EXCLUSIVE: Thick As Thieves

crime scene

Now from what we’ve observed of an increasingly desperate Wirral Council leadership is that they’ve been told to do two things  : a) praise council staff publicly even when treating them like crap and b) mention the utterly vacuous and meaningless window dressing that is their 20/20 Vision Wirral Plan at every opportunity ( “We have a plan ,we know what we’re doing – honestly”).

Well can we tell Wirral Council that judging by the increasing amount of correspondence we’re getting from the crime scene that is Wallasey Town Hall that council staff are getting increasingly pissed off with the fakery – seriously pissed off.

Nothing is pushing their badly-done-to button more than a case which in some ways is a microcosm of how Wirral Council operates. It’s a case which has been knocking about our inbox for some time and when one of our sources writes : ”  I would appreciate anonymity as we all know what happens to WMBC whistleblowers…”  this tells us everything we need to know about the poisonous culture which still seemingly infects the alleged “Most Improved Council in Britain” than any number of feelgood press releases.

Council staff are not so much singing like a canary but singing like Shirley Bassey and their song goes something like this:

“Lightfingered – he’s the man, the man with the petty cash , Council-tax payers cash……” 

This doleful refrain concerns a certain Mr.T – T in this case stands for thief
We understand that Mr.T was suspended under that polite euphemism “misappropriation of funds” (something that Wirral Council have been quite adept at themselves) and although apparently Mr.T owned up the act, he was suspended on full pay during a lengthy investigation before he was recently dismissed.

However what is vexing Council staff is that it is alleged that this matter “was not reported to the police, central government, the audit commission or Wirral council tax payers and has been swept under the carpet in true WMBC style”.

No change there then you might say (no pun intended) – especially as this was someone caught with their hands in the petty cash till  – as Wirral Council  have an inglorious record of lurching towards the twin perils of  “reputation management”  and “cover up” when it comes to situations such as this.

We understand that the figure that has been filched is approximately £30,000 but common opinion among council staff is that as there was no thorough investigation that the actual figure could be much more than this.We understand that Mr.T could have been stealing money over a number of years and nobody knows the exact amount as Wirral Council only investigated what was stolen within a particular financial year.

Of course Wirral Council are welcome to deny any of these allegations…..

Questions and comments that have been put to us – although perhaps they should be put to Wirral Council leaders or even more pertinently to Merseyside Police are :

  • Why was it so easy for Mr.T  to steal thousands of pounds?
  • Who countersigned any monies/petty cash? If not why not?
  • I suspect this is due to the fact that said colleague had access to thousands of pounds in petty cash and was able to spend from the council budget until his heart was content as he was not managed for a minimum of 3 years
  • Staff reviews should take place every year! but his line Manager left and he was then left to his own devices!! You have to ask why internal audit were not doing an annual audit? If they had this would have been picked up very early.
  • It is now believed that he is working elsewhere and had faced no consequences for his actions besides dismissal
  • This person has taken the Wirral taxpayers money and needs to be held to account.Where is the deterrent? Where is the accountability? Where is the public interest? Where’s our bloody money?

I think the only question we can actually answer is the one about Internal Audit.They were doing their usual job of obeying their political paymasters and/or being inept .However for the rest it would seem it is the usual tale of Wirral Council failing to take any responsibility for their own negligence in allowing this situation to arise in the first place.

We’re left wondering as to whether someone with £30,000 + of Council Tax arrears would avoid legal action quite so readily?. Indeed Wirral Council  seem to be labouring (no pun intended again) under the misconception that the money they lose through their negligence/incompetence is THEIR money – so it can just be written off and forgotten about.

Consequently Wirral Council leaders rap sheet of cases where they protect their positions of power by protecting wrongdoers continues to grow.

However when you’re thick as thieves with thieves,liars,bribers and bullies might we suggest to those in power it’s time to take a long hard look in the mirror and decide as to whether you still have the moral authority to run a local authority.

9 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Thick As Thieves

  1. This doesn’t come as any real surprise to anyone does it? When I went to work in Social Services, after 3 months I uncovered that the department had been paying a local charity £300k a year more than it should have been! I found out that this had been going on for a number of years and hadn’t been picked up. When I went to meet with the Chair and Manager of the organisation, they asked what took me so long! They told me no one had been near them in three years to collect information and to monitor their work. The payments immediately stopped but no effort was made to collect the overpayment. In any case the charity said it had been spent. I made some internal enquiries and was told by management that they knew the funding was in a mess as it hadn’t been picked up since the last staff member responsible had been let go. There was 40 payments being made to local charities but only about a dozen contracts in place. It was an absolute shambles.

  2. repetitious , I know, but necessary as apposite stories come up on your site.

    We all know what happens to whistleblowers….In our case we gave voluminous data and evidence. Internal audit produced a report which was hidden for 4 years and 7 months. Mr David Garry then dilly-dallied for 8 months before the powers that be recognised that he was in fact just treading water to buy time. All the time we could not for lack of confirmation of the truth of our allegations either get a reference from our employee about whom we had correctly whistle-blown, nor satisfy any potential employer .That represents large losses to ourselves and specifically when in any employment tribunal one is unable to prove whistle-blowing since the authority that had been robbed did not deign to

    Publish that fact openly

    publish any investigative work

    or even punish the malefactors.

