We like to peer behind the veneer of Wirral Council’s Most Improved Council tag and deflate the hype behind their 20/20 Vision and bring you the reality behind the fantasy wish fulfilment.

With this end we bring to your attention Cllr Adrian “Windbag” Jones’s performance at Monday’s Council meeting and his praise for the all new , all singing , all dancing Wirral Council website.As far as we can tell it just uses a bigger font but hey Her Ladyship and I aren’t complaining as we’ve mislaid our pince-nez and monocle respectively. So currently at Leaky Towers it’s not so much 20/20 vision as blurred vision !.

However Cllr Jones was keen to reassure councillors that the improvements to the website were made out of existing council resources – well except for 10 grand from the Local Government Association –  which makes us wonder as to whether this money just goes back and forth in a brown envelope between both organisations.This statement was no doubt made to stress that none of those cash-hungry consultants were involved in the miraculous transformation.

Jones did the obligatory praise the staff routine – although from what they tell us they don’t want praise they’d just prefer not to have to live in fear of redundancies, pay cuts , bullying managers and clueless councillors.

However it has been made clear to us that all is not well when it comes to some of the IT crowd.

We’re talking specifically here about the IT Helpdesk on which , according to our sources , Wirral Council has spent £400,000 +  on hiring consultants over the past 3 years.

This consultancy work included a survey undertaken asking other council departments what they thought of the IT Helpdesk.
Subsequently another consultant by the name of Tracey was brought in – this was the one who we have previously reported was struggling to get by on £900 a day ! – yes , not only £900 a day but she was paid this princely sum by our cash -strapped council over a period of two years!.
Once she left (probably after going into tax exile) it was another 12 months before staff were sent on a two day training event to help put the IT Helpdesk back on track (or should that be back online?).
Now we hear that the IT Helpdesk have the help of yet another consultant who are now doing the highly paid hand-holding and advising the IT Helpdesk on how to ask staff have they tried switching their computer off and switching it back on again.
Along the way we’re hearing the usual tales of nepotism,bullying,incompetence and grievances and the usual Wirral Council response of not tackling the underlying problems and questioning the calibre of their managers.
But why deal with all that unpleasantness when you can just squander public money hiring consultants ?!.

20 thoughts on “Help!

  1. G’day Lordly

    Just reminds me of my heady days at Wirral “Funny” Bizz, sadly for my wallet, not as a subcontractor just on £28,000.00 and being expected to cheat and lie changing dates etc etc etc.

    Boring talking about how they wanted me to aid and abet taking £2,000,000.00 off the gormless “Football Shirt” “The Chamber Potty” and “The Garbage Lady” because 65 nincompoop clowncillors would support the gormless till they eventually give them a massive pay off.

    They did though employ a subcontractor by the name of Davies, there’s a turd for you to polish Fartin Lobsterpot, who boasted in his lectures to gullible Wirral taxpayers about not being a qualified accountant but being very successful.

    Yep laughing in the face of the very people that paid their council tax that paid him. A conman.

    You’re not going to guess this one Lordsville?

    He was all over the Big recipient files like a cheap suit.

    An unqualified…………

    It beggars belief Ecca.

    Jones was a massive player befriending “Highbrow” because he is a vile unpleasant person.

    I bet he led the applause for AdderleyDadderlyDooDah so he cannot dob him in.



    Ps Oh Lordy it is funny they didn’t get Wirral “Funny” Bizz to help IT, he couldn’t even use a computer but still took them for £2,000,000.00.

    Luv ya Leaky more than the number of innocents’ that “The Pretend Friend” has stabbed in the back boyo. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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    • There are a lot of hard working good staff in Wits. Like every work place there are the bad apples. Especially in the higher management . All staff want is a fair deal. A manager that cares about the I.T. service and the overworked staff who try their best with the limited resources they have. A management team who is there for the good of the authority and staff not for “whats in it for me” or “Jobs for the boys” mentality. Supported by local councillors who actually care about the wirral and who are prepared to fight for the council. Give the staff of every department something to boost their morale. Listen and hear the staff on the ground. It’s easy to listen but hearing takes skill.

  3. As an x employee who worked on the I.T. helpdesk who left due to bullying even though I loved the job all I can say is nothing has changed . I know of a manager there who has had numerous bullying complaints against them but the powers that be can’t seem to find the common denominator in all the complaints They had various highly paid consultants who waffled about buying updated versions of the extremely expensive software which was just glossing over the real problem. The management. Posts were created to keep the management favourites in a job they hadn’t a clue about and if you knew more than them (after doing the job for 15 years) they did everything they could to drive you out after they had driven you so far into depression you were left with no other alternative.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      Unfortunately we hear this kind of story time and time again.
      Take care.
      P.S. Oh by the way we understand the (lowest) common denominator goes by the name of Teflon Pete.

      • Only person I know of who left the council’s employment for another and returned because he didn’t like the job with no break in service

      • Ha and comment I have heard from a few ” if he were made of chocolate he would eat himself”!

  4. I’m glad I got out and went to the private industry. With diversity, harassment, bullying course which are mandatory I can believe it’s still going on, within IT Helpdesk!

    You have non-technical managers looking after a technical function, no man management skills and by creating a team leader post they thought things would get better with the appointment of Di Cotrell from HR, another non technical person, but I believe she’s a personal friend to Pete and his wife (HR manager)!!!!

    Still can’t believe Damian didn’t get the post, highly technical, ran PC Support for years and made him redundant. Damian put his CV out and had job offers within hours with more money. Ask yourself Teflon, would this happen to you or do you go for interviews and receive the rejection letter, that why you left and return 9am the following day!!!

    I now work in a company providing 1st fix to most job/fault request, with an IT Helpdesk workforce of 30, we have a senior engineer who reports escalation to the IT Manager so why doesn’t Wirral do the same, cut the middle management out and staff report directly to JA, and save the Authority 80k?

    I would say to you all get your ITIL, and look outside of the Council, the grass is greener, better pay and good benefits.

    Good luck everyone X

  5. Seems that the service desk is the only team within IT services that needs two team leaders! Problems have existed with the service desk for many years, and subsequent CIOs have failed to address the problem and were actually made worse following a restructure in 2011. Consultants have been and gone and spelt out the problems but no progress is made. There are many good staff there with good skills but not being allowed to develop or use those skills by the Service Desk managers who seem to be intent on de-skilling the staff down to the lowest common denominator, in case any who develop request more pay or leave for pastures new. As the front face of IT services, the failure of the service desk affects the reputation of IT services as a whole, which over the austerity years has suffered a significant reduction in resources, paycuts to hard working staff as part of the future council debacle, along with an increase in private companies brought in to run projects (at a vastly more expensive cost and inferior quality) that would of been done in house if the staff resources had remained at pre 2010 levels. The sheer quantity of change projects (all priority one) currently being undertaken by IT services is already making staff suffer with stress and leading to poor morale and illness, and until there is a recognition by the bean counters that the constant cutting of skilled staff resources in the support teams, leads to an ineffective service at the front line.

    • Thanks for your valuable insights.
      When will Wirral Council listen to the people who know best and not the the people who think they know best?.
      The reasoning seems to be – the more you are paid ,the more you must know.
      It ain’t necessarily so……

  6. Unfortunately, as far as IT Services (and doubtless many other Council departments) is concerned, if one or two managers smell of shit the response of the Chief Information Officer is to order the cutting off of everyone else’s nose.

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