The Curse of Leaky Towers

Leaky towers

So farewell then – for now  –   Cllr Jim “Crabby” Crabtree who on Friday night failed in his appeal against deselection by Bidston & St.James ward members.

Our congratulations go to the ward members who held their resolve whilst no doubt under extreme pressure from prominent local politicians. May we wish that they are now able to freely appoint a representative in whom they have trust and confidence.

Although no doubt he will be nursing both a sore head and injured pride after last night’s local Labour Party Christmas do at Our Lady’s we’re left wondering how long it is before Crabtree is parachuted into a safe seat somewhat like his helium voiced colleague Cllr Brian Kenny such is the perverse regard with which he is held by those who pull the strings (and pull the public’s leg) .

However we’re left reflecting at Leaky Towers upon the continuous trail of the Wirral Council elite (both councillors and officers) that have in recent history (dis) -graced our pages that have gradually fallen from grace and/or favour.

Her Ladyship , who is not only very superstitious and also has something of the Cassandra about her, has christened this strange phenomena “The Curse of Leaky Towers”  –  from the likes of  Adderley , Burgess and  Degg (funny how we always associate these three together) to more obscure horrors like Rick ” 4 week delay” O’Brien there is a pattern reminiscent of lost teens in a stalk “n” slash movie as one by one the seemingly untouchable of Wirral Council prove they are not omnipotent deities but ordinary mortals who are usually more monsters than gods.

Let’s make it clear this karmic satisfaction is not motivated by irrational , random dislike for fine upstanding members of the community .Our cutting coverage has always guided by the information provided by our downtrodden followers and it is invariably about the same bad eggs up to the same old stuff they’ve been up to for years and years and getting away with it….but now it seems ,alas,thanks to Wirral Leaks it is no more.

However as this social media screenshot shows it’s nice to see Crabby/Jimbo/Jumbo/Whatever remaining stoical in defeat and getting support from another who ignominiously fell from grace – though not far enough as far as we’re concerned – when he was unceremoniously ousted as Leader of Wirral Council in a vote of confidence , the one and only (thank the Lord) Stephen Foulkes (aka Foulkesy).

We just need to let Foulkesy know that our hex is very much still on as far as he and the other 3 constituent parts of the Gang of Four is concerned.




10 thoughts on “The Curse of Leaky Towers

  1. Ah, I knew something was amiss when Crabby started calling people “d***heads” in one of his usual misspelt posts to Mrs Foulkes (“Unfortunately Elaine, there are d***heads who believe d***heads,,,,,I think there called ??”) on one of his Facebook accounts the other day. The post was rapidly followed by the stoical picture you show, perhaps to demonstrate to all that Jumbo does have people who like him… Look, they gave him a cup and everything!

    Well done ward members. I don’t think you are d***heads! I think you have made a very wise move.

  2. Oddly enough, Tother night I was laid in bed just about to nod off ready to dream that I was the most desirable man in the world and women couldn’t keep their hands off me when all of a sudden I could hear a snip, snip, snip sound emanating from my front garden.
    Not one to ignore the sound of snipping at one in the morning, particularly when it’s coming from my bloody garden, I got out of the bed, opened the bloody curtains and window and howled, ‘who comes snipping at one in the morning. This is a good home. A family home who diligently recycle their rubbish and I’ll be damned if I put up with the snipping noise that’s keeping me from me dreams’.
    I quickly fired off a volley of illumination flares discharged from my late Granny’s starting pistol that she bequeathed to me just before she stumbled, fell and was consumed by a Wye deluge after slipping down the riverbank whilst eel’ing. I remember well her rapid decent into the swollen waters. As she began her speedy journey downwards, she cried, ‘I don’t like Steve Foulks or Jim Crabtree and Wirral Council are abnormal. Then, just as her skirts hit the water, she took one last long drag on her hand rolled cigarette and as her head began to disappear beneath the Wye waters she let out a haunting scream, ‘sweet Lord it’s cold.’ Having lit up half of Hereford, It was then that I quickly realised that Councillor Jim Crabtree was on his hand and knees with a pair of Secateurs snipping away at me bloody herbaceous borders. He shouted back, ‘I’m a gardener and I’m having a tidy up. Get back to sleep fatso’.
    In a mixture of soft and gently whispered tones and a demented howling raging anger of a scream I yelled, ‘clear off Crabtree and take your bloody snipping Secateurs and other gardening tools with you. Whilst you are subject to deselection from your local Party I refuse to sanction you buggering about on my property during the hours of darkness’. What’smore, I told him, ‘ and before you head back up the A49 in your desperate pursuit to win over the Bidston & St. James folk don’t come bloody back here. Ever!’
    Let me be clear, if Councillor Crabtree wants to tip up uninvited weeding and pruning during the hours of darkness at homes on the Wirral then, as long as folk don’t mind and don’t feel compelled to set their attack dog on him then fair enough. My point is, I am one hundred and twelve miles away and having some politician tip up uninvited snipping away with his secateurs at my shrubs and plants isn’t something that we in Hereford accept and comprehend.
    I’ll be damned if I do!

  3. G’day Lordy

    I think the new BLINKING CEO Ecca is doing a top job of cleaning out the slurry and dross that has made Wirral the most improved laughing stock in the country.

    AdderleyDadderleyDooLally being his prize scalp.

