Don’t Stand By – Stand Up!

 Don't Stand by
As a postscript to yesterday’s “Hasbeen Meets Queen” post there were further developments which we were oblivious to when we penned the story.
A member of the public who was willing to be named (but we’ve kept anonymous for their own protection – we know how things work round here) has told us about an incident which occurred at the Holocaust Memorial at New Brighton’s Floral Pavilion.
Our source who was in attendance at the solemn event with a friend of hers tells us that Jim “Crabby” Crabtree and a lady friend spotted them. Crabby then charmingly stated that he didn’t want to be anywhere near them and he and his companion walked past . Whilst passing Crabby’s companion apparently used an obscene phrase which suggests to us that if this is his plus one at the palace that either she learns some lessons in decorum or he takes some duct tape.
Our source claims that Crabby continued to direct hostility towards her friend : “angrily scowling at her all in front of a large group of school kids who watched as we went inside to hear him make rude angry comments about us both.Then the speeches began.The day was named : Don’t Stand By. Don’t ignore or allow bullying , or the persecution of others and there he was as a serving councillor doing it again . “
Clearly the message was lost on Crabby as apparently the continued verbal abuse was too bad to repeat. We are reassured that other people have stood up to report the incident although to whom it is unknown. All we will say it will be interesting to see whether that nice boy from West Kirby  Council leader “Power Boy Pip” Davies  is finally up to challenging another out of control member of NEBB (North End Bully Boys).
No wonder our source writes : ” Thanks for all you do without it no one would know what they get up to…”
Accordingly not only did we write this follow up as a means of exposing what the Wirral Council power elite really “get up to” but also to provide a forum for people who would otherwise not be heard and most pertinently  circumvent the sickening notion of victimhood that these abusers of power try to project.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Stand By – Stand Up!

  1. With all the amazing people on the Wirral who do great things in the name of charity helping
    less fortunate. Why on earth would the council choose a bully who has been selected to see the Queen .
    Hi your majesty yeah I’m Jim I used to be a councillor but I got kicked out

    • Charities are infected at the top by people 100 times more dangerous than the Crabster. He may even pick up some useful tips rubbing shoulders with the likes of Mike Fowler, one time abuser of Wirral’s learning disabled people, but now safely ensconced at the woeful Brook “Charity”.

      With its reassuring, up to date website quoting adherence to something grandly titled “The Seven Nolan Principles of Public Life”.

  2. G’day Lordly

    Sent a missive to Her Majesty Queen of Australia and asked her to ask “Crapapple” the pomme, why he and his gang of bullies, mainly “The Pretend Friend” and the Wirralgate 4 defended AdderleyDadderlyDooLally over Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off about £2,000,000.00 of her wirral subjects hard earned?

    I have also asked her to ask the slimy limy why they spent about £250,000.00 defending all the criminal activity and explain what the stinking ashtray AdderleyDadderleyDooLally meant at the farce of burgesses public meeting of 8 October 2014 that “Crapapple” chaired when he said it is not our money anyway.



    Ps I think if this purple headed buffoon gets anywhere near her good self she might just say

    Don’t Stand By. Don’t ignore or allow bullying , or the persecution of others.

    Then again she might just say soddddd orrrfffff and take you crud with you.

    Luv ya to the palace and back Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. For a growing audience of this blog I re-iterate the shameful scenes at the July 2014 “Special” Audit and Risk Management committee on the ISUS and BIG scandals.

    The Chair was Cllr Jim Crabtree who we must imagine had read the Internal Audit Report of January 2012,hidden from the rest of ourselves till forced out into the public domain in August 2015, who had read the worthless cover up by David Garry and had long since digested the £50,000 worth of Grant Thornton reports.

    What tactics did Mr Crabtree deploy in July 2014 that had the Conservatives shouting in open meeting refusing to be bullied? Well he tried to railroad a vote using the Labour majority to close the matter down before ever the other councillors could digest and debate the contents of some 600 pages. They had been given one week to read and digest the same and boy did they protest that they would not be bullied, how it was one of the worst experiences of one Councillors 40 years of service. .Unfortunately for them they were not privy to the secret January 2012 internal audit report, not even at the later October 2014 meeting that lasted its full course rather than being brought to an abrupt ending as had the July 2014 meeting.

    The above is Tamany Hall politics and at the heart of it was Councillor Crabtree!

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