Norman Wisdom


We have to doff our cap to ex  -Wirral Council legal head Bill Norman.This guy knows how to work the local government gravy train!.He is the very model of the modern public servant.

For those wanting to forge a lucrative career in local government this the man to follow – all around the country!.

There have been torrid times in Torbay, woeful moments in Wirral and horrible happenings in Hereford  and he’s picked up sizeable lumps of public money every single time he’s ,ahem, “left” each of these councils.Now we hear he’s gone and landed on his feet again and picked a plum job in leafy Cheshire East.

Recommendation from the Staffing Committee – Appointment of Director of LegalMonitoring Officer

We can’t help asking as to whether there are really that few a pool of local government lawyers  who are prepared to do the bidding of their political paymasters. Bill Norman seems to get recycled more than  a supermarket bag for life.Only Bill’s bag is stuffed with wads of cash and not cut-price food with yellow stickers on!. This guy must be strictly Waitrose home delivery as he approaches the half a million pounds mark in golden handshakes.He makes cash hungry ex Wirral Council Super-Duper Director Kevin “Addled” Adderley look like a rank amateur – well even more of an amateur than he looks already anyway.

However we wouldn’t begrudge him his bungs if he dished the dirt on his sudden departure from Wirral Council .Unfortunately we suspect a confidentiality clause or his solicitor’s code of conduct prohibits him from telling us how spineless Council “leader”  Phil “Power Boy Pip” Davies had to get someone else to do the dirty work to get rid of him.

Indeed it must be a welcome change that Bill finds himself working for a council where the leader resigns when he’s involved in dodgy deals involving his mates.On Wirral the leader just gets another one of his mates to write a report to get him off the hook!

So don’t laugh at Bill – he’s no fool. A local government joker laughing all the way to the bank and the joke’s on us.




13 thoughts on “Norman Wisdom

  1. For the love of God and all that’s holy, there’s no end to it! How can this be? Surely, given all that’s been said, all the great thumping wads of public money that have helped feed and nourish this fella and the many pieces that have been written about him and his need to take more, why in Gods name can he still continue to become wealthier simply by moving about from one host body to another.
    I bloody despair. This little slice of bad tidings has completely fucked up me day. I actually felt reasonably optimistic when I woke today and then this…I said to her, my tormentor of forty one years, ‘I feel unusually happy today you rotten old bag. Let’s have intercourse later and celebrate my new found zest for life’. Now this!….it’s bloody wrong and anyone who thinks otherwise disagrees with me.

  2. Well, blow me down. It’s obvious now that the senior movers and shakers in local government haven’t quite mastered how to put away the Council credit card, browse away from John Lewis home deliveries, start up Google and use one fat finger to type in:

    “Bill Norman Leafy Cheshire”

    If they’d done this, right at the top, and ahead of what would normally be examples of career destroying scandal, is a prediction made in August 2011, forecasting that Bill Norman might follow his predecessor at Wirral (Simon “Gotcha” Goacher) and “make the short hop across to leafy Cheshire”.

    Well, it’s now come to pass in a roundabout way, and I imagine he’ll be counting his cash once more, checking his mileage outlay, and being a local lad, be very grateful that his long time yearning not to have to mix too much amongst the commuting plebs has been satisfied.

  3. Surely to God someone has to put a stop to this! How can someone just milk the Council Tax payer time and time again? When you speak with Norman he comes across as a right idiot. Maybe that’s how he does it. The Chief Execs and Council Leaders think he’s a soft touch and then he simply kids the pants off them! He doesn’t just want to put his nose in the trough, he wants to own the bloody thing. I despair!

  4. Do the Human Resources really check references / employment history of the applicant – this appointment is so wrong because of his past history of filling his wallet with payoffs ! Disgraceful

  5. I wonder what his wife and kids think of him and what does he tell them every time he moves jobs and gets a big wedge of money? They must be so proud!

