Poodle Boy Pip



Nice to see the Wirral Globe back on top form with its truly gobsmacking exclusive  on a series of emails between Martin Liptrot and Wirral Council “leader” Power Boy Pip Davies prior to the former’s appointment as “executive policy officer”.


There’s been a reason why we always put “leader” in inverted commas when we have written about Pip and the emails lay bare that it’s not so much a case of Power Boy Pip as Poodle Boy Pip .

However it is reassuring to know that we had Liptrotsky’s number from the word get go



… and to the time we  commented  :  Somebody needs to tell Liptrotsky he is a Labour Party apparatchik – he is not an unelected de facto leader or a Chief Executive by default and he has NO business telling the council what it can and can’t do.


…up until  last week’s story about how Liptrotsky operates and what we’re getting for our money :


From our perspective the most revealing email is the one sent by Liptrotsky bemoaning his £45K part-time job as he  grandiosely describes himself as “Chief of Staff” – egotistical , money grabbing  and an over-inflated sense of his own importance. Just what you want from a so-called public servant.

Subject: Chief of Staff

There seems to be a bit of a problem with the contract – apparently I’m meant to be on an hourly rate of 24 quid with time sheets for Joe Blott. Clearly that is both insulting and wildly unrealistic for the scope of the role we are discussing.There is no way I’m going to earn even less than I am on now… We need to work out what we need to agree, and you will probably have to just step up and tell everyone what you want doing in the end…I don’t have much faith in the system resolving this alone.

And with a warped sense of priorities Pip responds to this contemptible email at 03.47 a.m. fawningly explaining  that he can authorise an eyewatering  £45k part-time salary in order to stay within the limit of those infamous special delegated powers. Just like Wirral Council authorised the even more infamous payments to former Wirral Council employees Emma Degg and Martin Morton.

So tell us Wirral Council how did those under the counter payments work out for you ?.

We also ruefully note that the Tory group leader Jeff Green – who apparently had submitted the Freedom of Information request that uncovered all this pops up out of the blue like a Jeff in The Box – and now wants to delete Liptrotsky’s post. However we think he needs to heed the advice of Pip to “dream big dreams” and ask for a vote of no scrotum (sorry , confidence) in the serial failure so we can all say :

Toodle pip to Poodle Boy Pip!

weak 006
weak 007.JPG


weak 008

weak 009

5 thoughts on “Poodle Boy Pip

  1. G’day Lordly

    I used to send “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” some senior officers and all 66 clowncillors emails on a daily basis about Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off about £2,000,000.00 and about Lockwood and they took offence and they stopped me.

    I was only doing it for the good of Wirral folks.

    Maybe I wasn’t demanding enough for myself.

    Fartin Lobsterpot just emails them and tells them how much he wants for his little old self and “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” says I can do that I can do anything and everyone here at the asylum will keep schtum, or, as my spell check informs me SCROTUM.



    Ps There must be another court case or tribunal coming up soon over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters starring “The Shyster” with his shiny arsed suit BUT new biro and his expensive barrista from London to get him out of the shit.

    Can’t wait.

    Luv you Leaky as much as Fartin Lobsterpot uses and abuses Power Boy who still thinks he is the leader.


  2. This is Wirral Council where the abnormal is normal! The most improved Council in the country! The “Leaders” position surely is untenable. How can you let someone who wants to work for you speak to you in such a manner? Is this how business is still done at Wirral? It is an absolute joke!

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