Untrue Blue


Frank Field has been channelling Blessed Margaret Thatcher again.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn becomes the latest person to be figuratively handbagged by the Grande Dame of the Labour Party.

First of all , Frankenfield gets his knickers in a twist about “Momentum” –  which depending on your viewpoint is either a group of Labour supporters trying to galvanise grassroots support for a new socialist dawn led by Jezza or a group of rabid Stalinists bent on deselecting Labour MPs untrue to the cause.


I think we can all guess which camp Frankenfield is in……

The MP for Birkenhead is of course safe in the knowledge that he reigns supreme in one of the safest seats in the country and can blithely ignore the views of his plebeian constituents.The complete contempt he has for the people who voted him into power is clearly demonstrated in this recent car crash TV interview :


Worse still – this self-styled champion of the poor – well the ones that do as they’re told and know their place that is – was one of 21 Labour MPs who defied the Labour Party whip last night and shamefully abstained during Chancellor George Osborne’s Fiscal Responsibility Charter vote.

The ‘Charter’ means that future spending cuts will be more brutal than Osborne has implemented during the past five years – even at times when the economy is booming and the country can afford it. By his actions Frankenfield not only makes a political point by undermining Corbyn’s leadership but he thereby condones austerity measures that will adversely affect his own constituents.

Perhaps the next time we hear local Labour councillors hypocritically blaming the Tories when council spending cuts are announced we need to remind them where their spiritual leader and protector stands on the matter.


We’re left thinking at Leaky Towers as to whether someone needs to tip “Momentum”  off as to exactly what Field and his crooked council crew have been up to locally as that would seem to be the only way to shift this safe-seat hugging hypocrite.


9 thoughts on “Untrue Blue

  1. G’day Lordsly

    I just wished you had Fartin Lobsterpot’s job L and we might get some honesty, openess and transparency.

    I hate to harp on about Wirral “Funny” Bizz but I have to until they DO THE RIGHT THING.

    Back to the 520 odd pages from Grant (Thank’s for the £50,000.00 + bonus) Thornton that vindicated the genius that is “Highbrow” and myself but failed miserably on following up on Beverley Edwards reporting of the asset stripping and mention of referral to the Legal Department.

    The latest theory on the street My Lovely is that had “Highbrow” not stolen the database from Wirral “Funny” Bizz that Grant (Don’t understand asset stripping) Thornton would have actually gone as far as giving the Clowncil a very very clean bill of health.

    Nobody wanted to see that database for obvious reasons My Hero and he also has a ton of evidence that they really didn’t want to see either My Lord, enough to sink the Town Hall into Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters.

    Would Ecca go down with his shit errr I mean ship….oh no I don’t.



    Ps Wrote to Ecca yesterday but had no reply yet have they got rid of him already My Lover?

    I hope he is too busy cleaning out the rest of the crud to reply.

    Luv you more than the number of overweight fat barstards in “Tarrantino’s” photo in his latest blog. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • All we can say is that we’re not surprised that when Grant Thornton gobshite Mike Thomas bailed out that Jim “Crabby” Crabtree led a round of applause at Audit and Risk Management Committee.These wretches make us want to retch.

      • Hear Hear

        My Lord

        A terrific trifecta you are such a great judge of character or lack of.

        I had the pleasure of working at the Audit Commission with Terry Thomas and Liz Temple Worshipper when she could be bothered turning up. What a double.

        Then “Crabapple” from The Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee or is that “Crapapple” and his little bus for taking clowncillors to the pub?

        Well said Leaky.


  2. G’day Lordly

    Enough of the impotent waste of time and money auditors Leaky.

    Back to ecca (with a little e) and his senior officers and clowncillors and their conspiracy of silence over all things Lockwood/Harbac.

    He still hasn’t written back to me, maybe he is like Mr Wirral “Funny” Bizz that couldn’t use a computer but he still took them for £2,000,000.00.

    Or maybe it is his part in the conspiracy of silence.

    I asked the GENIUS that is John “Tarrantino” Brace what goes through these numbskulls heads when one of them is caught out lying, cheating and breaking the law and they all stay schtum?

    The man with the little camera and swivelling tripod is very very special I am in awe.

    Quick as a flash he said

    In answer to your question because I will follow up with a quote.

    is doing what everybody else is doing, regardless of what is right

    is doing what is right, regardless of what everybody else is doing”

    Do you understand this ecca (with a tiny e) or are you as thick as “Phil the Very Deluded Dill”?

    John is a Wirral legend.

    Although My Lordsville I would say more appropriately in Wirral BC’s case

    “Wirral is doing what it wants to do, knowing it is malformed contorted twisted and crooked

    Wirral is bad, wicked, evil, unprincipled, dishonest, unethical, sinful, corrupt, depraved, vile, base, degenerate, debauched, dissolute, indecent, lewd, licentious”



    Ps My lordsville you should ask me what I really think of them.

    Luv you My Worshipful Master as much as you seem to have contempt for their very very friendly auditors.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. G’day Lordsville

    I hope you don’t mind me using your site to correspond to Ecca at Wirral as he might not have got my email.

    I had forgotten how the evil amongst them operate My Lovely.

    From the What Do They Know Wirral Site

    Possible interception of public emails

    Paul Cardin made this Freedom of Information request to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

    I had forgotten Paul had sent this FOI.

    I doubt Ecca has the same bad manners not to reply like the sludge he works with although he wouldn’t chew the fat with Paul and did run off and hide under his desk.

    So I suppose My Lordly if he hasn’t replied to me by close of business today I think it would be fair to suspect he is not getting my emails.

    If you don’t mind My Lovely I will send my emails to him via your site.

    I won’t use joined up writing he might not have done that yet.




    Ps Everyone at wirral must be so paranoid about who is reading their emails.

    Probably why they go out for a smoke with their co-conspirators even if they don’t smoke.

    Luv you Lordly, no one is listening our secret is safe. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Everyone smokes at Wirral Council. They HAVE TO. The Merseyside Pension Fund (Wirral are the administrators) has £38 million of its employees’ hard-earned tied up in British American Tobacco. In fact, this is their largest ethical investment, alongside similar public interest punts in HSBC, Vodafone, BP, etc.

      So it would look extremely hypocritical of them if they weren’t seen to be running drugs in Central America, dodging £7 billion in UK tax, exploding oil rigs across the pristine blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, chainsmoking on cancer sticks, and queuing up to jump off cliffs in their droves like lemmings.

  4. I refer all to the PKF audit of The Kids Company in March 2014-a glowing report as to its probity etc etc and now sitting just below the Cabinet Secretary’s letter re the £3m last bail-out of that company on the gov.uk site.
    A convenient arrangement of data to clear civil servants and politicos-we have a clear audit report from a national firm of accountants!!

    I recall “We have a clear audit report from national firm A4e re wirralbiz” and we only learnt two weeks ago that WBC despite this claim knew by January 2012 that in fact A4e clearly stated it never looked at QUALITY just that all papers and forms filed in the correct order.

    • From the whistleblowing cases we know about one of the common denominators is that both internal and external audit practices were negligent.How else do you explain £31 million of toxic debt?.

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