Open & Transparent : A Feeble Response



“Mr Adderley has been treated in the same manner as over 300 employees.”

Leaks readers will recall the magnificent “Open Letter” sent to Wirral Council last week by Dr.Robert Smith which we printed in full.

No doubt prompted by the publicity Wirral Council Chief Executive Eric “Feeble” Robinson has provided a surprisingly prompt if typically feeble response.

The response reads like he’s doing the people of Wirral  a huge favour by agreeing to a quarter million pound plus bung to your average Wirral Council employee.

Forgive us for thinking that if you were an average Wirral Council employee and you landed a left hook on the Chief Executive that you wouldn’t be treated quite so favourably.

There are further sickbag opportunities to be had when Stressed Eric tells us about his “emerging thoughts” like he was some kind of philosopher rather than an extremely dull and extremely overpaid Council clerk.

The response – and particularly the final paragraph  – reads as though it is the work of an easily affronted  maiden aunt getting a parasexual thrill by scolding their extremely bright and attractive nephews and nieces.

“Mr Adderley has been appointment to Egerton House Community Interest
Company (previously Egerton House Wirral Limited) not the Wirral
Chamber of Commerce……”

And there’s no connection between the two at all is there Eric?.

Dear Dr Smith

Thank you for your email. In view of the issues you have raised it is
appropriate I respond to you.
There are a number of inaccuracies/misunderstandings in your email
but I hope the details set out below will clarify this matter for you.
Since my arrival at Wirral Council, a considerable amount of work has
been and continues to be undertaken in a number of areas, particularly
in relation to the development, approval and implementation of the
Wirral Council Plan which was subsequently agreed by key partners to
later become the Wirral Plan; and the development of a new operating
structure for the Council in order to meet the various challenges
facing the council.
I refer you to my report to the Employment and Appointments
Committee, considered on 21 September 2015, which details the
rationale for my recommendation to the Committee to approve Mr
Adderley’s request for voluntary severance. The report and the
Committee minutes relating to this matter are all openly available on
the council’s website. The report was initially exempt as the
committee had yet to reach a decision and it was not appropriate for
such information to be placed into the public domain when the request
for voluntary severance was capable of being refused.

In making the recommendation, I was of the opinion that the post of
Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment may no longer be
required in the new council structure or the duties of it would be
considerably different. Inevitably, this gave rise to a potential
redundancy situation. However, Mr Adderley had also by this time
independently decided to request voluntary severance, which given my
emerging thoughts on the new structure, I felt was both appropriate
and timely. An employee who wishes to pursue other interests has an
option to resign as you correctly state. However in Mr Adderley’s
case, a clear redundancy situation had already arisen in respect of
which there were legal implications arising. Accordingly, it was
legitimate and in the council’s interest to ask the Employment and
Appointments Committee to consider his request for voluntary severance
ahead of any final council structure being agreed. The cost to the
council would remain the same whether voluntary severance was agreed
or Mr Adderley made redundant at a later date. Given the opportunity
for management savings to be realised early, the decision to agree
voluntary severance was therefore considered the more favourable

The Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations 2013 (“the
Regulations”) prescribe that upon termination of employment on
redundancy or efficiency either on compulsory grounds or mutual
consent, that the member of the Pension Scheme is automatically
entitled to access “unreduced accrued pension benefits” and must take
immediate payment. In terms of entitlement in these circumstances and
spending public money, there is no employer discretion under paragraph
30 (7) of the Regulations to withhold benefits for scheme members aged
55 and over. The entitlement as set out in the Employment and
Appointment Committee minutes is compliant with the Regulations. For
the avoidance of any doubt, the council did not pay any NI or personal
tax attributable to Mr Adderley and nor was any compromise contract
entered into.
Mr Adderley has been treated in the same manner as over 300 employees
who have left the Council through voluntary severance over the past 18
months; many of whom have accessed their pension with a cost to the
council. Mr Adderley’s entitlement correlate with his salary, age and
length of service. The council considers each case on its merits; and
along with approving requests, a significant number (over 100)
requests for VS/EVR have been declined because the post was required.
There were no ‘behind closed doors’ meetings as you suggest. The
Employment and Appointments Committee report whilst initially exempt
was subsequently published in full.
Mr Adderley has been appointment to Egerton House Community Interest
Company (previously Egerton House Wirral Limited) not the Wirral
Chamber of Commerce. Cllr Phil Davies was not involved in the
appointment of Mr Adderley to the company.
You make a number of other inappropriate remarks and comments about
relationships which I do not consider warrant a response other than to
say that it is inevitable that the council’s Administration, council
officers and various partner/stakeholder representatives will need to
work closely together from time to time to bring about important
benefits to the borough. This is normal practice within all councils
and indeed central government. It is not accepted that the Leader
and/or the council has acted in the manner you suggest or infer.

Eric Robinson

Chief Executive
Wirral Council

Tel : 0151 691 8589

Email :

‘Most Improved Council’

7 thoughts on “Open & Transparent : A Feeble Response

  1. G’day Lordly

    Old “Spotty Dog” with a face like an “Eccles Cake” is a card isn’t he.

