Cry- Bully Crabtree – Updated

Cry Bully


The Cry-Bully always explains to the point of demanding that one agrees with them and always complains to the point of insisting that one is persecuting them. They really are the very worst sort of modern moaner – Julie Burchill.

It has been gleefully brought to our attention that Wirral Globe has given poor put upon titty-lipped Jim “Crabby” Crabtree a platform to rail against the Labour Party after Wirral Leaks exclusively reported he’d been deselected as a councillor in the Bidston & St.James ward.

However Crabby indignantly takes issue with our claim :

“I have not been ‘de-selected’ –  I just haven’t been selected to stand by the Labour Party’s approval panel.”

To which is all we can say is that we humbly apologise and thanks for clearing that one up for us!.

The uncomradely councillor then goes on to whinge :

“It was a done deal – I was stitched-up.”

If it’s any consolation Crabby you’re not the first person to be stitched up by local politicians!.Indeed we’d say that alongside golf and fisticuffs with former Chief Executives of Wirral Council that it was a leading local sporting pastime.

However undeterred Crabby stoically says he is considering standing as an independent Labour councillor against whoever is chosen to be the official Labour candidate in next May’s elections.

Although we would have thought “independent Labour councillor ” was an oxymoron as from what we know about how things operate councillors usually have their mind made up for them by Frank “Bomb the Yobs” Field !.

Meanwhile Crabby keeps it classy without having the courage of his convictions :

scumbag edits

10 thoughts on “Cry- Bully Crabtree – Updated

  1. G’day Lordsville

    I agree with Jimbobs My Lordy “Crapapple” has been stitched up by lying deceitful scum bags in the Labor hierarchy. ahhh

    The chair that is as thick as the chair he sits on to chair The Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee has been, after concealing all the Wirral Bizz and Wirralgate sludge, crud , lies and obfuscations, been right royally crapped on and dumped.

    He has got no hope of winning any seat they will put up their favourite scum bag hatchet man “Clowncillor Crispy Cream Doughnut” against him as he has form and he is very well travelled.

    Lots of other doughnuts are available if he considers he is too fat to bother.

    They could even use the witch that thinks she has an art gallery named after her.

    So it might be time for “Crapapple to speak up.

    He could become The Towers best ever contact.

    The power he has lusted.



    Ps The word on Brighton Street L is that the DCLG Report did for AdderleyDadderlyDooLally.


  2. So Crabbers may stand as an independent. Keeping his options open.

    Here’s an option that’s always been open: the option to give up politics and accept that the people moving around you may well be out and out bastards, BUT… they are also far more scheming, more Machiavellian and far more intelligent than you are ever going to be able to handle. You know, IQs above 65.

    So I’d say give it up. Call it a day. You reached rock bottom when you ‘allegedly’ took advantage of those poor schoolkids for your own ‘alleged’ ends. It was indeed a disgraceful and deeply sickening thing to ‘allegedly’ do.

    Another good option for you now would be to blow the whistle on why Councillor Phil Davies, the erstwhile leader cum-educator is sitting on a timebomb known as Thynne Mark II or Wirralgate. That’s assuming they’ve let you in on their most dirty secrets, which I doubt. You’re many tiers down – more of a fetcher and a bag-carrier and not somebody to entrust with a nuclear button that could blow them all including the MP for Birkenhead to kingdom come.

    Yes, the Rt Hon member will need more than a timely swoon, some lackey to catch him as he falls and some nearby stretcher bearers to extricate his backside from this one.

  3. I was not deselected but I was not elected. That’s right! These are the lads words according to the Wirral Globe who’ve reported upon this monumental political event that’ll probably or possibly destroy the resolve and hopes of all those resident within Bidston & St.James who rely on Jim to do everything for them. So worried is Jim that the constituents will become so debilitated by worry he’s considering standing as an Independent Councillor because he feels so sorry for them that they’ve lost him,That’ll be a load of worry off won’t it!
    The lads in the Ale Houses had probably been wailing over their ale howling, ‘why us? What did we do that was so wrong?. Losing Jim is a punishment to far’. Mind, learning that Jimmy ain’t for letting go of the gravy train anytime soon will fill all with glee and bloody joy and a sense of, ‘how that lad yearns to serve us.’
    Thinking more about it ‘I was not deselected but I was not elected’ . It’s s a bloody riddle. That’s what it is. This knotty conundrum is a riddle and my guess is Jim has deliberately set us all this as a task. He means to tell us all something that’s beyond a normal mans thinking and understanding.
    Then there’s the reference to getting stitched up. A feeling and sentiment that I’m certain Martin Morton can relate to. Perhaps this whole stitching and needle and thread thing is all a key part in unlocking the true meaning of this riddle, I was not deselected but,I was not elected.

  4. G’day Lordsville

    Jimbob’s favourite writer here.

    He really is scared to comment on your site isn’t he, he must only feel tough when he is in the gang.

    Thinking about which thick as the chair labor pleb will they stick in the chair to chair the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee now they have shafted the thicker than the chair chair “Crapapple”?

    Won’t be the thing that thinks she owns an art gallery the vile creature, the women folk find it hard to conceal lies, cheating and skulduggery.

    So the favourite slime would have to be Clowncillor Crispy Creme Doughnut” cos he can string a sentence together unlike the “Abbot”.

    Other doughnuts are available but it really is a poisoned chalice with the dreadful things they attempt to cover up and I also think My L “Clowncillor Crispy Creme Doughnut” thinks he has a chance of taking over from “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” so he won’t do it.

    In his dreams Lordy!

    Please kid with the irish name don’t take it up they will ruin you, keep your head down till Ecca runs all the rats out of the Clown Hall.



    Ps “Shyster” next Ecca out the door and the angry little man that has acted more than John Wayne.


  5. I don’t think Jim “I have not been deselected” Crabtree realises that we can all see the edits on his Facebook page! The comment he posted, in relation to the Bidston and St James ward, about “two fat lying scumbags” is still there under “edits” despite his efforts to delete it. Jim, I advise you to think before you post if you are trying to backtrack!

    Who are these fat lying people? I think we should be told. Why weren’t they mentioned in the newspaper interview?

  6. Most of the above make Crabtree’s “What a load of tosh” comment about councillors having to lawfully notify as data controllers with the Information Commissioner’s Office look particularly L A M E. Haha.

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