We Leak , Pip Squeaks



Power Boy Pip's super powers have been compromised by his colleagues use of Krapped-On-Ite

Power Boy Pip’s super powers have been compromised by his comrades use of Krapped-On-Ite

It sometimes seems to us that the red flag has been a mere flag of convenience for the few who have brought the local Labour group into such disrepute.However we don’t know whether it’s “The Corbyn Effect” but there are encouraging signs that with an influx of new Labour party members and a case of long standing activists becoming sick of the careerists, freeloaders and opportunists that finally the tight-knit local cabal are under challenge by the only people capable of effecting change – their own party members.

We think it is significant that many of our most high profile recent leaks have come from disaffected Labour insiders.Could this be why Wirral Leaks featured on a recent local Labour group executive agenda we ask ourselves?.

The latest allegations in the leak below concern council “leader” Power Boy Pip Davies himself. First of all we’re pleased to see that Pip now seems to be an accepted colloquial term , however we’ll leave the other aliases in the leak below to spare the blushes of the others who were named :

” You may be interested in a scoop that Pip has failed in his bid to get decisions to deselect “The Defector” and “The Wet Lettuce” who were both failed by interview panels to decide who could stand as candidates for the May elections.

Following the pair of them being told they failed interview and were not up to the job – Pip told the Labour group leave it to him and he would sort it out – he has failed and both will not be able to stand for Labour in the May elections.

There goes two of Pip’s votes and brings the likelihood of a leadership challenge ever closer.”

Needless to say we’ve never been impressed by Pip’s “leadership”.


However as we stated recently he’s been looking increasingly uncomfortable in his own skin and the controversial appointment of turdpolisher-in-chief Martin Liptrot(sky) looks to us like an increasingly desperate attempt to bolster Pip’s position.

But even this is beginning to look like a grave error of judgement.Indeed it has been suggested to us that Power Boy Pip knew nothing of the hook up of his arch rival  Mayor Joe Anderson and his right hand man (or should that be left hand man) Liptrotsky.

Add to this another leak from a well -placed source where a member of the public raises awkward questions about the Liptrotsky appointment with Wirral Council’s law supremo Surjit Tour :

“Now, with regard to Mr Liptrot’s appointment, at Wirral Taxpayers’ expense, as personal ‘policy adviser’ to Cllr Davies, presumably to assist Cllr Phil Davies’ bid for the elected Mayor of the LCR (Liverpool City Region) , can Mr Tour answer this question.

Also in his role as Monitoring Officer, with the responsibility accompanying that position, can he legally justify Mr Liptrot’s position, role and appointment to Wirral Council staff to a ‘Politically Restricted Post’. There would appear to be multiple potential conflicts of interest related to Mr Liptrot’s other Merseyside-wide activities, which include work with the Combined Authority, PR guru to Mayor Joe Anderson, communications for Knowsley Borough Council and Wirral Chamber of Commerce, plus his blatant public display of Labour party political affiliations on Facebook, and elsewhere?

To avoid the tiresome process of a FOI request, can you tell me how many other candidates there were for Mr Liptrot’s position, where it was advertised and when, and how many candidates were short listed? I ask particularly because out of 8 applicants for Graham Burgess’ position, he was the only one who made the short list, was interviewed presumably…and got the job.”

One of the appointments that the concerned member of the public doesn’t mention and which has been brought to our attention by yet another source is that Liptrotsky may also have the communications contract for Merseytravel. If this is the case ,  then collectively his appointments make him perhaps the single most influential and powerful political figure on Merseyside – despite the fact he’s never been elected to public office !.

Of course we believe that ultimately what what will do for Power Boy Pip is his failure to rein in Cllrs  Steve Foulkes and George Davies and to stand up to Birkenhead MP Frank Field over the Wirralgate scandal. These are not the actions of a leader – this is a man out of his depth clutching onto a red flag of convenience and not waving but drowning………………

I was much too far out all my life And not waving but drowning.  Stevie Smith

I was much too far out all my life
And not waving but drowning.
Stevie Smith



7 thoughts on “We Leak , Pip Squeaks

  1. It has to be said, Pip does a fine turn in empty waffle, and emits torrents of hot air that could be put to good use during restoration work, burning the layers of ancient varnish off the town hall chamber’s handsome furniture.

    ….. but insight, intelligence and wisdom ? ….. similar to his predecessor, there is precious little of substance there.

  2. G’day Lordsville

    If you need to employ a turd polisher you are definitely a turd who gives a shit about what “The Shyster” says, him and his cheap plastic biro and expensive barrista.



  3. G’day Lordsly

    School holidays so they must all be away with their kids and grandkids telling them never never never to be open, honest or transparent.

    Honesty is not the best policy according to Wirral.

    If you see some old fools stealing £2,000,000.00 say nothing like me because I am a big fan if Wirral “Funny” Bizz can get away with it with no education worth talking of I might get my turn.

    The turd polisher that is Fartin Lobsterpot must think he has won the lottery also My Lord.

    “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” must keep asking him what he should do and Fartin says keep your gob shut, keep your head down you idiot, I’ll come next door each morning and give you a polish and you just keep paying me for you doing nothing.



    The scumbags at Wirral make me puke My L but word on the street is one of the uglier ones is retiring.

    “He who can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything” is tossing it in probably because he was in charge through Wirral “Funny” Bizz halcyon days and of course Wirralgate.

    He should be sacked closely followed by “The Shyster”.


    • I shook that hand once, just before we succeeded in keeping Brentwood Early Years Centre open as a going concern – against the department’s desire to interfere, disrupt and ‘improve’.

      It gives me a shiver down my spine now to think that such people can keep on defending the utterly indefensible, at the cost of intense suffering on the part of service users and some junior staff; and do it for years, only to limp over the finishing line, then clutch onto what they always hankered after – an obscene sack of cash, augmented by a fat monthly pension payment.

      Shame on anybody who can spend a whole career, turning a blind eye repeatedly, willingly bending to a twisted corporate agenda, ‘moving forward’ and stepping over the bodies without a backward glance.

      In their dead eyes, that is called ‘success’ and is highly-regarded in their strange inverted world.

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