Taking the Biscuit

Due to austerity measures chocolate hobnobs will no longer be served at Chief Officer meetings

Due to austerity measures chocolate Hobnobs will no longer be served at Chief Officer meetings

It’s a first on Wirral Leaks as we publish a media release in full .The particular motivation for doing so was primarily because we were amused by the Freudian slip punchline in this Conservative Party missive which we received today.

As we reported last week  Martin Lipsync ,sorry Liptrot  has been appointed in a completely politically neutral capacity (yeah right !) as Wirral Council’s public relations and reputation management guru.

Oh and we understand that what we previously described as his “audition ” for the role was in fact devising the council’s 20/20 Vision plan.

Which always struck us as typical Wirral Council arse about face planning by which we mean some consultant who’s never worked for the council before thinks up 20 pledges off the top of his head and the poor saps who work for the council then have to go away and make their departmental plans meet the pledges.


However what caused the wry amusement at Leaky Towers was that although the media statement lists Martin Lemsip’s sorry Liptrot’ s  salary at £45,737 by the final line the figure is quoted as £48,000 .

Ah! it’s that magical figure of £48,000 again which was so closely associated with Martin Tiptop , sorry Liptrot’s predecessor Emma Degg .

We just hope he doesn’t follow his predecessors Rocket Dog/Ugg footsteps too closely…..as frankly that doesn’t bear thinking about!.

However we’re getting a serious case of deja vu here – as with the appointment of former Wirral Council CEO Graham Burgess it seems that council leader Power Boy Pip is so desperate for someone to get the council (and particularly the Labour group) out of a hole of it’s own making that he’ll give in to demands and provide inducements.Is the lavish refurbishment and extension of Liptrot’s office at a time when everyone else in the council is being asked to cut their coat according to their cloth really sending out the right message?.

And anyway why does his office need an extension anyway ?  – to accommodate his ego?.

Seems to us that Martin Tiptop ,sorry Liptrot is , by hobnobbing in the room next to the council leader , shaping up to be a low rent (but high cost) Wirral Council version of notorious Labour spinmeister Alastair Campbell.

Meanwhile here’s the press release for your delectation:

Council Leader’s Pal gets office extension paid for by Council Taxpayers


Following the recent revelation that Labour campaigner Martin Liptrot has been recruited to ‘provide in-depth support to the Leader of Wirral Council’ on £45,737 information has come to light that Taxpayers are about to fund an office extension to accommodate him.

It would appear that the room Mr. Liptrot has been using for over 6 months, while campaigning for the Labour Group, is no longer big enough now he has come onto the Council’s payroll. The work is scheduled to commence on Tuesday 13th October as not to disturb the Council meeting scheduled for 12th October.

Town Hall officials claim there is no other suitable accommodation within the Wallasey complex and the work is being undertaken at the request of the Leader, Councillor Phil Davies.Cllr. Green said: “This really does take the biscuit! I’ve been told this is a 12 month appointment  so I’ve taken a walk around Wallasey Town Hall today and found two suitable empty offices on the ground floor and in excess of 10 ‘hot desks’. Why is this unnecessary work taking place? Just so Martin Liptrot can be in bigger room next to the Leader of the Council.

He continued: “I urge everyone to remember the next time Councillor Davies blames the Government for austerity and cuts in services he found £48,000 to accommodate a political ally.”


4 thoughts on “Taking the Biscuit

  1. G’day Lordsly


    Haven’t been to see the big purple headed needy people eating buffoons yet this year.

    I think I will go to the council meeting next week to see if they have improved in any way shape or form or whether they have just got fatter, lazier and even more self praising without having done anything other than talk about their fantasies of a 5 year plan of bullshit, golf courses and their view on austerity….elite golf courses, not one, but two, bloody Tories, we should have three new golf courses.

    See ya there if you’re not busy My Lanky Hero.

    Try not to wake “The Pretend Friend” when you arrive Lordly and if you bump into “the Raving Loony” just agree with him whatever crap he talks as he has been there 38 years too long.

    I hope they have brought the prayer back because it really needs praying for.

    To ease the boredom My L when there is no petty handbags I think I will spend the time comparing them to biscuits.

    Thanks for the idea My Lord, and, if you were a biscuit you would be a Tim Tam or an ANZAC bickie…..yummy.

    Starting with the Wirralgate gang.

    “Phil the Deluded Dill”. Fortune Cookie or should that be misfortune.

    “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over From Hell”. Garibaldi

    “Ankles”. Jammie Dodger

    Then there is

    “The Kitchen Cabinet”. Party Ring… no no Lordy don’t go there you little larrikin.

    There will be some officers there My regent if they haven’t been paid off

    “The Shyster” Fat Rascal

    “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” (ha ha he will never get the job now) Ginger Nut (he should be ginger with that temper)

    Then My L is the wannabes

    “Blue”. Hobnob

    “Ghildevil” Nice

    Then of course there is some of the other dross

    “Clowncillor Crispy Creme Doughnut” will eat all the leftovers

    That should kill the boredom of the self praising most improved council on the Wirral.

    Even Wirral is probably debateable.



    Ps I wonder who “Ankles will meet in the stair well with the filth on someone.

    Luv ya Lord of the Wirral, see ya there with “Tarrantino” Brace and his little camera with the filum in that caught out “Ankles” making a date with the “Tweed Jacket” from the rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    That was just before L he went out and had a smoke with Demigog and showed her the evidence “Ankles” had given him.

    • We suspect it won’t be a full time equivalent position but we leave Freedom of Information requests for others as : a) life is too short for FOI requests b) there are plenty of other things to be outraged about in this case and c) it’ll eventually get leaked to us anyway.

      • G’day The Lord of the Manor

        This appointment of Fartin Lobsterpot is probably just “Phil the Very Deluded Dill” showing the new boy “Eccles Cake”

        (I know Lordly an Eccles Cake is technically not a biscuit)

        that him and his boss/puppet master “Ankles” will just do as they want because whilst ever they are leading the Northern Shithouse Liverpool Branch they will do as they please and pleasure who they want.

        Usually themselves.



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