Members expressed their sadness at the impending departure of Mr Adderley…..

Throwing money

………whilst members of the public express their horror at the eye-watering sums of public money paid out to someone who voluntarily asks to leave Wirral Council!.

Hot off the press and dwarfing the estimate of Wirral Council’s Degeneration boss Kevin Adderley’s severance payment in this weeks Private Eye , the newly published minutes of this weeks Employment & Appointments Committee reveals that Wirral Council agreed (at least) £256,000 of public money to be paid to Addled as “there were other opportunities he wished to pursue”.

Lucky Kev!

Which begs the question if that’s the case why did Wirral Council have to pick up the humungous tab?.

The break down of the payment is as follows:

£49,057 severance (based on past service and 3 months salary) PLUS  £207,000 pension (paid to Merseyside Pension Fund).

And surely no-one but no-one is buying that total bullshit from Council leader Power Boy Pip and CEO Eric Feeble who tried to justify this shameful arrangement by talking in terms of a  “management saving” or a “business case” or a new “operating/delivery model”.

Confirmation , if it were needed, that the both of them hold the people of Wirral in complete contempt.

Seemingly the only councillor willing to (politely) challenge this arrangement was Lib Dem leader Phil Gilchrist.

Kudos to him – but we give fair warning that the forthcoming in – depth response from Leaky Towers will be somewhat less than diplomatic.

We think the time has come that we counted the true cost of the failure by Wirral Council officials to properly confront conduct unbecoming of some of its most senior officers.

5 thoughts on “Members expressed their sadness at the impending departure of Mr Adderley…..

  1. So strange … how corporate abusers Mike Fowler and Maura Noone were shown the door in 2012, weighted down with £210,000, just before the release of a damning report that would have done for them and their careers, had they still been employed.

    Strange also, how Kevin Adderley is shown the door in 2015, weighted down with £256,000 just before the release of an equally damning report that would have done for him and his career, had he still been employed.

    These 65 bumps on a log, along with the unelected, most improved abusers certainly know how to get the timing right, to fire and forget, killing two birds with one stone.

    Look after your worst, high profile offenders and you look after yourself.

    Mr Robinson, does Wirral make Staffordshire look like a kindergarten ? On reflection, are you glad you came here? Because it will only get worse, that’s guaranteed.

    Here’s a visual metaphor for when the time arrives to leave this place for pastures new….

  2. G’day The Good Lord

    I am certain Leaky, and sure Paul would agree, that the Wirral taxpayer owes “Highbrow” big time for being the main player in ridding the joint of a BLOTT on the landscape that was AdderleydadderleyDooDah someone who didn’t live in Wirral or care.

    The dirty rotten stinking ashtray that is “The Football Shirt”.

    He rooted and looted the joint.

    Ya know Leaks what rooting is in Oz, he he he he, and we all know who that was, or they were don’t we you little Regal Larrikin?

    Don’t start me on Blott yet though My L, his time will come I am certain, he looks old school, or, as I like to call it Rotten Borough Shite.

    “Highbrow” should be courted and feted the way “Ankles” the effwit thinks whistleblowers are by Wirral.

    Courted and feted by “”Ankles” and his Wirralgate gang of Davies'”.

    Has Ecca signed those Wirralgate cheques yet My Leaky Tower?

    I digress on other things shit about Wirralgate and the Most Improved Council in the (Country) Wirral.

    I would challenge anyone to tell us all here and now what “The Football Shit” has contributed to Wirral?

    In a good way!

    Prepare My Lord for tons of incoming mail.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Prepare especially My L for heaps of airmail from Stella’s family in China and the gangsters in REgeNeratiOn.

    he he he he he



    Ps The “Football Shirt” haters are not being excluded from sending fanmail , please send your sick anecdotes of this deluded bum to Leaky Towers or as they call it in RENO fan mail.

    Luv you more The Leakster than the number of good honest council employees that must be so glad to see the back of that “Football Shit” with his name on the back.

    ….err no shirt.


  3. G’day Again Lordly

    Just preparing for the revenge of the Aussies for……… 2003.

    Like “Highbrow” Aussies have long memories.

    I would just like to make a suggestion to one of my new heroes Ecca.

    Yes Lordsville I did say Ecca, he might have cojones after all, he might be the FAIR DINKUM bloke Wirral has been craving and needing vitally.

    Did that make sense I am half pissed on cheap cider?

    Aussie Aussie Aussie………………………….. oi oi oi

    I digress!

    Ecca should check to see what happened to the author of that Beverley Report, the principal auditor, she vanished after doing a very very good report, apart from the bit of gloss on behalf of her employers in the words.

    The appendices said it all.

    If AdderletDadderleyDooDah has been rewarded handsomely and getting every GALAH at Wirral to defend him and Garry got paid off handsomely for re-writing Beverley’s Report and writing a croc of shit….

    Then Beverley should be rewarded handsomely for actually doing the job she was paid for, doing it well and doing it honestly in the interest of Wirral taxpayers.

    Pay Beverley the going rate please Ecca.

    Pay Beverley the going rate please Ecca.

    Pay Beverley the going rate please Ecca.



    Ps Would luv you even more My Hero if you were an Aussie.


    See there are good fair dinkum nice workers at Wirral.

    They are just tarnished by people Like “The Shyster” “That angry little angry man than can talk for twenty…not even worth insulting Legstrong” and of course “Phil the Deluded Dill”, his ugly twin…and the whole “Kitchen Cabinet”

    You have to feel sad for people like the other leaders Blue and Ghildevil so polite, useless and not worth their allowances siding with AdderleyDadderlyDooDah……

  4. G’day Lordly

    Come on Your Worship do the RIGHT THING.

    Go on L I am always waffling on that Ecca (One Of My New Heroes) should do the RIGHT THING and sort out the Wirral “Funny” Bizz scandal to everyone’s satisfaction.

    How about you print all those well wishes for the decent honest human being and gentleman that is “The Football Shirt”, “AddeleyDadderlyDooDah.

    Stella’s favourite little boy from the Wirral.

    You must have bucket loads of letters of praise and admiration for God’s gift to Wirral.



    Where do you guess he will pop up next My Lordsly?

    Down “Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters”?

    The Chamber Potty?

    “The Golf Course”?

    “Tranmere Rovers”?

    Over at “The Chamber Potty’s old man’s dump?

    Blackburn with his mate Gra Gra that hung him out to dry at his farce of a public meeting into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods on 8 October 2014?

    Luv you My Prince a thousand times more than the number of well wisher cards you got for him.

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