No Standards


No standards

Our readers will recall how we reported that a meeting of Wirral Council’s Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee due to be held on 8th February had been postponed for nearly 2 months and was to be held on 31st MARCH !.

However whispers late last week from a number of outraged sources suggested to us that the meeting was going to be CANCELLED altogether . Surely not ! we exclaimed . We should have known better as the cancellation has indeed now been confirmed on Wirral Council’s own website.

The significance of the meeting was the fact that we had been led to believe that the long awaited and much delayed second investigative report undertaken by Patricia Thynne looking at the conduct of senior councillors tangled up in the Wirralgate scandal was to be discussed.

Of course we never expected the report to be made publicly available (well not officially anyway) and we assumed it would be discussed behind closed doors at the Standards etc; Committee meeting. Now it would appear that Wirral Council are relying on the tried and tested approach to scandals : “kick it into the long grass and pray that everyone who knows what we’ve been up to gets hit by a meteorite”.

Now whilst our contacts seem to be in a state of apoplexy about the situation those of us who’ve studied the machinations of Wirral Council for some time are quite strangely reassured as it suggests to us the report is (or at least should be) damning. Why else would they go to so much “time and trouble” (pun intended) to conceal the truth from the public? .

However what does stagger us is that what is already in the public domain and what has been reported on Wirral Leaks and elsewhere as to why decisive action has not been demanded sooner and why councillors of all parties are allowing this abuse of power to continue unchallenged. Under the circumstances you’d certainly think that at least Councillors Crabtree and Reece -Jones would feel particularly aggrieved that they’d been subject to suspensions whilst more senior councillors publicly accused of appalling misconduct have been allowed to carry on making important decisions affecting the lives of Wirral people.

Meanwhile the reputation of Wirral Council falls even further into disrepute . The judgement of those responsible for corporate governance is called into question and the web of deceit widens ensnaring more and more people who appear to have no standards – be they concerned with public life or personal morality.


8 thoughts on “No Standards

  1. i re-iterate that having had oceans of my time wasted by wirral borough council in the wirralbiz case I particularly object to having wasted two hours of my time speaking with Patricia Thyne and writing testimony way back at start august 2015 , to have my efforts and I estimate a few others just tossed aside by a group of self-interested no-marks.

    That is another feature of my disenchantment , to know that I have spent so much effort at the dispensation of others to discover they were not worth a tithe of the effort/ to think that whether or not they called an audit and Risk Manangement committee once mattered to me.

    I am like Swann in Proust dislillusioned by Odette , to have cared so much for a trollop that I dont even fancy!

  2. G’day Lordly

    This post seems particularly quiet do the Wirralgate gang only do threats, demands and abuse by telephone and anonymously?

    Isn’t anyone in Wirral open, honest and transparent?

    No wonder nobody trusts anyone, isn’t that right “Crapapple”?

    I spoke to Rosemary Thymme on the phone about all things ex “Dunny Chain Wearer” and she asked me to repeat myself, at that point I didn’t bother repeating my version in an email as I considered it would be a pointless exercise.

    By the time “The Shyster” is forced to reveal the Thymme report form his back massive o(rri)ffice “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill’s” 20/200’s blind dog will have died of old age with no further golf courses built on care home sites.

    Not even a sign of a red arrow over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters,



    So Lordy Wirral Council’s Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee is in hiding till after the election or until they are forced.

    Luv Ya


  3. G’day Lordsville

    They are getting better.

    They are improving.

    They just brazenly refuse FOI’s and now even a day early.

    The latest dirty, filthy secrets hidden in “The Shyster’s” ever increasing in size massive back o(ri)ffice in the FOI ill legal department.

    “Highbrow’s” FOI regarding the list of BIG Fund recipients has been refused by the commercially dumb on the bizarre grounds of commercial sensitivity five years later, some being limited companies.

    Despite AdderleyDadderleyDooLally’s claim that some public monies are not ours, who employed that egit, this money was public and the public should know how they wasted it and also the rules they broke because they pleased themselves.

    The people should know before the election.



    Haven’t they learned yet L that “Highbrow” and I are not going anywhere soon?

    For they are evil barstards

    For they are evil barstards

    You know the rest Lordy luv ya XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. G’day Lordly

    Still on “Highbrow’s” FOI requesting the list of BIG Fund recipients.

    What else did AdderleydadderleyDooLally, “Humpty Dumpty” “The Chamber Potty” and “The Garbage Lady” from Invest (in thyself) Wirral do.

    How many mates and family were looked after maybe?

    How many other companies had their assets stripped?

    Before Beverley Edwards went missing Leaky and after doing a, biased slightly towards her employer, report pointing out asset stripping that they all including “The Shyster” and the ill legal department ignored she was begging me to ask for the list via FOI.

    I didn’t realise what she knew and I asked her to do it.

    Then she went missing and Dave Garry did his croc of shit report.

    It can never go away until it addressed properly and decently.



    They are no more improved Lordly than “The Pretend Friends” morals and ethics the welsh goat.


  5. G’day Leaky Lord

    Talking of “The Pretend Friend” the little welsh cretin and his morals and ethics.

    No we won’t lets talk about the morals and ethics of the resident of more buildings in Birkenbloodyhead than Stella has in Shanghai

    “The Chamber Potty” and I will do anything for you AdderleyDadderleyDooLally.

    When she met with “Highbrow” in that quaint little cafe, no don’t be cheeky Lordy it wasn’t “The Spotty Blue Teapot” with all their grant monies and still failing like the clowncil, the one were it takes all morning to get a tiny pot of tea.

    I digress.

    She told “Highbrow” over tea and cake she was told to keep her gob shut.

    What did she do Lordsville?

    She kept her gob shut.

    When I initially blew the whistle she wouldn’t see me without AdderleyDooLally so I had to wait about a week while he got his football shirt polished.

    She didn’t say much just gurned at the ugly bits that she knew I knew about.



    What wouldn’t she do for AdderleyDadderleyDooLally L you tell me?

    Oh Lordy the loyalty is about as rotten as Wirralgate.


    • Paula’s not going anywhere as she clearly knows where all the bodies are buried. That could possibly make her the most powerful. No way Adderley can get rid of her now!

      • G’day Ste

        She is going somewhere mate.

        Where she belongs.

        On my dunny wall.



        A credit to their families, faith and alma mater……NOT

        And, don’t forget the Wirral Taxpayer.

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