Feet and knees 3
New year – new leaks.
The Wirral Council (out of) control room saga continues.
We’ve been leaked draft job descriptions (see below) which were accompanied by the following comments:

“New Super Duper Job roles for control room.If you have seen a more grander job description I would love to know, funny the author/authors are not named, I enclose the old redundant JD to show how this role incorporated both of these ridiculous made up posts.The name/names of the author/authors have been left off these drafts which is very strange as new job role descriptions should carry the name and title of the person proposing.
Rumours are the proposed masterminds of these JDs  are also to be the beneficiaries when the roles are agreed and advertised.”
 Control Room 1
Control Room 2
The new Job Descriptions go on a bit ( 5 pages each ) and include every conceivable role including solving world hunger (hey guys don’t you know that’s Frank Field’s job ! – well that and helping cover up council corruption!).
Now Wirral Leaks take on all this is as follows:
The reasons Wirral Council senior managers wanted to get rid of control room staff were :  a) the staff knew too much b) they couldn’t manage and c) because managers could abuse their power and get rid of them.
However senior managers :
a) couldn’t be arsed “managing” the situation b) didn’t know how to manage the situation and c) went for the nuclear option.
However as with any nuclear option there is always fallout!
And so having destroyed people’s careers and livelihoods we now find Wirral Council desperately covering their tracks and claiming the same jobs that were being done by people they made redundant bear no relation to the new super-duper all singing,all dancing,all watching control room staff.
We can’t help reflecting that the sooner Wirral Council staff realise that despite the soothing words from councillors about how much they value them that essentially they are pawns on a chessboard.
Furthermore it reinforces our believe that based on Wirral Council’s recent history there are two ways to preserve your position at Wirral Council : On your knees or on your back!.

4 thoughts on “Uncontrollable

  1. G’day Lordly

    Feeling a bit better now your site seems to be upping the game on AdderleydadderlyDooLally and the gang of scum bags.

    With job description for the control room up and about.

    The control room should just be used internally.

    Keeping an eye on

    The Chamber Pot and its Loony Tune Thieves (Just look for the smoke signals from the stinking ashtray that is AdderleyDadderlyDooLally)

    Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill

    His Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over From Hell


    The Shyster

    The Pretend Friend

    The angry Little man that can talk for twenty minutes…..shit is he still there?

    Humpty Dumpty


    The Abbot

    Clowncillor Crispy Creme Doughnut

    She who thinks they named an art gallery after her
    In no particular order.



    C’mon Ecca sort it out.

  2. The Technical Officer’s key tasks, namely those that are highlighted within the sequence of selected words of Item (4) are interesting, particularly in regard to their meaning to us and the very different meaning they may have to those others who are lucky enough to benefit from riding this conveyor belt of verbal bollocks that is public service upon the Wirral.
    Just like Eric’s interpretation of ‘Behind Closed Doors’. To him, these three words do not necessarily mean ‘behind closed doors’. Albeit the doors were actually slammed shut and nobody uninvited had access to get into the room, to him, Eric, the Duke of Shite and the King of Bollocks, it’s not possible to ever describe it as being behind closed doors.
    And so, on close inspection of this Item (4) that’ll hopefully unearth a genius to oversee this not so very new post, I’d like to highlight the little slice of pleasure they, the authors of this codswallop call ‘Disaster Recover’ or the other way round, ‘Recovery from Disaster’.
    What dreadful apocalyptic event do the authors of this shit imagine could befall this newly installed Technical Officer?
    Sometimes you can read this shit and after a while you can work out what they’re on about but other than the word ‘Disaster’, that implies something terrible will have happened and ‘Recover’, that gives us all heart and a reason to pray that’s its possible to regain a position of public safety for us and those that work within this place, for the life of me I cannot work out why the applicant for this not so new role should be forewarned about the possibility of a terrible disaster.
    Course, seriously, it’s all undiluted rancid rats excrement, no better or worse than emerging thoughts, passionate robust outcomes, partnerships and the content of a letter forwarded to our Doctor from Eric the Wirral Wordsmith that explains exactly why the people of the Wirral struck lucky, pulled three cherries on the one arms bandit and won him as their latest and greatest saving of a million quid and the creation of a thousand jobs brought about by strategic thinking and an ethos that ‘the more partnerships the better for the people of the Wirral’.

  3. O what joy it was in that dawn to be alive
    But to be a technical officer were very heaven
    To view those damsels in distress that wee
    in shop doorways in Milton Way come seven
    Those heaving breasts and shortened skirts to see
    And all recorded and pleasures to derive
    And most of all to serve in W B C

    (after the manner of Bobby47 Wordsworth) and in admiration thereof

    Bobby Wordsworth

  4. G’day Lordly

    In a rush to the walk in centre to get more drugs to rid myself of the germs of Wirral in my system since meeting AdderleydadderleyDooLally.

    Just wanted to report that Ecca, Spotty Dog, Eccles Cake Face the Blinking CEO is falling into line with previous devious CEO’s and is allowing “The Shyster” to be out of control.

    They are obviously abetted by him hiding the auditors report from the DCLG.

    You know Lordsville the one finished years ago that obviously carries a fine or clawback of the missing loot.

    The loot AdderleyDadderlyDooLally thinks isn’t our money.

    Or do they just tell feeble Erica to mind his own business because he doesn’t even live here?



    Who is next in line for CEO Lordy and does that Angry Little Man “Legweak” thinks he will get one last go……deluded idiot with a very very bad temper.


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