The Wirralgate Files

The W Files

We’ve had numerous enquiries asking us were the Wirralgate saga is up to because it’s been oh so quiet. So we’ve contacted some trusted and well placed sources to find out where things are at as clearly Wirral Council have absolutely no intention of telling us.

Apparently there are two Wirralgate files held in complete secrecy under lock and key. Firstly and figuratively in the red corner we have the Nick Warren review and in the blue corner we have the Patricia Thynne re-review.

Apparently the latter was to be discussed (behind closed doors) at a meeting of the Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee on Monday , 8th February – no laughing at the back ,yes Wirral Council do have such a committee. Not that they meet very often as you can see from the number of postponements and cancellations which tells us much about how local councillors are concerned about standards and oversight of their own conduct.

However in a typical Wirral Council move the meeting has been reconvened nearly  2 months later to 31st MARCH !.

Why so ? I hear you all cry.

There can only be one explanation and that is that it has been moved to ensure that the meeting takes place during purdah. The purdah period typically begins six weeks before the scheduled local elections in May. The time period prevents the councillors using their knowledge of Council business that would be advantageous or disadvantageous to any candidates or parties in the forthcoming election. Where actual advantage to candidates is proven in law this amounts to a breach of Section 2 of the Local Government Act 1986.Ironically its breach carries with it the possibility of actions for abuse of power and misconduct in public office which is what the Wirralgate files are all about!!!!.

So what better way to ensure that councillors keep their gobs shut about what they know!.

Fortunately there are no councillors who work at Leaky Towers so Wirral Council need not rely on us keeping our gobs shut. And please Wirral Council spokesperson don’t piously give us that crap about interfering with due process – you wouldn’t know due process if it bit you on your expensively upholstered backside.The fact is that the most senior politicians and officers have been keeping a lid on this scandal since July 2013 simply because they have the money and power to do so.

What they seem to forget is that it is OUR money and the power WE have invested in them to act in accordance with their professional codes of conduct and The Seven Principles of Public Life (aka The Nolan Principles).

  1. Selflessness
  2. Integrity
  3. Objectivity
  4. Accountability
  5. Openness
  6. Honesty
  7. Leadership–2

So far Wirral Council we score you zero out of seven. Although let’s face it they probably think the Nolan Principles mean they need to be in the mood for dancing!.

As for the bogus Nick Warren review – Lord knows where that is up to (or more accurately he doesn’t know because if he did he would tell you!).

For all we know “The Complainers” could have been boxed off by now and the golden opportunity to finally rid Wirral Council of the poison that has made it into such a sick organisation has been exchanged for 30 pieces of silver (or however much Frankenfield has negotiated on their behalf) .

As far as we’re concerned somebody needs to send for Jessica Fletcher as it looks like it’s going to be murder this purdah!.



9 thoughts on “The Wirralgate Files

  1. G’day Lordy

    Seeing it is Friday lets all drink to







    Lordly a toast to

    Phil The Very Very Deluded Dill


    Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell


    May they rot where they deserve to

    and of course the lowest life form there is

    The Pretend Friend….. just because we can.

    Luv you as much as that phone recording Leaky

  2. I think if the ex-Wirral Council complainers had been boxed off and possibly even gagged, they’d be all over Facebook gloating about it by now. I don’t think they’re known for their reticence.

    No news is good news.

    • Sorry to have to say but we think you’re wrong.
      The Complainers were quite happy to contact us directly or via third parties whilst we served a purpose.
      But then Wirral Leaks don’t make out cheques and so they moved on to greener pastures.
      What they are known for IS their reticence,their anonymity ,their duplicity and their hypocrisy.
      Between the four of them they couldn’t even spell Facebook let alone gloat on it.

  3. G’day Lordy

    Seeing the Wirralgate mob won’t speak up because…………………..

    I will never forget the 5 July 2011 when I blew the whistle on Wirral “Funny” Bizz for taking the piss out of AdderleyDadderleyDooLally’s, no no no Lordly you were expecting me to say his ridiculous football shirt with his name on the back ‘STINKING ASHTRAY’ weren’t you little monkey?

    Not his football shirt his Invest Wirral for up to £2,000,000.00 of knock off.

    His answer was it was not our money anyway……ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and in public the stupid effing galah.

