Welcome to Murkyside

P.E.Adderlee 003

And so it’s a Murkyside takeover in the latest edition of Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs section with dishonourable mentions for Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson and our very own Wirral Council “leader” Power Boy Pip Davies.

Of course the star of the show from our perspective is Rotten Boroughs regular Kevin Addled and the revelation that he apparently has “agreed a “voluntary” departure package – thought to be worth more than £100,000″.

We’ll be bringing you further details and commenting on his departure package very,very soon.

But in the mean time – let us suggest that Mayor Joe and Power Boy Pip put aside their personal rivalries.


What they need to do in the greater interest of Murkyside is to finally acknowledge their commonalities. Forget about bloody Reno – the only twinning that needs to be going on is between Wirral and Liverpool and particularly their respective figureheads.

Consider this:

Firstly – their ambition far exceeds their intellect,integrity and talent.

Secondly  – they have deputies that are a complete liability.

In Mayor Joe’s case it is a deputy (Cllr Ann O’Byrne) who drove away from a car crash


In Power Boy Pip’s case it is a deputy (Cllr George Davies) who tried to drive away from a car crash known as Wirralgate! – although shamefully it seems you won’t be reading about that in the Liverpool Echo any time soon……………….

1 thought on “Welcome to Murkyside

  1. G’day My Good Lord

    So Private Eye got stuck into Britain’s most credulous man?

    AddlerleyDadderlyDooDah the King of REgeNeratiOn.

    That is just not fair on the man that wears his football shirt in a cabinet on his office wall with his name on the back “LIAR”.

    Credulous I think means gullible and naive.

    He is not just credulous….

    Was this four years hiding reports by Addled and his legal department and 70ish aiders and abettors all about his ORIGINAL SIN to me.

    Lockwood Engineering……….. and Harbac?

    It finally came out in the Beverley Report that she was on the case before. … suddenly leaving.

    The Grant Thornton Investigator was told not to look into officers actions in his brief.

    He told us.

    Was there criminal actions around Lockwood and Harbac?

    Was a company stripped My L?

    What is the council’s legal department’s opinion on Asset Stripping?

    Good Riddance…….to him and her…should a legal officer be next?



    Ps There might be a couple of the 66 muppets that are credulous in believing he was worth £20,000,000 a year.

    When I blew the whistle on Wirral “Funny” Bizz on 5 July 2011…….

    He didn’t fool me when he sat there under his football shirt bullshitting me and I could see on Basnett’s face he didn’t fool her.

    Poor sad woman having to obey people like him and “Ankles” and “Phil the Dill” I wonder how she sleeps at night knowing she has to keep doing things she knows are wrong.

    Pps So Fartin Lobsterpot if you don’t want to get tarred with aiding and abetting THE (MOST) LEAST IMPROVED COUNCIL IN THE COUNTRY I would suggest your first job is to issue a statement on behalf of “Phil the Deluded Dill” saying how he is really the MOST CREDULOUS MAN IN BRITAIN and it was all AdderleyDadderlyDooDah’s fault.

    No one will believe you but at least you can toddle off back to China and Reno with your guilty conscience.


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