Media Guru Goes Underground


Note : Screenshots removed at the request of M.Liptrot, esq.


My how we laughed at Leaky Towers when we found out that on the same day we questioned just how media savvy Wirral Council’s controversial spin doctor Martin Liptrot aka Liptrotsky really was that his Twitter account suddenly became protected and his Facebook page is no longer accessible to the public !. Which all sounds a bit of a PR disaster for Wirral Council’s PR maestro . Under the circumstances it’s ironic that the header on his Twitter account (98 Republic @nyblue66) reads :

“Talk But Don’t Say Anything”  

I suppose we could always ask to become Friends with him on Facebook and mingle with Wirral’s political elite. The entry requirements to this exclusive club appear to be  – Do you : a) support Everton Football Club and b) suffer from Malignant Narcissistic Personality Order .

Fortunately some Liptrotsky followers managed to salvage some screenshots from the PR car-crash for posterity.

As we think we’ve covered Liptrotsky’s blatant political campaigning/posturing we thought we’d pick out a couple of posts that particularly interested us.

We love the hubris of the post above  – “Interested in managing your reputation? looking to avoid a major pr disaster hoping to build trust and loyalty with your customers , staff and stakeholder”

Talk about spin doctor heal thyself!.

However we were particularly interested to see a few comments from our old friend and obviously still Liptrotsky’s  friend former Wirral Council Chief Executive Graham Burgess(ki) ! .  I think we can all work out how this networking/nepotism  thing works now can’t we ?. In a thread also featuring  Labour insider  Anna McLaughlin – scion of  Cllr Matron McLaughlin –  sniping about Liptrotsky’s office in Wallasey Town Hall  Burgesski pops up to say :

“Been there……..Need decent accommodation…and more important good member support”


Of course we know about Burgesski thinking he was a Captain of Industry rather than a jumped up town hall clerk and his attempts to turn the town hall into a stately pleasuredome .

However we were particularly intrigued by Burgesski’s comment about “good member support” as we know it all went a bit tits up towards the end on the members front (if you’ll pardon the expression).

“Hopefully they’ve solved the second challenge !!” chips in Liptrotsky chirpily.

After this weeks revelations and evasions we’d be interested to know  how  that second challenge working out for Liptrotsky!?. It’s just such a shame he can’t share the benefit of his experience via social media!.


10 thoughts on “Media Guru Goes Underground

  1. You’re on a roll with this one Lord Leaky. Well done! Highly entertaining and all set in motion by the hubris of the self-appointed Chief of Staff / fearless protector of reputations.

    I wonder if Marty will be sharing his party colleagues’ sense of excitement today, knowing that the Freedom of Information Act has been rescued intact.

    Victory is Labour’s. We won’t have to pay to ask and we can get our council tax money’s worth. I’ve now got a spring in my step and will continue tearing down obstacles to our data and information e.g. damnfool emails sent to a prospective employer without a care for your own or the receiving organisation’s fragile reputation and not giving two hoots should it ever be revealed to the world at large.

    Well done Labour’s Tom Watson MP and team for keeping the drawbridge down.

    If this Chief of Staff was on performance related pay, he’d be holidaying in New Brighton rather than the South of France….

  2. Are we going to see some action taken by Wirral Council a clear breach of the members conduct has been breached along with many other of the councils rules which all amount to gross misconduct set out in their own disciplinary procedures.
    Hats off to whoever leaked these emails even though the Globe says it was a FOI request ‘No personal emails would be released by WBC’.
    Jeff Green must have been sat on these for a bit but now he has to push it all the way and make an official complaint to the local ombudsman.
    They should not get away with this

  3. Well Done Lordy

    Well lets see what the 66 nodding idiot buffoons do with this baby.

    My bet says they will all keep schtum, or as my spell check suggests SCROTUM.

    The alternative of course is they COULD DO THE RIGHT THING ha ha ha.

    Schtum, or SCROTUM, like they did when “Highbrow” and I went to them with Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off about £2,000,000.00 and super duper directors and “The Shyster’s” ill legal department knowing and staying schtum, or SCROTUM, on Lockwood asset stripping.



    For there a pack of barstards

    For there a pack of barstards

    You know the rest Lordy


  4. Press the ‘back’ button on any Android phone and the screenshots of incautious conduct by an alleged “reputation manager” reappear in all their gory.

  5. Surely someone here has to fall on their sword(s). Otherwise no ones reputation will be managed. Wirral Council were the abnormal is still definitely normal. It seems to be getting worse, not better. Absolute shambles!

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