The Public and the Private

Private eye -adderley 009

A few years back the first tremors of concern about the operation of Wirral Council were felt in the local press.Whilst the cracks began to show in the public facade a senior council manager privately dismissed the reports with the comment : “newspapers are tomorrow’s fish and chip paper”.

Those tremors turned to shockwaves as report after report bore witness to a toxic and dysfunctional culture which nearly brought Wirral Council tumbling down.

During the aftershock of these events the senior manager above fled the scene of devastation under the protective cover of a compromise agreement and a six figure cheque.

Whilst at the time she may have been right about the public’s attention span and the impermanence of the printed word the world of information exchange has moved on.

So as we see above Private Eye magazine publish the latest instalment of “The Adderley Skidaddle” on their Rotten Boroughs page and although an acknowledgement of our original story would have been appreciated , it can be seen how both mainstream media websites and independent blogs now serve as a more permanent public record.

Moreover the digital age affords the opportunity for members of the public to cross reference, make connections and be better informed.Stories that are considered to be a minority interest or can’t be reduced to soundbites or a fleeting newspaper headline now have a permanent space in a public place.

Sometimes stories can’t be constrained by a word limit and print space.As our readers have witnessed , the devil is often in the detail and a narrative can develop over time.All that’s left for us to do is identify what we consider to be in the public interest and as far as we’re concerned that includes matters where private lives interfere with public duties……….


3 thoughts on “The Public and the Private

  1. G’day The Lord of the Wirral Towers

    It looks My L like I will have to correspond with Ecca in the public domain through your site if that is ok with you.

    He is either very rude not acknowledging my email like what he ran away from Paul and hid under his desk when they met or they are just not letting him do his job and are filtering his emails.

    I would put nothing past the “old school” council that is left that paid anyone off that knew what they were like.

    Wilkie Norman Garry Adderley et al.

    You would think he would at least say G’day Honest Jim thanks for coming to tell us some half wits at Wirral “Funny” Bizz are running rings around “The Football Shirt” “The Chamber Potty” and “The Garbage Lady” and helping themselves to £2,000,000.00 and your mate “Highbrow” is far smarter than us. Thank you very much Lads.

    So can you give me some sign that you did get my email even if they haven’t given you a computer yet.

    I know what the sign can be just sack the one that hid the Grant Thornton Report and The Beverley Edwards Report next week and I will know you got my missive.

    Would it sound like Turgid Journey Eccs mate?



    Ps I wonder where “The Football Shirt will turn up next, I bet it will be an office suiting his cased “Red” shirt with his name on the back and a picture of Stella.

    Luv ya Lordsville more than they should pay “Tarrantino” and “Highbrow” to audit Wirral Taxpayers hard earned and give useless FRIENDLY WASTE OF SPACE national audit firms a boot into Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters.

    • Here’s where somebody else turned up James …

      … so it seems abusing vulnerable people for NINE long years is no bar to career progression. In fact, fowl conduct may even do the opposite – elevate your status and land you a slot at a loving, giving charity.

      Moreover, proving one’s staying power, and ‘fighting the good fight’ in PR and windowdressing terms, whilst thieving ££hundreds of thousands from service users, can be a positive B O O N.

      It’s a strange, inverted, upside down world which we must adjust, learn and strive to become accustomed to …

  2. G’day the Good Lord

    I bet senior officers and councillors have been off to their places of worship today big noting and giving a fiver or tenner.

    Shaking hands and being addressed as councilor, sir, madam etc walking down the aisle with swollen heads. I’m a fine upstanding citizen. A credit to society.

    A fiver or an effing tenner My L and they put £200,000.00 plus in to the collection box of the most credulous man in Great Britain.


    They are an absolute disgrace applauding in the chamber and sending him off with Wirral’s hard earned.



    Ps I don’t want to start you on the Sabbath My Lordsly but those, I’ll say whatever you want me to say auditors, will be off worshipping as well.


    Worshipping the (£50,000.00 plus bonus) pound?

    Whatever happened to auditing standards My Lovely?

    Asset stripping is asset stripping is asset stripping is asset stripping.

    £2,000,000.00 £2,000,000.00 £2,000,000.000 Gifted Gifted Gifted Gifted

    To half wits


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