The Final Countdown

Ticking clock


To lose one Super – Duper Director is unfortunate .To lose two looks like carelessness but to lose three looks like a clusterfuck (with apologies to Oscar Wilde) .

Today was the day that Wirral Council Cabinet which not having any courage or convictions let alone the courage of its convictions gave the closure of Girtrell Court a so-called “stay of execution” .  This translates as more a case of prolonging the agony for disabled people and their carers in the name of political expedience. Politicking taking precedence over disabled people  – yet again.

This was also the day that it was revealed that a lazy/incompetent/insensitive (take your pick)  Wirral Council social worker described the mother of a young woman with Downs’ Syndrome as Mrs.Downs – like you do.

So no wonder then that we also learned today that after the departure of Kevin “Addled” Adderley that in the case of the two remaining Super Duper Directors it’s a case of  – if you can’t stand the heat get out of the house that is about to go up in flames. We are led to believe that  Clare “Wet” Fish and Joe “Apology” Blott now also want out . Which means that potentially Wirral Council CEO Eric “Feeble” Robinson will have lost his entire team of Super Duper Directors in less than a year of his appointment.

However we think it would be unfair to lay the whole blame on Stressed Eric !. We can only surmise that for a Super Duper Director the lure of filthy lucre must lose it’s lustre after countless hours spent defending the indefensible , being left exposed and put at risk  of being tainted by the deeply entrenched legal, ethical and moral problems that remain within Wirral Council. Whilst these problems stem mainly from a small number of councillors , historically it has been council officers who usually pay the price – or more accurately council taxpayers .

Therefore could it be that Fish and Blott have seen the writing on the wall of the town hall toilets and they know it’s time’s up on the cover ups ?.

get out


18 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. What the hell did Adderley Fish and Blott actually bring to the table? These were supposed to be the best of the best hence their obscene salaries. So now they will all be gone what next? I can’t think of anything positive they actually achieved. The place is still in a bloody mess and things seems to have got worse more recently than better. No doubt they will pop up again somewhere soon in a Council near you getting another big undeserved wadge! How long will Eric last I wonder?

    • It’s a culture thing. The rampant toxicity here is all-consuming. Nobody is spared.

      Nothing’s changed since AKA hung up her tape recorder and minute taking pad – sorry, strike that – with an interest in training senior officers and councillors, she had to keep them sweet and refused to lay down a verbatim record of the facts.

      Once again, it’s the same bungling / wayward / present a clean face to the world at ALL costs mentality, and its predictable denouement of taking the knife to sacrificial lambs no matter how senior, to protect the power abusive inner ring.

      These pay-offs and gags will cost us the public twice, maybe three times the money needed to honour the council’s obligations and keep Girtrell Court a going concern.

      More bodies need burying and the mendacity goes on.

  2. G’day Lordly

    You really are the good news man that just keeps giving.

    How many vacancies are there at “The Chamber Pot”?

    I take it that the powers that be, whoever they are, have decided enough bullshit is enough bullshit.

    They can’t just continue the abuse of the people of wirral, people of wirral being anyone except themselves.

    Its about time they were given the treatment they have been doling out.

    Why did Gra Gra go?

    Why did “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” really pull out of Liverpool or was he ran out of town?

    Why did Ugh Boots go?

    Why did they get shot of the stinking ashtray that is AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and I presume his ridiculous football shirt?

    So why now Blot on the landscape and fishface?

    How Lordy has the angry little legstrong survived and “The Shyster”?

    It really is time to get rid of 66 nodding muppets and bring in some serious ADMINISTRATION that have no idea or care where WIRRALGATE is?

    ADMINISTRATION that won’t let contractors like Wirral “Funny” Bizz walk away with £2,000,000,00 just to save face.

    ADMINISTRATION that will not ignore asset stripping to go unreported like the 66 muppets and senior officers including the LEGAL DEPARTMENT did.



    Ps My Lord why can’t they just be open, honest and transparent?

    At this rate Leaky I will run out of people to mock, laugh at and humiliate long before “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill’s” 20/200 vision has got out of year 2.


