

  •  A clear ability to act in an inspirational leadership role in support of the Leader and SLT in relation to policy development, advocacy and stakeholder relations.
  •  A successful track record of giving high level policy and strategy advice on complex or sensitive issues in a political environment at senior level.
  •  Track record of leading high profile strategic projects successfully and delivering outcomes in a challenging and demanding environment.
  •  Extensive experience of working within a political environment and liaising with local government officials, government ministers, senior business leaders and the ability to influence relevant outcomes.
  •  Significant experience of promoting policy messages via engagement with a variety of media including print media, radio and television.
  •  Excellent understanding of the most significant issues facing Wirral, with knowledge about how these may be tackled through development of the various policy areas applicable to this role.

This is a Politically Restricted Post.

3 thoughts on “Marty’s Got A Brand New Gig

  1. G’day Lordsly

    So “Fartin Lobsterpot” is replacing Emma Degg?

    Does he have to perform all the Cringe Benefits of his predecessor when a mile high when visiting Reno?

    Don’t think he will last five minutes when facing Uncle Joe over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters they don’t play nicely in L1 like his neighbours in West Kirby.

    Unc will chew him up and spit him out.

    Even if he is a blue.

    Even if he has a framed football shirt in his office with his name on the back “TURD POLISHER”.

    They are not as easy to deal with as the “Raving Loony’s” local tories down on the Dee.

    I wish him well it won’t be easy polishing the turds that are “Phil the Deluded Dill” and his “Kitchen Cabinet”.



    Ps I doubt he will be around long when he realises he will have to borrow the fracking gear from West Kirby to polish them up.

    Luv you more MY Lordsville than the number of lies they have already told him.

    “Highbrow” now has irrefutable evidence that they are liars and on “Tarrantino” Brace’s little brownie camera with the tripod that swivels like AdderleyDadderlyDooDahs hips.

  2. I’m getting dizzy with the Wirral spin, ms Ugg was a Labour councillor in Chester and before that she was one of Mo Mowlam’s research team, but of course there was no political influence in her appointment-of course, they are all honest men (&women)? And if you believe that watch out for flying pigs. If not Political appointments it is the Peters Principal at work especially managers!
    Although Wirral’s version should be the Pips Principal.
    *promotion to their own level of incompetence and then one above!

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