Everything Must Go


The mystery of why the privatisation of public services has been embraced  so enthusiastically by the current Wirral Council administration – despite it being ideologically against everything a Labour administration should stand for – has puzzled us for sometime.

However we had a Homer Simpson ” D’oh” moment  when we realised exactly why outsourcing is the perfect solution for an organisation wracked  with incompetence , dishonesty and corruption.

Consider this :

  • No more Freedom of Information requests – it’s commercially sensitive and exempt from FOI legislation !
  • No  more whistleblowers  – malpractice has nothing to do with us guv!
  • No more direct public accountability – private businesses become accountable to their shareholders and profit always takes precedence over the public !

Now consider these recent Wirral Council tenders. Firstly :

IMG_0014 (2).PNG

Now wouldn’t it be handy if the Wirral Chamber of Commerce continued their empire building ways by bidding for this contract at Cheshire Lines Building ?. They’re only round the corner and Chief Executive Princess Paula  Basnett could send one of her rellies in to keep an eye on facilities. Win- Win !.

Meanwhile another source asks us about a tender that has gone well under the radar. Wirral Council have outsourced their cash in transit services to G4S based in Bootle, they gave the long serving and loyal staff no notice of this decision and they  didn’t even know their jobs had been put out to tender !.

This service was actually in profit and apparently G4S are the costliest cash services provider around . As the council are in such a financial mess it would seem a very odd choice if you didn’t consider the position we have set out above

However by far and away the most intriguing is this “Due Diligence” tender for consultants to cross the i’s and dot the t’s when it comes  “to the integration of Adult Social Care services into NHS Community Services” .




Wirral Council leadership must be licking their lips in anticipation at the prospect of finally offloading the toxic , dysfunctional and perennially overspent Department of Adult Social Services onto the NHS.

If it does go ahead we can only hope that the provision of Adult Social Care services adhere to the principles of the NHS and that they should be free at the point of delivery.

This should mean no more punitive charges should be placed on vulnerable people for essential services – but you can bet your life that when it comes to “due diligence” that the consultants will be asked to find a way to continue with these charges.

We shall be observing developments with great interest and we advise those who believe that public services do not belong in private hands should do the same.


3 thoughts on “Everything Must Go

  1. G’day Lordly

    You made me think that if almost five years ago when I went to blow the whistle to “The Chamber Potty” and AdderleyDadderleyDooLally over Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off about £2,000,000.00 and the REGURGITATION DEPARTMENT had been privatised how different things would have been.

    I would have been a hero, courted and feted and golfed and wined and dined and probably offered a job or even maybe the bosses wife.

    If AdderleyDadderleyDooLally had lied to me the shareholders would have stuffed his ridiculous framed “Football Shirt” with his name on the back “Stinking Ashtray” where the sun don’t shine.

    If he didn’t have overpaid directors, CEO and colleagues like the “Chamber Potty” to defend him to the death (why?) he would have been run out of the town he doesn’t even live in.

    No wonder he says it is not our money.

    If the purple headed buffoon of a galah lied to me and then continued to pay the thieves for eighteen months after I told him he would have been put to sea in Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters and aimed in the direction of, not Reno or Shanghai, Hereford to his bessie Uncle Bobby47.

    If he then went on to NOT report asset stripping and not be defended by the above overpaid colleagues and 66 deluded, incompetent, amateur, not fit for purpose clowncillors, there would be a chance of court punishment.



    I have been laughing and mocking this CLOT of council people and their CRUDISH (tha’s for youBobby47) for five years and I am only just warming to it.

    Luv ya Leaky and your incredible work. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Your stamina is that of the ultra-marathoner and you are only warming up.

      Repetition is the question never answered.
      I guess until there is a proper response the question will be repeated.

      Here is some for you to save your energy

      Why were Wirralbiz allowed to get away with some £2m fraud over 6 years?

      Why did the bbc legal department decide to keep mum about asset stripping ?

      Why did WBC hide a 370 page report for 4.5 years that could have saved £50,000 paid to Grant Thornton?

      Why did WBC allow public money to be paid under Erdf even after it knew of the chicanery of wirral?

      There is more but Ultimately am tired now!!

  2. I this not where Chris Beyga steps in as CEO of the new Social Enterprise that is going to be used as the vehicle to deliver the joint services? Maybe even finished up at Wirral with a nice pension and lump sum and be free to work for the SE just as Adderley did!

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