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Further evidence reached us today that Wirral Council operate a policy of “governance by social media “. By which we mean if you want a response from Wirral Council – don’t send an email , don’t make a Freedom of Information request , don’t make a complaint  , don’t ask a question at a Council meeting , don’t go to a councillor’s surgery .  No!  – send  your issues to any local blog  or set up a Facebook page or better still set up your own social media forum for people with a common concern and tell Wirral Council what you’re not happy about!.

Time and again we’ve witnessed local councillors and council officers only sitting up and taking notice when it interferes with the Council’s reputation management. And without blowing our own trumpet if there’s one local blog that likes to justifiably question reputations it is Wirral Leaks.  

So what started out as, in the scheme of things, a minor story about trees maintenance has , er, blossomed and taken on a life of its own. As case of mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

The tweet above was taken from today’s Wirral Council Twitter feed  (there’s also , unsurprisingly , a tweet about  streetlights) and it looks like they’re employing a full time tweeter. Could it be Martin Liptrot (sky) earning his £45K  we ask ourselves?. Whoever it is they seem to have taken to heart the big message from last week’s presentation from Ben Page  , Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI who conducted a (very selective) resident survey and presented his findings  on Wirral Council’s “Journey”.

For those of you masochists out there who enjoy watching professional PR schmoozers in action the full video is here :

However to save you the pain we can summarise his big message was about telling Wirral Council (and their partners) to communicate their successes (!) but most of all to just :

                                                  C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-E ! 

Hence we presume the frenetic tweeting which will no doubt see a future compensation claim from the Council tweeter for Repetitive Strain Injury.

Meanwhile the last word goes to this week’s tree spotter  “Dad”  who writes :

I have been following this thread since it started and am quite amused by the content.
Today I came across the perpetrators of this heinous crime including their getaway vehicle in Prenton Hall Road.
If you zoom in you can see the large wood louse committing environmental crime ( is he holding a scythe? . If you zoom in even further, you still will not see any safety barriers. I am uncertain that these are the same tree fellers Wirral Council use, but still it’s amusing.
We think it’s actually a harness rather than a scythe and the trees certainly don’t look like those examples of pollarding in the Wirral Council tweet!
Trees Prenton Hall Rd

12 thoughts on “Tree Line

  1. Ben Page. What a hideous, deluded, money-grubbing ****. Let loose in the environment in which he’s most at ease, talking down to fools, massaging their swollen egos, and telling them what they wanted to hear all along – after greasing his palm with £25,000 of our cash.

    Well, he’s not exactly going to come up with the wrong answers after trousering that kind of a stonking big cheque is he? Saw them coming.

    Telling us he lurves to engage on Twitter. If that’s true, why did he ignore me when I politely informed him it was yet another case of smoke, mirrors and money for old rope?

    Get back down south amongst your own crooked brethren and sort out the mess you made of the #GE2015 May general election that was rigged. No, you’re not about to accept that in a hurry are you? I didn’t think so. Not with all your banks of computers, bells and whistles and professional pollster monitoring and alert systems that missed it by a mile.

    Rigged because the Electoral Commission’s counting system was not fit for purpose. Yes, this is the next scandal to break cover and splurge itself across the nation’s front pages. Planned for March 2016. Readers, you may have just witnessed it here first.

    It goes under the name of #Quixote or the #Quix XXX test, where XXX is a number between 001 and 650 i.e. the total number of rotten to the core MP constituencies in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Professional assessments are going on now and all 650 are planned to be ready by mid-March.

    The way this little beauty works is that the Electoral Commission’s vote counting and reporting systems have been found to be all to cock (by design of course), weighted unfairly against smaller parties like UKIP, the Greens, TUSC, etc. etc. and in one example we even end up with the number of votes for one party exceeding the number of the electorate e.g. more votes for the Tories than the number of persons eligible to vote.

    Didn’t think it through, obviously.

    Ipsos MORI’s been had.

    The courted, feted and esteemed Ben Page has been had.

    All the intelligentsia occupying the Floral Pavilion in the presence of the great man have been had.


    Birkenhead’s been assessed already and the news isn’t good, Frank(ly).

  2. G’day Lordy

    When “The Pretend Friend” was taking the piss out of “Highbrow” saying (pretending) he didn’t understand accounting I would just like to tell him through this social media, which he probably doesn’t understand either, that this (see picture above) is not the lock WOOD asset stripping that AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and his plebs at Invest Wirral allowed.

    Despite being told by Beverley Edwards.

    Lockwood/Harbac asset stripping is a criminal offence how did they keep their jobs?

    “The Pretend Friend” is not as stupid as he acts he is like “The Shyster”

    So “Shyster” have you read that report yet?




  3. G’day Lordsly

    Your title Tree Line reminds me of an email I saw today from that court house over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters where I go to watch “The Shyster”, with his cheap plastic biro and expensive barrista to make the idiot purple headed buffoon with a massive derrière look semi intelligent, whilst he stutters and mumbles.

    Actually the email wasn’t to “The Shyster”, he wouldn’t want to put his name to anything Wirral “Funny” Bizz because he told “Highbrow” and I before we had even sat down I haven’t read that report I haven’t read that report.

    Oh “Shyst” your as guilty as the rest asset stripping is a criminal offence.

    Law 101 you halfwit.

    I digress slightly My Lovely Ms Tree Line, “The Shyster’s” dogsbody was told to sod orff by the courthouse that “Highbrow” tore Wirral “Funny” Bizz to shreds on more than one occassion, it is none of her bees wax.

    Just another day My L surrounded by their cheating, lying and obfuscations.




  4. G’day Lordsy

    Another day to laugh at these egits at Wirral.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Did you notice, not saying you saw that email to Ms Tree Line of the legal department of the most improved clowncil in the country L, what the answer was?

    Can you imagine “The Shyster’s” massive purple noggin when Ms Tree Line went to show him the reply from the courthouse over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters.

    She wouldn’t have the balls to go show him personally because she might have to give him the kiss of life when he saw he he he he he he he

    You’ll never guess Lordy if you didn’t see that email he he he he

    They only went and SECTION 36’d them Lordsville.

    I bet “Shyst” went running to “Eccles Cake Face” the useless “Blinking CEO” and cried they can’t do this “Spotty Dog” we are the SECTION 36meisters.



    Ps I sense its going to be a GOOD FRIDAY Leaky.

    Much luv and best wishes ….lest we forget




  5. Did you notice that 28% of local people are unhappy with the councils performance compared to 7% who are. It seems the 20 pledges is not impressing the natives!

  6. The trees in the picture showing the guy with the ‘scythe’ are located in the garden of *** ******* **** **** and are not council trees. I think this site needs to have a serious think about the sorts of things it chooses to post, because spreading lies in this manner can cost good people jobs.

    • Hi Gary

      A few things:
      a) You’ve got the address wrong and we would never publish addresses or indeed car reg numbers (which were edited out of pic )
      b) We never claimed they were Council trees. We referred to Council advice about pollarding trees.
      b) We don’t publish lies
      c) Did you read that we wrote : “We think it’s actually a harness rather than a scythe and the trees certainly don’t look like those examples of pollarding in the Wirral Council tweet!”
      d) We are not seeking your approval of what we post.

      Best wishes

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