Trees & Seats

We had a strong public response to all of last week’s stories. So here’s an update from us and a follow-up from elsewhere :

Trees of The Week 

Following on from our tree plea

we’d like to thank our reader J who sent us some scary pictures of trees in Broadway ,Wallasey which we have to say reminded us of the tree monster from 1950’s schlock horror movie “It Came From Hell”……

img_9206-2It Came from hell

Bums on Seats

We recognised the picture from the article in today’s Wirral Globe feature from somewhere!.

Apparently Lib Dem Cllr Persistent Phil Gilchrist has got Wirral Council CEO Eric Feeble to cough up that the new furniture which we reported last week had cost the not inconsiderable sum of £66K.

As the chairs arrived to match the desks and obscuring much of the Town Hall annexes Persistent Phil asked : “Was it really necessary to purchase this lot? .

Stressed Eric did a bit of mild bamboozling by claiming that  : “The funding is capital not revenue and therefore cannot be used for day to day running of the council”  in the hope that the mention of complex financial terms “capital ” and “revenue” would be enough to make any enquirer glaze over.

However Eric does advise to Persistent Gilchrist that new office furniture is one thing but the big money needed to be spent on the Town Hall annexes themselves :

” The North Annexe is in a generally poor condition, below is a list of some of the issues

1)  The electric underfloor heating has failed in areas it is costly to both run and repair and is an inefficient method of heating

2)  The lift needs replacing and or major overhaul

3)  The roof needs repairs and current insulation levels are poor

4)  The toilet welfare facilities are poor and inadequate

The South Annexe is generally in a fair condition, has a new efficient, gas wet heating system, the lift has recently been the subject of a major overhaul, and the roof was recently re-roofed using insulation that meets current building regulations. The scheme currently on site is improving toilet and welfare facilities, together with some general redecoration. “

Makes you wonder what Wirral Council were doing with the “capital” in previous years –  other than removing the asbestos.

It all seems very symbolic to us – sick building syndrome for a sick organisation. All surface and no structure whilst the council staff that are still left sit at their brand new desks waiting for the roof to cave in……..


7 thoughts on “Trees & Seats

  1. How ironic then that the North Annexe was the long term home of the ‘Planning’ Department under Jim Wilkie (ah whatever happened to him?). Whilst the South Annexe was the home of the quick to look after themselves Property Services Department which rose again as the Technical Services Department under David Green. Can anyone see a theme here?

  2. G’day Lordly

    Talking of dead wood yet again here is a little guessing competition.

    Me old mate “Highbrow” was walking his dog up Bidston Hill and you will never guess who he bumped into?

    Easy you might think “Crapapple” the de-selected of course looking at trees and things and day dreaming of seeing the Queen.

    You would be wrong though L it was “Ankles” the ex “Dunny Chain Wearer”.

    No…. no…. Lordsly the question isn’t did “Highbrow” ask him if he was meeting the “tweed jacket and roll ups” from the rubbish “news” paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters with an envelope in his pocket.

    “Highbrow” just said G’day, I’ve been teaching him to speak right, he talks far too many big old fashioned words.

    The question is who was “Ankles” the host of The Brawl at the Charity Ball at the Hall with on the hill?

    You will never guess?



    Ps On my favourite topic My Lovely I do hope they are not hiding the DCLG Report on account of local elections?

    Maybe just waiting till the Northern Shit-house dosh is sorted and boy do they deserve to be punished for their openness, honesty and transparency.

    Luv you to Bidston Hill and back Leaky XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Well here’s another tale of a tree, but just to make it more interesting let’s add that one of the barristers Wirral Council paid for defending them over a tree root is now a Labour councillor at Liverpool City Council. He was subject to disciplinary action by the Bar Standards Board in 2014. Read the story to find out more.

  4. G’day Lordly

    I really am constantly disappointed about people on Wirral not speaking up.

    Your last article that is about an horrific issue and there is not one comment.

    People just keeping their heads down and not saying boo.

    With the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off that “Highbrow” and I blew the whistle on I just find bizarre.

    Who said

    “It was hugely frustrating being told you were wrong when you have a welter of evidence to the contrary and then instead of a robust and wide ranging investigation you see first-hand how power is abused and seeks to covers up the truth.

    “It really shouldn’t have to have been this difficult to uncover the true facts of the case.

    “It’s also a sad reflection on Wirral Council, that even in the aftermath of Martin Morton’s whistle-blowing, my concerns were not genuinely taken seriously.

    Well Lordly it could have been me or it could have been “Highbrow” but it was Andy Campbell whilst we were trusting “Highbrow’s” supposed mate the lying, cheating, little welsh turd of a leprechaun “The Pretend Friend”. Smile, wink, stab you in the back but always have an audit trail, go ask him boyo.

    Never My L trust anybody in local government.

    So if Wirral “Funny” Bizz and Big ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods followed Andy and Martin what might I ask makes any buffoon at Wirral imply they are improving.

    Most improved clown cil in the country…only at cover ups.



    Ps So people like Anony Mouse man up, grow some and speak up.

    Or not…but you will have absolutely no right to complain and you will get what you deserve.

    And nobody deserves “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” “Ankles” “The Pretend Friend” or “The Shyster” and scum like “The angry little acting ceo man” AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell” and “she who thinks they named a gallery after her” don’t even deserve a mention.

    Luv you My Lord as much as your first picture above the tree looks as SPARSE as Uncle George’s noggin XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. G’day Lordly

    Great news for Wirral Borough Council the most improved council in the UK.

    They as you are no doubt aware Wirral the Great are now getting a mention in Luxembourg and Belgium.

    Oh shit

    It’s not in a good way and not twinning.

    And as AdderleyDadderleyDooLally would say it is not our money anyway.

    I wonder what they think in Belgium and Luxembourg?

    Maybe I should put a good word for them in Australia.



    Ps I bet they wish they hadn’t tried to take the piss out of us Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistle blowers.

    They probably don’t care because they are careless.

    Luv you Lordsville to Belgium, Luxembourg and back.

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