Addled Skidaddles

So farewell then Kevin “Addled” Adderley – Wirral Council’s Super Duper Director of Degeneration.
We understand Addled was courted and feted at a tearful leaving do (that’ll be tears of joy) held today at Wallasey Town Hall.
We don’t know which room was been designated for this glittering occasion but we suspect it wasn’t the Civic Hall – perhaps the thousands expected to gather in veneration of this fine exemplar of public service squashed into Martin Liptrotsky’s pokey office to backstab each other whilst nibbling a prawn vol-au-vent.
Meanwhile we can only wonder what would be a fitting honour to bestow on “the most credulous man in Britain”  – Freedom of the Borough ? , that portrait of bankrupt marrow-fancier Stella Shiu that hangs in the Chief Executive’s waiting room ? , a limited edition copy of that artist’s impression of Wirral Waters that is dragged out to support non-stories in the local press? , a luxury weekend stay at Mere Brook House?.
But really what do you give a man who’s walking away with £250,000 of public money in his back pocket?.As an inside source tells us this is a question that has troubled many of the beleaguered colleagues that Addled leaves behind  :
“Would you believe someone from Adderley’s team came around the town hall this week asking if people would like to give to his leaving present!.There were a few suggestions of what that could be!.A wheelbarrow for his dosh!…”
So what next for this super-ambitious dedicated public servant – Wirral Chamber of Commerce ?, Sam Wa Minerals ? or follow his former mentor and former Wirral CEO Graham Burgess to Blackburn ? .
As a recently observed rendezvous in a North Wales hostelry involving two of Wirral Council’s former top powerbrokers testifies we just hope he finds time to keep in touch with some of his former colleagues so they can reminisce over the good times they once shared together.

4 thoughts on “Addled Skidaddles

  1. So the lifeboat with its lone occupant handcuffed to a fat sack of cash is left to drift on the high seas as the Marie Celeste sails on to destination excellence.

    Even the keenest arslikhan clinging for dear life to the ship’s greasy mainmast (and Wirral is stuffed to the gills with such miserable, brown-nosed lowlives) wouldn’t be seen dead dropping a ducat into this whipround to supplement the meagre £250k that was waltzed off with.

    I mean, come on. What an insult to those junior staff on crap money, left to prop up the trembling house of cards. Addled probably just about scraped enough for his next packet of fags from this hideous charade.

  2. Do you know what you could build an argument that the whole wirralbiz charade stems from the frantic desire to conceal the truth about Lockwood/Harbac and the reputation of the above Skedaddled.

    The surplus officer time; £25,000 0f Grant Thornton’s £50,000 fee; the 31 FOI s needed to get at the truth, and the cost to the taxpayer to answer them; the wasted hours of both councillors and of myself; the £99,000 paid to wirralbiz as and when the council knew they were bent (from July 2012 to October 2012 the latter payments); the resultant breakdown of trust between the whistleblowers then and all future whistleblowers confronted by fraud in and around the council; the pious letter sent from Surjit tour to all concillors and to James Griffiths demanding he desist from calling Mr Adderley a liar whilst all the time having read the damning January 2012 audit report hidden from the public for nearly four years…Jeez

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