    SPot on..this is reputation management gone crazy

  3. When I worked at Wirral Council, I whistleblew about internal shenanigans and pilfering regarding the night-time street lighting rounds. The ones that were (and still are) carried out by internal staff of the then Highways Department. The sum of money was trifling compared to what came later with massive Social Services theft from vulnerable persons’ bank accounts, £multimillion debt write offs and the BIG Fund / ISUS / Lockwood / Harbac / Wirralbiz £2 million+ vanishing trick; it was only about £35,000 annually.

    It’s a very old story now, 12 long years, and nothing was ever done – apart from (by way of response) me being accused of gross misconduct i.e. ‘bullying’; ‘sexual misconduct’ and some other trumped up charges I can’t remember. On the day of the final hearing, the charges naturally collapsed around them, but it was all courtesy of David Green and his spiteful ‘management’ ‘team’. He himself was much later suspended, whitewashed by Richard Penn and paid off £103,000. Stupidly, the council failed to gag me. I had another job ready and waiting before the final hearing.

    But if readers will bear with me… if we equate Wirral Council to a large ocean going liner that’s been travelling at 30 knots on a set course for a long time, it’s going to take many, many miles for the vessel to either be turned around or for the crew onboard to alter course and start sailing in the opposite direction i.e. away from ‘the Barbary Coast’ and towards dignity, honesty, openness & transparency – all those lovely words that appear on leader Phil Davies’ never-visited blog.

    So here we are in 2016, and the bloody thing’s still off course, loaded down with its ill-gotten gains, the spoils of decades of abuse, and desperate to moor somewhere quiet and divvy up the booty.

    The reason for the ongoing failure is that those with the power to DO SOMETHING have always been the damned guilty power abusers who don’t want to be exposed, many of whom are the councillors who were passed by when Klonowski was in town (she didn’t have the time).

    And a nasty little sordid dance has been developing whereby Wirral Council embrace those nasty hatchetmen in central government, look the other way and as long as they shut up and take their punishment (that’s our punishment) they receive favours, clemency and protection for all those misdeeds that they’ve been caught out up to their necks in.

    So to continue the metaphor, the wayward vessel has been receiving “Replenishments at Sea” courtesy of a much bigger one, a mothership, chock full of goodies, delights and contraband – and with the ability to send a torpedo in its direction – but preferring instead to keep the thing happily sailing, mainly because it doesn’t want a whole fleet of local government pirates to get together, pool their resources and their ammunition and direct their guns towards the mothership.

    Because they’d win hands down, but they’re well paid, well-watered and fed, doing the dirty work of cutting jobs and services for their central government protectors and therefore have a yellow streak a mile wide, and don’t have the damned guts to do it.

    • apposite but as repetitious as WBC failings…

      Imagine my feelings as WBC paid wirralbiz £250,000 in December 2011 as the contract wound up for ISUS as at 16 December 2011. I knew that they knew about the forged signatures , the altered dates and the poor quality of the business plans and they were paying them in full!!!

      I did not know they had received a 370 page report from their principal internal auditor on 13th January 2012, that indicated they knew of the dodginess of this company. I looked in 2013 at their published payments over £500 available on the council website to discover that WBC had opaid £33,000 more in spring 2012 and, incredibly, a further £66,000 in autumn 2012 even as the investigators Grant Thornton were struggling to gain access to wirralbiz to conduct a forensic audit.

      What was this? A reasonable surmise could be that both parties, WBC and wirralbiz-who obtained another erdf contract outside of WBC- wanted the problems to be washed away and forgotten. Our money become hush money!! Forget the Invest wirral work to tidy up the contract which was all loss and ourght to have been completed by wirralbiz, and let byegones be byegones so that no-one is embarrassed.

      • Well done Wirralbizz

        AdderleyDadderleyDooLally, “The Chamber Potty” “The Garbage Lady” and “Humpty Dumpty” should be run out of town.

        Closely followed by “The Shyster” “The Pretend Friend” “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” “Ankles” and “Legweak” Scumbags United.



        All knew of criminal activity.

  4. G’day Lordly

    The time has come to bring in the ADMINISTRATION.

    Not so much that they make the biggest mistakes, anyone who works can make mistakes, it is the not being man enough to admit you have cocked up and face the consequences.

    They go hide behind the slimy “Shyster”, and, what a revolting career that buffoon has had.

    Go ask them Lordsville they have never made a mistake I got about two hours of bullshit when I blew the whistle to AdderleydadderleyDooLally and “The Chamber Potty” about Wirral “Funny” Bizz on 5 July 2011.

    The ridiculous “Football Shirt” that stinks like an ashtray is probably deluded enough to think he could a) fit in that shirt, and, b) still believes he hasn’t lied or been involved in asset stripping.



    Ps Almost 5 years My Good Lord and the evidence is still there is Ecca as stupid as he appears to be dumb and thick as….

    Thank God for you Leaky Lord XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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