    How he bored me, and his “Chamber Potty” Basnett shitless about how he would fix Wirral “Funny” Bizz because he had all these contacts at the Inland Revenue and the police etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.etc.

    So fair play he showed me and “Highbrow” the contacts he actually had by their lack of action.

    So My Lovely as he has got contacts at the Inland Revenue shouldn’t he have told them about the thousands in VAT that had been avoided that his Chief Internal Auditor had told him about in a report about asset stripping?

    The report that Sir Git couldn’t tell “Highbrow” and I quickly enough that he hadn’t read it…….

    Yeh believe that and you will believe “Ankles” was Wirral’s best Dunny Chain Wearing Mayor ever the highlight being the brawl at the Charity Ball at the Hall.

    Just wait till Crapapple gets to the Palace Ecca, you had better have some good excuses ready and it could even be the end of your MBE. (Master Bellend England)

    I digress.

    So L, you would understand VAT law better than me, does that make him liable because he knew about it?

    It’s probably only about £18,000.00 plus, chicken feed to a Wirralgate payee.



    Ps Wirralgate Wirralgate Wirralgate

    Where are you?

    Spending your pay out?

    Luv ya Lordsville and “Tarrantino”, “Wirral In It Together” and Bobby 47 my heroes. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. If only I could be a true hero James. Mind, I do dream a great deal. More than I should really. Moreoften than not, in my dreams, I’m often the most desirable heroic man in the World where scantily clad buxom wenches repeatedly scurry up my drainpipe, start tapping on the window wailing, ‘let us in. We can’t keep our hands off you’.
    Course, I do have dreams that are politically motivated that don’t have women demanding my love.The common theme is I’m gifted with superhuman powers that alert me to wrongdoing that normally have me flying out of my window into the Town Hall and nailing some wrongdoers head to a door.
    What happens is, I’m laid in bed minding me own business when my super sensory powers alert me to some twat who’s in public service and they’re up to no good secreting some information that should be there and readily available in the public domain.
    As soon as me head receives this ’emerging thought’ that some twat is pissing about, I suddenly throw me kilo of pork rind to one side, climb into me costume of ‘ Transparency Man’, finish off me can of ale and away I go travelling at extraordinary speeds into the Council Office where I encounter the individual who’s up to no good.
    Course, he says, ‘are you Transparency Man’, to which I reply, ‘course I bloody am and I’m here to nail your head to the office door’. Then the inevitable begging begins doesn’t it and frankly I can’t say I blame them. Afterall, you’d be an odd sort if you didn’t mind getting your head nailed to a door. I know I wouldn’t like it!
    Anyway, after the pleading screams of,’just the one nail I’m begging you’, I perform me quick and elementary carpentry task and tell them, ‘Reveal all your dark secrets tomorrow or I’ll be bloody back. I am Transparency Man and I can quite easily get into this I’ll fitting stupid looking costume, return and affix you again to your light oak door’.

    • Bobby Bobby Bobby 47
      you truly deserve to go to heaven.

      You are truly genius and will for ever remain a hero of mine.

      I think the first door you could burst through in the Clown Hall is that of “The Pretend Friend” as he, apart from the villains, was the first to know of AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and his idiots led by him and “The Chamber Potty” Basnett and of course “The Garbage Lady” at Invest Wirral.

      Wirral “Funny” Bizz were half wits and got away with about £2,000,000.00.

      Talking of “The Garbage Lady” ex Invest Wirral, not that I do often but she is as culpable as “The Chamber Potty” and AdderleyDadderleyDooLally, I see garbage is going to sponsor Tranmere Rovers.

      I wonder if they will all get free tickets that they all crave and deserve for becoming Wirral Councillors and be able to big note and take their family and friends, if they have any, to …..


      I digress, back to the welsh turd snoring in his office at his screen saver of her in the salon blazing in the dark..

      The funniest first sight you will see is the welsh leprachun waking from his morning nap and his fantasy of The Tory Blow Dry waste of space.

      Err Lea. err Chris err err its you….. Super Bobby.

      Bobby when your finished it would be more appropriate to nail his head to the upstairs room in the little cider club where he and his missus first heard of Wirral Funny” Bizz crimes and were appalled. ha ha ha

      A very appropriate room with assorted animals.



      Ps I could rave about you for ever Bobby but the Lord might get a bit …..funny

      Luv ya both to the moon and back XXXXXXXXXX

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