Justified & Ancient

Tammy wynette

We don’t know what veteran councillor Phil Gilchrist is on but can we have some?.He’s proving himself to be just about the only councillor who seems to be questioning the complete and utter madness engulfing Wallasey Town Hall and exclaiming :

” WTAF is going on here”.

Obviously that’s not a direct quote as Cuddly Phil would never express himself in such vulgar terms as his recent letter to Wirral Council CEO Eric “Feeble” Robinson demonstrates.This letter (see below) has inevitably winged its way to Leaky Towers.

As we can see  Phil riffs on previous Wirral Leaks exclusives about the Kevin “Addled” Adderley quarter of a million pound bung.Here he proves to be the Tammy Wynette  of Wirral politics – he’s justified and he’s ancient (though not as ancient as previous Lib Dem leader Tom Harney) and seemingly he’s our only hope when it comes to local accountability .

Meanwhile last night Wirral Council Cabinet wrung their hands over closing respite services for disabled people – you know the ones they allegedly care so much about.

We ask once again – when are people going to realise that essential services are lost because those in control at Wirral Council think that those running the show are so much more worthy than the people who actually pay their wages and can therefore justify obscene payments to no-marks who know too much.


Gilchrist 006

Gilchrist 007



3 thoughts on “Justified & Ancient

  1. G’day Lordy

    I am nearly back.

    Had 12 days in hospital on the strongest in the world antibiotics but it did not rid me of the toxins created by AdderleyDadderlyDooLally and the other rotten scum bags of Wirral Clown Hall from my system.

    Last night in hospital my room mate who is 99 years old lay said his prayers and thanked God for keeping him alive.

    The lovely kind of man that would have paid his council tax for probably 70 years or more for it to be abused by the lowest of the low council’s senior people.

    They are a disgrace Ecca do something……………………………..



    Ps Will take a day or two to catch up My Wonderful Hero but glad to hear that “The Pretend Friend” was heckled and caught out with his dirty filthy scum bag tactics the ilk of “The Shyster”, “I never read that report”, a pity he wasn’t a decent person like my ward mate that he looks nearly as old as but sleeps more.

    Luv you Lordsville as much as “Highbrow” finding Lockwoods Accounts that people think were destroyed by another council under the thumb company that seems to have been caught out. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Sweat on that AdderleyDadderly DooLally. ha ha ha

  2. Thank ad Praise the Lord for councillor Gilchrist whose role in the denouement of wirralbiz saga was not insubstantial. Again I thank him for without his and former councillor Stuart kelly I cannot be sure I would have been able to speak at the Audit and Risk committee of 8th October 2014 but would have been steam rollered away–as indeed the Chair did try to do even in July 2014 to quash all informed declarations using the Labour majority.

    Bravo Mr Gilchrist and remember there is a cause for reasonable suspicion of skull-duggery by the former civil servant in delaying the outcome of the BIG enquiries to cover the curious allowance of asset stripping by the director of Lockwood Engineering Ltd. THERE I HAVE SAID IT-SUE OR BE DAMNED

  3. G’day Lordsville

    I am still half full of those vile toxins from the scum of Wirral Barstard Clowncil.

    I think Lordy at this time of “Phil I hope I get a comb for Xmas” letter it is time to praise and commend Stuart Kelly the only one that would speak up and be decent and sadly paid the price thanks to that fat lump of lard that is “Clowncillor Crispy Creme Doughnut”

    Lots of other thick lumps of lard are available in that “Labor Kitchen Cabinet” and in the dross of the party “Ankles” “Abbot” and that evil witch that thinks she owns an art gallery.

    Sad for “Crapapple” he fits in so well.

    They are making me too sick to write on My L but as a leader “Phil the Comb” knows exactly what AdderleyDadderlyDooLally and his mates Dave Garry “Humpty Dumpty and “The Chamber Potty” got up to.

    Don’t ever tell me “The Shyster” wasn’t balls deep in it either, he is as open, honest and transparent as the rest of them…..blacked out.

    Can’t wait to see him in court again with his cheap plastic biro and expensive barrista getting him out of the shit every time the mumbling purple headed buffoon.



    Ps I am so sorry L they made me so sick as to miss the last clowncil meeting of the year that “Highbrow” and I intended to attend. The old welsh fool stayed awake long enough to be a laughing stock and had to be saved by “The Shyster” and “The Abbot” the chamber jesters. “Clowncillor Crispy Creme Doughnut” would of stood up too but couldn’t get his fat arse out of the seat.


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