Mugshots and Soundbites


We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again but it seems to us that the Wirral Council political elite seem to be bent (and we use the term advisedly) on fostering a cult of personality. As Her Ladyship says : “Shame it’s all cult and no personality!.”

Above is the suggested template for the Wirral Council Cabinet meetings to be discussed and presumably agreed this Thursday , 5th November. We’ve got more to say on this particular agenda but we’ll leave pissing on the bonfire until then.This proposal involves mugshots of cabinet members and their every word being printed in future cabinet minutes.This means that us mere mortals will be able to bask in the glory of their profound utterances and gaze adoringly at their wise and benign countenances . We’re just surprised the template doesn’t read :

Councillor (insert name and title) , said : (insert cabinet approved empty soundbite here)

In the meantime we’d like to point out that if this is more about better presentation than improving accountability it helps if you can actually spell the word “Photograph”. Having said that we have to ask ourselves whether this is a wise move on the PR front .Have you seen the photographs in the Wirral Council councillors rogues gallery?. It looks like they’re auditioning for a role in “The Usual Suspects”.

One of our beady-eyed readers has bravely been checking out the councillor details on the Wirral council website and pointed out to us that both Councillors Jim “Vindicated” Crabtree and Louise Reecejones are lacking a Labour logo on their respective profiles – so we can only assume that their suspensions from the North West Labour Party are still yet to be fully resolved. 

Finally,  as ever we can’t help feeling that this is just another case of Wirral ‘s political elite indulging once more in gesture politics and adding to their endless photo-ops at foodbanks, flowerbeds and the Floral Pavilion.

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