Dark Night of The Soul

dark night of the soul


And so yet another astonishing exchange of emails are leaked which shed further light on the heart of darkness within Wirral Council .

The full tawdry story is set out below but essentially it concerns a possibly tired and emotional soon to be ex- councillor  Jim “Crabby ” Crabtree sharing his views with valued Wirral Leaks contributor Dr. Robert Smith about the alleged refurbishment  of offices at Wallasey Town Hall (including apparently Liptrotsky’s).  As Crabby saw fit  to contact Dr.Robert at 2.35 in the morning to describe costs as “absolutely disgusting ” (like you do) we can only presume that the soon to be ousted councillor was having a “dark night of the soul”.

That’s if  Crabby does indeed have a soul. Which frankly based on what we know about the Faustian pacts that prevail at Wirral Council we rather doubt. Therefore forgive us for questioning the motivation behind the late night rant. As Dr. Robert comments in his eloquent response below that as the Chair of the Audit  & Risk Management Committee if Crabby had any concerns about excessive and unnecessary council expenditure he would’ve been in an ideal position to raise them before now and in a more appropriate way.

Whilst we can understand why Crabby might be bitter at being cast aside like a piece of trash as have been so many before him we are less than sympathetic as to his predicament as a) he brought it upon himself and b) was quite happy to be part of the poisonous culture at Wirral Council when it suited him.

However if you nest with vipers you must expect venom. And that remains the problem with Wirral Council . The opportunity to change the culture of Wirral Council  once and for all when they had their own organisational dark night of the soul  in 2012 was lost. Reputation management triumphed over redemption and with the support of corruptible consultants and the complicity of the Local Government Association seemingly nothing has changed.

For now anyway …… as it says above the dark night of the soul comes just before revelations. We believe those forthcoming revelations will indeed finally bring new life to Wirral Council and it is just what is needed for the good of everyone who lives on Wirral.

And based on the number of people who leaked the following email exchange to us you all know where to come for revelations !………………

On 2 March 2016 at 02:35, Crabtree, James A. (Councillor) <jamesacrabtree@wirral.gov.uk> wrote:

You need to ask how much it cost the council tax payer for the building work on the Members Room not just labour party members but tory and liberal members room for lip trots room refurbishing? absolutely disgusting

Dear Cllr Crabtree

Thank you very much for your email of 2.35am this morning, which I have just picked up. I fully understand the urgency of your request, and apologise for not dealing with it sooner.

The costs of this refurbishment is of great concern, as you say, notwithstanding the serious issues and costs regarding the process of recruiting and employing Mr Liptrot? However, I am willing to act as your Proxy in making this request for information on your behalf, and, as soon as I receive a detailed reply, I will send it on to you.

I am a little perplexed, however, as you are the ex-Chair of the Wirral Council Audit & Risk Committee, I would have thought that you would have that information to hand, or have raised it directly in your capacity as Chair/Councillor? But obviously not.

As a number of Senior Council staff, and the Leader should be suspended/awaiting dismissal for contravening any number of codes of conduct, I will make this request to ‘whoever is left’ ie All (remaining) Wirral Councillors, and whoever is covering the CEX, Strategic Director Joe Blott (Dep Monitoring Officer), Surjit Tour (Monitoring Officer), Tony Williams (HR), Mr Liptrot’s and Cllr Phil Davies’ positions.

To Wirral Councillors and Officers

The question I have been asked to pose to Wirral Council as Proxy for Cllr Crabtree is as follows:-

“You need to ask how much it cost the council tax payer for the building work on the Members Room not just labour party members but tory and liberal members room for lip trots room refurbishing? absolutely disgusting” (Cllr Crabtree’s opinion, I act independently, but on this occasion, I have to agree)

I will be pleased to receive a detailed account of the cost to the public purse, in order to satisfy this request, as soon as possible, as I act on behalf of a Councillor. I assume also that due to the timing of the email (2.35am) that this information is required urgently, and is needed prior to the Council meeting tomorrow evening, or any investigation.

I look forward to hearing from somebody/anybody, asap.

Your sincerely

Dr Robert B Smith

6 thoughts on “Dark Night of The Soul

  1. We are to accept an assurance that something is ‘absolutely disgusting’ from a councillor who took disabled children from their place of safety in school, then packed them off into the streets armed with leaflets full of dreary, offensive bilge to further his party’s election prospects?

    How does that work?

  2. G’day Lordly

    Just in from watching their favourite red team win again 3-0.

    Not Labor they haven’t won for eons.

    Did I read above that “Crapapple” is not the thicker than the chair, Chair of the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee any more?

    What will he talk to the queen about at her tea party now he can’t use Gra Gra’s shiny new dunny at the top of the what I call the royal staircase that cost mega bucks?

    Oh Lordy, deja vu, you wouldn’t believe it, when I was writing to senior officers and all the clowncillors on a daily basis about Wirral “Funny” Bizz and Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods knocking off about £2,000,000.00 and the asset stripping that they never reported……….. criminals, I was always amazed that no one ever wrote back…..

    But one middle of the night night I got an email from “Crapapple” and I couldn’t wait to open it to see if he was thanking me for reporting the knock off but the only thing wrong when I did was that he forgot to put any words in his message.

    So Leaky that is the closest I have ever got to receiving any message from anyone at Wirral in nearly five years thanking me for reporting £2,000,000.00 being stolen apart from “The Shyster’s” threatening letter about harassing AddeleyDadderleyDooLally.

    Remind me L why did they get shot of their superest of all super duper directors The Stinking Ashtray with a Football Shirt on his wall?



    I would go to the clowncil meeting tomorrow night My Lordsville but I am fighting back against the 66 muppets’ ridiculous conspiracy of silence with my own conspiracy of silence and they might see how ridiculous they are with their conspiracy of silence, if you know what I mean.

    Going to miss John “Tarrantino” Brace’s epic filums My Lovely of “Crapapple” as the thicker than the chair, chair and was going to ask “Tarras” to filum them all going to the pub in his little kiddies bus that if you told them the wheels were going round and round they would deny it forever more because they are Wirral Labor and they run this town and what they say is true even if it is a lie.

    Very very very very badly.



  3. Never was the brightest was old Jimbo. That says something given that bunch of councillors at Wirral. Since when has a middle ranking officer been able to request their office is decorated? It’s like the blind leading the blind. If this was not the public sector the place would be bankrupt!

  4. Do the local Government Ombudsman not look at this BLOG? Surely they must have their suspicions by now, should any further complaints come through regarding Town Hall buffonery? I cannot believe that so much is being published and nobody, but NOBODY with any authority is there to pick these goons up the the srcuffs of their necks and launch them off the premises. An online petition for a vote of no confidence in the WMBC executives anyone?

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