A-political Mr. Liptrot


Given that the first rule of spin doctoring is to never become the story, Martin Liptrot (aka Liptrotsky) is already beginning to look like a rank amateur – which means he should be fitting in nicely at Wirral Council !.

Indeed there have been further developments in the Liptrotsky story as we’ve been sent a couple of revealing screenshots from his open Facebook page.

We are so glad it is an open page as not only can Liptrotsky share with us mere mortals his deeply profound thoughts he can also keep us appraised of his political activities.

Of course everyone is entitled to have political views and express them as they see fit – as long as it is within the law or in Liptrotsky’s case his employment contract. Now what we’ve never been able to reconcile (and quite clearly neither has Liptrotsky) is that if he has been appointed to a post with Wirral Council which is allegedly “politically restricted” he should at least maintain , publicly at least , the pretence  of some kind political neutrality.

But no ! – not our Marty who as he’s keeping company  with long standing abusers of power can seemingly do what the bloody hell he likes… including it would seem being “the servant of two masters ” by campaigning for Mayor Joe (see below).


Surely it is apparent by now that the Liptrotsky “policy executive” post is straightforwardly a political appointment by the ruling Labour group.The question that now needs to be asked is whether Liptrot should be on the cash-strapped Council’s payroll or being paid from local Labour Party coffers.

Similarly  – and as has been suggested elsewhere – shouldn’t it be that if the ruling Labour group want to pay off a group of “complainants” who have no chance of sustaining a legitimate legal claim against the Council for compensation but could seriously damage the local Labour group then perhaps it should be the local Labour party who should stump up the hush money and not Council taxpayers !.

If the local Labour group want to a) keep Liptrotsky in post and b) maintain the political status quo then it may be the time that Liptrotsky gets back on Facebook and starts fundraising. Perhaps Marty could put his pinny on and start baking some cakes – not only to help fund his post in these cash-strapped times but also to remind his political allies that they can’t have their cake and eat it too!.

Labour cake




9 thoughts on “A-political Mr. Liptrot

  1. He’s not an office jnr, being in this position he knows that he needs to appear to be seen to be politically neutral. No excuse. Similarly, knowing how to use your facebook privacy settings should go with this position since managing social media comes with the job (whether it’s your personal account or not). Either supremely arrogant or completely incompetent. Either way, surely he can no longer be employed? I’d have been sacked for bringing the business into disrepute for any of these emails/ posts and I certainly wouldn’t get a pay off or a handshake. I wonder if he’s trying to get the sack? Collect some money for no work and off to another position?

  2. If I understand the case of the Colas whistleblowers correctly then they are in possession of taped recordings that show breaches of proper behaviour by councillors and so extreme that they could lead to the removal of them.
    I understand that the whistle blowers were novated to new employment thereby suffering no financial loss which could otherwise be recovered by Employment Tribunal.
    So if they hold such recordings they be villains for the cost and expense resulting from this affair, not least Thynne 1 and Thynne 2, should weigh in the balance. Surely the over riding principle should be to un mask wrongdoers for the benefit of the public which was the whistle blowers first intent when they revealed irregularities in the road repair contract.

    Do they be as rreprehensible as the characters contained in the tapes?

  3. I’m hearing Mr Liptrot once polished copiously large, smelly turds for Big Tobacco, killer of millions.

    He later moved on in search of a bigger challenge.

  4. At the end of the day Davies,Liprtrot and Hr Guru Williams if procedures that are in place are to be followed correctly should be already suspended pending investigation into this whole incident if not the local ombudsman needs to be notified and brought in.
    Wirralgate tapes will be useless to the whistleblowers if Phil goes out the door in spectacular style so they better get a move on or just publicly release them.

  5. I’ve just been blocked on Twitter by the curiously named “98 Republic” @nyblue66 – otherwise known as Martin Liptrot of Wirral Council.

    That’s the CEO and the Chief of Staff freezing me out now.

  6. G’day Lordly

    Being Oscars week I have been away for a few days.

    All the talk this week My Leaky is about the 6 pm Thursday night premiere at The Flea Pit in Wallasey GONE WITH THE WIND starring Fartin Lobsterpot with a cast of 66 nodding brain and opinion dead muppets.

    A living legend on both side of the Atlantic err err I mean Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters.

    I think from what I hear that has been leaked from the Wirralgate telephone starring “Phil the Very Very deluded Dill” that his turd polisher Fartin does not survive in his current roll, but as you know they have ways.

    Sadly Uncle Joe won’t be walking the red carpet up the Stairway to Hell, it would collapse, but will keep a job over there in real Labor land for Farty.



    Give us a quick shout My Lordsville when “The Shyster” is appearing next in a short comedy movie at the courthouse over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters, much better entertainment with his slightly better biro and expensive London barrista.

    What was the senior officer knock off L that Blakeny was talking about at “Crapapples” Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee?

    It wasn’t a biro was it My Lovely?


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