  6. Please don’t, under any circumstances, even if you’re very curious, do what I have done.
    Tother day I decided to enlarge Bill’s image, press my fat face toward my screen and gaze without blinking into his blue piercing hypnotic eyes. Why would I do this? Because for the life of me I can’t understand why this fella manages to hoover up so much money and the logic behind all this stupidity was to discover whether or not Bill was gifted with some unearthly hypnotic power that allowed him to dominate a mans thoughts. Women as well. Both sexes are equally capable of being hypnotised into parting with their money, their family heirlooms and their trinkets of wealth.
    Course, I’m not stupid. I told my rotten old bag, my wife and tormentor of forty one years to watch, observe and record everything that happened if my theory was right and Bill did indeed have devilish powers that enabled him to dominate a mans mind. Or a woman’s. Both sexes are equally capable of being dominated.
    These are the words of my wife, a woman who is not known for embellishing the facts. If there’s one thing I hate it’s an embellisher. Show me an embellisher who’ll embellish an embellishment and I’ll show you someone who shouldn’t be believed because of their inability to stick to the facts.
    Anyway, she reported, ‘he supped his tea, took a long hard drag upon his hand rolled cigarette, told me not to bloody embellish my findings because he hated embellishments and the World would be a lot better off if embellishing was banned and he then looked deeply into Bill Norman’s eyes. For a brief moment the fat bastard did nothing and then, all of a sudden, Bill began to dominate his mind.’
    She reported ‘his eyes began to spin, he stood up bolt upright and howled, ‘you’ve dominated me Bill. Your will is my command’. The fat bastard then hurtled off upstairs grabbed hold of a cardboard box that had contained his pornographic videos, raced downstairs and began filling the box with our credit cards, cheque books and our monies collected from my purse and his wallet’.
    Sensing that my husband was now out of control and his will had usurped and replaced by Bill Norman and his dominating deadly gaze I raced into the kitchen, grabbed my frying pan and belted the fat fool in the face. Immediately, cognisant that for his own sake and our future fiscal well being, I’d hit him in the face with my frying pan Bobby regained his will and the dreadful domination ended.’
    What do I recall of this dreadful encounter with Bill and his bright blue piercing hypnotic eyes? Only his subliminal message. A devilish chant that said, ‘give me your money. I want it all and I want it now. I have dominated you. Fill the box and post it to me. Don’t fuck about and piss about you fat fool.’
    There! I’ve warned you all and What’smore I’ve given you all the facts. Just the facts mind. No embellishments!

  7. G’day Lordly

    Didn’t have the pleasure of meeting this teflon covered buffoon but did send an odd email that shows he and Sir Git were all over Wirral “Funny” Bizz from the outset like a cheap suit on “Ankles”.

    Jones, Adrian ER.
    To james griffiths Davies, Phil L
    CC wendy, lindaturnbull, Adderley, Kevin Basnett, Paula B. nigel Hobro Foulkes, Steve Norman, Bill D. Tour, Surjit

    08/07/11 at 5:14 PM

    Dear Mr Griffiths,

    Given the nature of your concerns I have passed your correspondence to the Borough’s legal officers.

    Yours sincerely,

    Adrian Jones
    Cabinet Member for Corporate Resources



    Ps Despite their protestations My Lovely they were all in it from the start.

    Luv you more than number of quids he has had for being a scum bag of the finest order.


  8. G’day Lordly

    Do you want your biggest laugh of the new year My Lovely?

    In line with her fearless leader “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” she who must be obeyed by “The Pretend Friend” wrote this tripe in their local rubbish propaganda sheet.

    Cllr Chris Jones, cabinet member for adult care and public health, said: “This strategy has been developed to celebrate older people and encourage more opportunities for them to share their knowledge and experience.

    (As long as they don’t have the dirty on us, my words you lying, cheating scum bags)

    When “Highbrow” went to his good mate “The Pretend Friend” at his little cider club were grown men dress up he and missus bilong him were appalled to hear what Wirral “Funny” Bizz were knocking off all that dosh…about £2,000,000.00.

    Was that the first mistake going to see an ex mayor who was a mate of “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” and the then fearless leader of the pack of *hite “Ankles”.

    “The Pretend Friend” a great believer in due process, in other words keeping his hands clean, passed it onto “Teflon Coat” and “The Shyster” Sir Git.

    Oh Lordsville they really are despicable human effluent.



    Ps God help Wirral because this lot will keep helping themselves.


    • G’day Wirral In It Together

      So that’s why “The Pretend Friend” and his butch mates go to the little cider club and get dressed up they are the clubs beer cheerleaders.

      Have you seen the pom poms on the little fat welsh sloth?

      He got the idea from wearing the dunny chain for all those years.

      He is still paying them back with his lies and deceit.



      Ps They tell me she does like a man in a tutu.

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