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After some initial doubt we understand that the Girtrell Court debate went ahead at last night’s Council meeting at Wallasey Town Hall  and from what we hear it was a fractious affair.

We are getting reports of Council “leader” Power Boy Pip Davies petulantly sitting down and refusing to speak whilst being repeatedly heckled……a heckler being ejected from the public gallery………Power Boy Pip heckling back (but not being ejected from the Council chamber).  As they say all drama is conflict and we’ve bought  multiplex -size popcorn supplies in the hope that Brace TV (© Cllr Jeff Green) covered the events so we can tune in later and heckle along.

Joking aside – we are positively joyous at Leaky Towers to hear about such open dissent and public challenge.We admit we were initially sceptical about the Save Girtrell Court campaign as it seemed to be a platform for politicians and trade unionists and suffice to say we have a healthy suspicion of both. However subsequent events have shown that  parents and carers have found their voice and been making their views known – and how!.

We think that decision makers at Wirral Council underestimate the parents and carers of disabled people at their peril. They have a lifetime’s experience of  having to fight the powers that be in the best interest of people who can’t speak up for themselves.

If nothing else at least people are becoming more and more aware of how Wirral Council operates. No wonder the final decision about the (inevitable) closure will (inevitably) take place behind closed doors !.

If people of Wirral truly want to have more openness, transparency and public accountability then the more members of the public engaged in political debate the better. This at least enables voters to make an informed choice (that word again) at the ballot box. It is the only way politicians will ever listen to the voice of the people.



4 thoughts on “Mass Debate

  1. G’day Leakly

    A rhetorical question My Master Bater, why is it pointless mas dur bating with the clowncil senior officers, their independent auditors ha ha ha, or, the POLICE ON CLOWNCIL ISSUES?

    By the way



    I digress.

    With Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods and Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off about £2,000,000.00.

    Getting impatient with his little runt of a welsh leprechaun geek ex-mate “The Pretend Friend” and his stalling tactics “Highbrow” went off to tell the police and was given a crime number.

    Listening “Ecca”….. eh you Mrs Robinson…… are you listening?

    Surprise surprise nothing happened for yonks so “Highbrow” phoned Merseyside’s best back.

    They said…you won’t believe this one Lordy …………….. that he wasn’t the complainant any more Wirral Borough Council were so they wouldn’t answer his questions.

    So to appease “Highbrow” they eventually said they would come out and see him at his house and lo and behold I turned up as well.

    So they did what coppers in a sticky place do they would not let me in the room.

    So listening at the door crack and mas de bating with my self in the hall.

    OUTCOME as you would expect after AdderleyDadderley told me at my whistleblowing interview he had connections at Inland Revenue, cops…you name it.


    So Lordy what made me recall this coming together of the police and “Highbrow” was that John “Tarrantino” Brace mentioned yesterday that on election day they are voting for some senior cop thing, so I suggest if you have a complaint about the clowncil…..

    Don’t bother reporting it.

    Get on Wirral Leaks instead.





    Your work is amazing The Lord of Wirral XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Luv ya

  2. Phil Davies utter smugness in a suit when is he going to answer for the corrupt appointment of his chief of staff and could anyone tell us what exactly did Hr officer referred to in the emails give extra to Liptitsky?
    I am guessing a jacuzzi and bar in his office that would be the £150,000 saving from Girtrell Court housing project well spent or perhaps a line up of female officers who want to climb the slippery slopes of power?

    • Tony Wliiams will do almost anything to keep his cushy number! C’mon Cllr Davies, let’s hear you spin this one! Can’t blame the Tory party for this.

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