  3. G’day Lordy

    Just going to bed but won’t be able to sleep for laughing.

    Just saw in their local rubbish propaganda sheet

    Fire crews in action as tree falls on heavy goods vehicle at Prenton

    I thought the fire service story had gone quiet and I thought the tree story was over and lo and behold they all got together in Prenton.



    Ps Maybe the Wirralgate scandal and the Wirral “Funny” Bizz scandal could get together on the stairs at the clown hall where “The ex-Dunny Chain Wearer” hands dodgy stuff over to journalists in the middle of full clowncill meetings.

    You couldn’t make it up.


  4. Kenny,Collins,Burgess,Adderley and Blott the CCTV control room shut down crew escape unharmed and well paid another scandalous episode in the tarnished history of WBC.

    • Hi Pat
      Unfortunately (but fortunately for us) there’s rather a lot to “moan” about.
      If you want vacuous good news stories we advise you check out Wirral Council’s Twitterfeed or subscribe to Hello! magazine.
      Everyone at Leaky Towers hopes that your day is filled with sunshine , lollipops and rainbows.

  5. Military logic dictates that defending the indefensible will lead to the fall of the citadel. It just takes time while the trench is dug up to the walls and the mine exploded..several mines in this instance.

  6. Let’s consider this ludicrous suggestion for one minute. Please bear with me as I know how ridiculous this must sound. But here goes! What if Eric the Terrible is wielding his mighty sword and cutting the heads off of all those dangerous reptiles namely Adderley Degg Blott and Fish, so he can start afresh? I know, I know, it’s crazy right? But just think if it was true! Nah, I’m just being silly aren’t I?

    • G’day Ste

      I considered the theory that he is the strong silent type.

      But I was wrong.

      Anybody who has to run away and hide under his desk from Paul Cardin is just a creep and moron.

      Paul has shown he cares.

      The Blinking CEO like the rest only cares about himself.



      I bet he hasn’t moved norther Ste.

      I bet he’s looking for his next job Ste.

  7. I don’t think the person who made a typing error by addressing a letter incorrectly should be vilified . Under the extreme work pressures people face I believe it was a genuine error .

    Imagine if you were that person. ! Being made a scapegoat . I have been there and it’s not pleasant . Because there is a blame culture and toxic environment in some places

    • Hi Wendy
      When you say “there is a blame culture and toxic environment in some places” – do you mean Wirral Council?. If so might we suggest that’s where your ire should be directed.
      We can only hope it was ” a genuine error” because otherwise it was a grave error of judgement.
      As far as we’re aware the person responsible has not been made a scapegoat – “scapegoating” is only reserved for those who do damage those in power.Moreover how can an anonymous person be vilified?
      The significance of the story for us is that it is symbolic of the “lack of care” that permeates Wirral Council in general and social services in particular.
      Hope that makes our position on the matter clear.

    • G’day Wendy

      May I ask you what you think of me going to a director at Wirral BC to tell him a contractor was in the process of stealing about £2,000,000.00 and he lied to me and then proceeded to pay them for a further 18 months of not his money?

      He was told of asset stripping which is a criminal offence and he ignored that.

      He was promoted to super director and then took early retirement for massive money and got another job on big bucks at an associated organisation.

      What did you say about a typo?



    • Wendy check this typo out ‘ CCTV control room to shut with the loss of eleven staff”
      Cllr Phil Davies’We had no intention of closing our control room’s this is months after eleven staff made redundant but control room kept open with untrained agency staff.
      Remember this control room is the council’s central hub if we have Emergency Plans actioned as in bomb threats,floods,fires,riots- not too long ago and the council are quite happy to put untrained staff in there sometimes on their own as they did with a dog fouling officer on new years eve!!

  8. What about considering the cumulative ticker-tape of waste by WBC, its nonchalance as hundereds of thousands are lost in the past, and even millions, the necessity of paying Anna klonowski £406,000, of paying Grant Thornton £50,000, of Pat Thynne and on and on…Surely the pressure on WBC staff does not ONLY emanate from government cuts but is the result of years of mismanahgement by overpaid directors handed out huge pay-offs,


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