6 thoughts on “Chinese Takeaway

  1. G’day Lordly

    How can these buffoons be taken seriously.

    Their rubbish local propaganda sheet

    Wirral Council launches fraud awareness campaign

    How very dare they?

    This week I have heard of de-selections and people sick, thank god for karma My Lordsville.

    “Highbrow” used to laugh at me when I said the only way we will get any action is to smash a window at the Clown Hall.

    I wonder what he now thinks four and a half years later no further ahead despite tons and tons of irrefutable evidence that they, Grant (Give us £50,000.00 plus bonus) Thornton and DCLG have not refuted.

    So I will sell that idea for a massive consultancy fee in International Fraud Week to my favourite corrupt bunch of dross and slurry.

    If they won’t listen go go smash a window.




    Notice Lordly not one of them put their name to this waste of space press release, surprise! surprise! they would have been struck by lightning.


    • Re Wirral Council’s fraud awareness campaign. Quote: “The aim is to raise public awareness, change people’s attitude towards fraud and encourage Wirral residents and businesses to help spot and stop fraud.”

      Does that include reporting people like Jim Crabtree who defrauded the gas man and then bragged about it on one of their Facebook pages? Where do we report such behaviour?

      • or indeed where does one report that the WBC did not report a case of asset stripping right under their own noses and despite their retiring Principal Auditor requesting in a report , hidden from public view for 3.5 years,that they consider doing so.
        Asset stripping involving the moving of assets funded as to £20,000 from our public money to a second company. Lockwood to Harbac!!

  2. G’day Lordsville


    Do you think the buffoons at the Clownhall realise it is not the week to commit and keep schtum over fraud.


    It is about being aware and acting like you care about Wirral.

    Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee Meeting this week My L led by the fearless intrepid “Crapapple”.

    Will the de-selected turn up?

    Will Grant (any frauds you want us not to talk about) Thornton be there in all their glory and silence.

    We might turn up and say ner ner ner ner ner told ya so.

    Will AdderleyDadderleyDooLally be a guest speaker like when Dave Garry stood up and spoke before storming off with his big fat cheque?



    Luv ya Lordy like “The Pretend Friend” likes a snooze in the chamber, hasn’t he been retired in disgrace yet L?

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