2 thoughts on “Chinese Takeaway : 1st Dibs / 2nd Course

  1. I can’t say I know a great deal about this trade deal between the China business people and those that have created the arrangement with the Wirral. But, I do find it odd that Councils up and down the Country do tend to look beyond our horizons, pick some far and away distant place that we all know bugger all about and off the idea goes.
    Whether it’s China, Reno in Nevada or in our case in Herefordshire, the Ukraine, our local elected leaders are all to keen to jet off to some desperate far away place that usually results in ‘them’ agreeing to trade in Blighty and ‘we’ the local rate paying hosts ending up giving away huge sections of land and the promise that we’ll either build and fund the factory for them or we’ll make life so bloody comfortable and easy and highly profitable they’ll never regret ever agreeing to visit us and asset strip us of our wealth and our dignity.
    Course, it all starts off with one individual who, probably after munching back a handful of recently harvested psilocybin mushrooms, gets a vision and then hurtles into the Town Hall howling, ‘ let’s trade with the Chinese. Prosperity, economic growth beckons and if the whole idea doesn’t go belly up and we dont get stung, we might be able to claim that we’ve helped to create a hundred jobs.’
    Course, in more recent years, until the bubble burst, the mantra used to be, ‘it’ll create a thousand jobs’, to which we’d all cry, ‘hoorah. Good news a thousand jobs’. Nowadays, they’re less colourful with their language as they invite us all to become excited and travel with them on ‘the journey’ of hope and deliverance from the debt we’re all waist deep in as we ponder the future we’ve bequeathed our kids. Now, their figures are slightly more realistic but still tempting enough for us all to cry, ‘hallelujah. The future is bright’
    As I’ve said. I know nothing. Nothing at all and what I do know isn’t worth sharing but sadly, and it’s very, very true, those that ‘champion’ these exotic ventures to trade with these far away places, they are no different to me and you. They know bugger all either.
    They know nothing. It’s a punt. A leap of faith. Fingers crossed and let’s hope for the best!
    Course, the problem is they’ve been handed the tickets to fly, they’re the ones wined and dined and seduced by the idea that their visionary decision to take us on their journey toward transformation will produce results and outcomes that’ll have us all celebrating this global village of trade that makes a handful filthy rich, hundreds doing just enough to hang onto their homes and tens of thousands believing that it was all a waste of their time and their money and the investment made by the people of the Wirral was a very one sided and lopsided commercial agreement that perhaps with a little thought, less stupidity and a basic understanding of straightforward economics could have been avoided.
    Mind, I know nothing!

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