    What does the BLINKING CEO think of AdderleyDadderlyDooLally’s part in the Lockwood/Harbac asset stripping that he and “The Chamber Potty” and Dave Garry “The Shyster” “The Pretend Friend” “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” and “Ankles” were all over.

    Beverley Edwards who discovered this surprisingly went missing.

    Then the reports went missing.

    Eccles they are cheats and liars and like you being a card should be dealt with.

    £2,000,000.00 quid knocked off by Wirral “Funny” Bizz Big scandal and what happens he hits a jackpot and a new lucrative job for his part in criminal activity.

    Well done “Eccles Cake” you are a perfect fit at Wirral Clowncil next to the vile angry little man “The Shyster” and especially “Phil the Dill’s Ugly twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell.

    Is your next bumper pay put and new job sorted yet because you appear to be a chocolate teapot.

    Stay off the chocs Ecca it’s not good for your scabs.



    May they get what they deserve for Xmas Lordsville.

    Luv you more My L than the number of spots on Ecca’s dial.

  2. Emerging thoughts! How very interesting. I rarely experience an emerging thought. If I do, and it’s rare, I’ll remove myself from company, offer up a lame excuse and then disappear for ten minutes, pleasure myself and rid my mind of the emerging thought that’d normally involve me offering up my manly love to the poor wench who, through no fault of her own, became the point of my emerging thought during the emerging thought process.
    Course, if this good fella is one to have emerging thoughts and they emerge regularly and without restraint and he has no control of their emergence, I say, ‘poor sod’. There can’t be anything worse than sitting there minding your own business when another emerging thought comes belting down the conveyor belt of ideas and you are then compelled to either recall and remember its content or, if there’s an avalanche of these emerging thoughts, quickly jot them down on a scrap of paper in case the whole thing becomes forgotten and forever lost to humanity.
    It’s clear that at some stage, though God knows when and where it was, that Eric must have had an emerging thought that guided the outcome of Mr Adderley’s departure from the Wirral without a Gagging Payment. That’s interesting isn’t it!
    I mean, given that most of the Council hierarchy leave with a Compromise Agreement and a big fat wedge of public money that ensures their silence, what emerging thought drove Eric to conclude, ‘I’ll be damned if we gag him’. My guess is that Mr Adderley, cognisant that Eric has to deal with and quickly react to these emerging thoughts has muttered to himself, ‘ the fucking tight bastard. Why didn’t I get my sugar. Him and his fucking emerging thoughts’.

  3. And who are the only Directors at Egerton House (Wirral) Community Interest Company? Paula Basnett and Asif Hamed. And now Kevin Adderley. It seems the triumvirate are back in the game. Having looked at the organisations Articles of Association , it is unusual for a salary cap not to be in place. Only in Wirral where the abnormal is normal!

  4. G’day Lordsville

    Ecca “Eccles Cake” “Spotty Dog” how on earth can you let AddeleyDadderlyDooLally get away with it.

    Read Beverley Edwards report about Lockwood and tell me he is not a lying cheating barstard?

    The gormless galah with a football shirt on his wall with his name on the back “L I A R’ would still probably say no Big Fund recipient went bust ………… he is dangerous.

    The stinking ashtray should never have become a super director for lying to the public.

    Grant Thornton with their £50,000.00 bonus did not interview the staff.

    They would have torn the purple headed lying cheating ashtray with a footy shirt to shreds.

    Ecca wake up or you will be branded as the same pig swill as him and stupid defenders.

    “Spotty Dog” you are permitting the Clowncil to be above the law.



    Ps Think about in in church over Xmas Eccle Cake Face you Blinking CEO.

    May you all get what you deserve for Xmas.

    Luv ya more My Good Lord.

  5. G’day Lordly

    Hope Santa has been kind to you over night for your wonderful work over the past year.

    Sadly I have been up a lot with gastric after my stint in hospital.

    Every dump I thought of the evil toxins within Wirral BC.

    Each leakage is fondly called after a lying cheat….so far


    “The Chamber Potty”

    “The Pretend Friend”

    “The Shyster”

    “The angry little man……”

    “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill”

    “Clowncillor Crispy Creme Doughnut” ugh I feel sick.

    “The evil witch that thinks an art gallery is named after her”


    I only think L if I am suffering like this for trying to save them £2,000,000.00 what must the lying cheating scum their be enduring.

    Eccles in church today wake up to yourself and rid the good people of Wirral of the diseased at your clowncil.

    Merry Xmas Leaky to you and yours.



    I bet Wirral “Funny” Bizz are having a great time in the Algarve living the life of AdderleyDadderly DooLally.

    Who said cheats never prosper?

    Have a great Xmas Lordsville, “Highbrow” John “Tarrantino” Brace, Paul Cardin and of course our loveable colourful mate Bobby47 and keep sticking it up em until they fix history and Ecca or a real man gets rid of the red peril and lying senior officers.


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