Retirement Home

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One of our eagle – eyed readers spotted this charming local house sign and jokingly asked us whether Wirral Council had opened a retirement home for the corruptible and the clapped out cronies that crawl the corridors of power.

Whilst highly unlikely as Wirral Council only close services it’s certainly a thought to treasure – it would be some kind of natural justice if Wirral Council’s bullies and backstabbers were housed together somewhere in perpetual duplicity – although unfortunately there would be no money in the petty cash tin because obviously this being Wirral Council it had all been stolen!.

This imaginary retirement home would preferably be managed by one of the abusers redacted out of the increasingly looking pointless Independent Review published four years ago , and which allowed some seriously bad people to carry on plying their evil trade.

Is it any surprise that since then the obligatory cries of “lessons have been learned” it’s been a case of another week , another case of abuse and neglect?.

This is a just a small selection of the cases of abuse and neglect of vulnerable people from the local press that we got to hear about  :

Meanwhile we anticipate that in it’s long – awaited and much delayed report Wirral Council’s self – congratulatory Safeguarding Board will kiss its own arse and claims it is doing a good job protecting vulnerable people.


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