    Word on the street is that the angry little man that can talk for twenty minutes without breathing or saying anything ha ha he was never qualified for the job ha ha he is about to be retired.

    So only a few to go

    “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill”


    “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell”

    What phone call do the last three have in common Lordy you cheeky little larrakin?

    Wirralgate Wirralgate Wirralgate.

    Then of course “The Shyster” who is capable of allowing guilty people at Wirral to get away with lying and crimes if and when it suits him. Hide the odd dozen reports without reading them. ha ha!

    “The Pretend Friend” if he stabs his mates in the back what is this vile specimen capable of smile nod wink…right between the shoulder blades…….. arsehole, makes “Crapapple” look like a good little boy with a booze bus.



    Ps Did the purple headed buffoon leave his “Football Shirt” that Wirral probably paid for, a few could wear it with that name on the back ‘LIAR’.

    Luv ya Lordy as much as I luv John, Bobby, Nigel and Paul and mone of my new heroes Ecca the BLINKING CEO.

    Clean it right up “Eccles Cake”.


  4. This is interesting.I haven’t got the time to update my blog The Morton Distortions but on there somewhere are the details of the only dealings I had with Jim Crabtree. This was during the time when Wirral Council were choosing to believe lying senior managers like John Webb,Mike Fowler and Maura Noone that Social Services hadn’t been unlawfully charging disabled people,weren’t doing business with drugs money launderers and the department wasn’t rife with nepotism and bullying.

    One Sunday afternoon Crabtree called me and bizarrely tried to gain my confidence by saying
    ” I’m no friend of Foulkes” . Now judging by the picture in your report they’ve either kissed and made up or Crabtree was on a fishing expedition on behalf of his new found friend.

    I spilled my guts to him ,proving once and for all that I didn’t care what political persuasion you were I just needed someone to help me. Crabtree then failed to ask any of the questions like he agreed to do at Audit and Risk Management Committee which would have proved that the managers named above were lying.He then subsequently voted AGAINST a full reimbursement to disabled people. Consequently it took me a further 3 years of battling with Wirral Council to get them to pay back what had been unlawfully taken from people who couldn’t speak up for themselves.
    Staggeringly Crabtree went on to become the Chair of Audit and Risk Management Committee and I’ve been unemployed for over 3 years.

    However even after his deselection I’m sure Crabtree will land on his feet – that’s how things work round here.
    The powerful look after their own and no matter what you’ve been up to – you will be protected.However if you try and expose them the same people they will try to destroy you.

    And they seriously wanted me to go back and work with these people?

    • For the record Martin I enjoyed a similar matey call from Mr Crabtree after Margaret Hodge MP telephoned the council in summer as to what exactly were they doing about my claims of loss of taxpayers money. Given that the said councillor must have already had access to the Principal auditor’s report of January 2012 it is doubly repulsive to remember his words about the council having enough shit on its doorstep and was a deal possible?

      Head of the audit and Risk committee, you could only Wirral.

      Only in Wirral

  5. Perhaps, just perhaps, the time has arrived for someone to step forward and sacrifice themselves in some pointless and futile gesture. Given that no matter what, despite the many many uncomfortable disclosures, nothing is happening to change the tide and halt the way in which our democracy is served up to us by those we elect into Office. Yes, perhaps the time has now arrived for a pointless and futile protest that’ll capture the minds of the public, the media and those we want to hear us, the bloody Council.
    Yes! That’s right. A Jumper! One of our number scales a public building, perhaps the Town Hall and jumps off. Course, whatever the jumper decides to say, I’m pretty sure he or she, both sexes are equally capable of scaling a public building and jumping, will have to say what’s on their minds before the jump because of very straightforward physics that’ll determine how quickly this futile gesture will begin and end.
    What with the height of the Town Hall, wind speed, velocity created by gravity, you’ll do well to scream, ‘I hate the bloody Council’ before you hit the ground. And so, because I’ve thought this out, the fool of a jumper, the one who believes that this irrational flight toward the ground is a sacrifice worth making, they’ll have to explain to the watching crowd why they’ve decided to jump before the actual jump.
    I mean we don’t want this fool going on and on boring the life out of us. He could be up there for bloody hours. We don’t want that thank you very much. A simply statement such as, ‘I’m sick and tired of the Council, I’m going to jump and once you’ve scraped me off the pavement pop a hand inside my waistcoat pocket and all me bloody complaints are written down for the Coroner and the public to peruse.
    Course, I’d do it myself but, what with being down here in Hereford and the lads in the Wirral Ale Houses moaning and bloody groaning that they wanted the chance to jump and I’ve jumped the queue and grabbed all the glory, I realise that I’ve gotta give another the chance to scurry up the Town Hall drainpipe, have their say and jump off into Wirral history.
    Oh and don’t think I don’t know what his Lordship and her Ladyship will be muttering when they read this slice of pigswill. Well, we in Hereford have been jumping from publicly owned buildings for years and as a result, nobody pulls the balaclava over our eyes. Not down here. When we gather together covered from head to toe in our own excrement and we threaten to jump the Council start paying a little more attention to our complaints.

    • Bobby47 we just put it on record…and the record’s stuk,the record’s stuck, the record’s stuck

      Someone may in desperation decide to change the record .We are like the Americans bombarding General Noriega with Brittany Spears…come outta that Town hall with your hands up youse louses or we play Bananarama

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