Wirral Chainsaw Massacre – Update


Just to clarify the picture taken Prenton Road East in yesterday’s article caused a bit of controversy as it was taken part way through the job but Roger Merry’s comments also apply to the “finished” tree. This was to illustrate the need for a proper tree survey and planned maintenance programme on Wirral.

Moreover  we’ve received further support on the matter of street tree maintenance from Wirral Tree Wardens (see below). If anyone would like to get involved with their work we’ll happily pass your details on.


Thanks for publishing this article:
We are a voluntary group, part of the Wirral Environmental Network, linked to the Tree Wardens groups nationally. We haven’t had much success in holding the street trees people to account, and this has spurred us on again.
Please pass on our contact to anyone interested
Wirral Tree Wardens



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