Panel Beaters

Panel Beaters 007

Now this is getting silly.Very silly indeed.

Remember the serial postponements of the Standards & Constitutional Oversight Committee which we have previously reported ? –  well as you all may know there was supposed to be a meeting of a  Standards Panel comprising of 3 councillor reps to consider   “serious” matters prior to the reconvening of this Committee . We understand that these “serious” matters concerned  the second Patricia Thynne investigation report into the alleged misconduct of senior councillors.

Well that Standards Panel meeting was set to take place next week on March 23rd. Now whilst it may still be listed as “PROVISIONAL” on the Wirral Council website we understand the meeting has now  been “POSTPONED”.

Somebody on the Labour benches must have twigged that Purdah didn’t start until March 28th and it would be inopportune during the run up to the local elections to have any more “unpleasantness” hanging around in the air like a fart in an elevator.

As we understand that Thynne completed her report at least 6 months ago it suggests to us that it’s the same old story of the Wirral Council power elite abusing their power . The same tactics were deployed with the recent belated publication of the LGA Peer Review . The fancy word they like to use for incessant delays is that reports have a number of  “iterations”  –  for  fact -checking, right of reply etc;.

What is really means is that it enables Wirral Council to not only “massage the message” but to buy some time when it comes to damage limitation.

We can only wonder what arm-twisting Patricia Thynne was subject to to take the sting out of her final report. All we will say is that at least the LGA Peer Review is now actually publicly available – there’s more chance of Lord Lucan riding Shergar in the Grand National than Thynne 2 appearing any time soon.

Which leads us to make this heartfelt plea  : Enough is enough! . Can we just cut the crap and ask somebody to just leak the damn report ?. Let’s face it Wirral Council are not averse to making strategic leaks when it suits them (not that we’re complaining!). Let’s not forget the infamous leaks of confidential information involving former Head of Tourism Emma Degg . To leak one confidential  Compromise Agreement looks like carelessness but to leak two looks like there’s a hidden agenda…….which brings us full circle back to the cancellation of the Standards Panel !.

4 thoughts on “Panel Beaters

  1. G’day Lordly

    I would just like to give Ecca, Eccles Cake Face, Spotty Dog, The Blinking CEO Mrs Robinson a little lesson on the difference between Panel Beaters and Complete Write Offs.

    In my almost five years Lordy since I blew the whistle to the lying cheating scum bag AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and his oversized little “Chamber Potty” for his big fat arse, her with connections in bigger places

    I have seen complete WRITE OFFS offs My L with these people who were all over Wirral “Funny” Bizz and them knocking off about £2,000,000.00



    Gra Gra Burge(r with the lot plus 27 mistakes in 7 second)ss



    Then there are the PANEL BEATERS My Leaky Lord that should be declared write offs

    “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill”


    “Phil the Deluded Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell”

    If these three just get repaired and back in situ without pain they will for ever be known as the THREE HOUDINI’s.

    If Rosemary Thyme doesn’t nail them the place is truly *ucked. I didn’t send my written evidence.I knew this hiding shit would happen.

    Then there are the PANEL BEATERS My Leaky Lord that should be declared write offs but got away with it


    His “Chamber Potty” that is full of shit

    The Garbage Lady

    Humpty Dumpty

    The Shyster

    The Angry Little Legweak



    Then My Lovely there are the vilest of the vile with an audit trail boyo, to quote a little welsh leprechaun egit

    The nurse that turned rat….with a smile like she won the lottery, pure crass crud.


    She who thinks they named a f art gallery after her

    Luv ya My Worshipful Master


    Come back Bobby47 I can’t insult them enough or with your sheer crass, crudish class.

    • James my dear friend, you do very well insulting these bottom feeding, gimme, gimme more, freeloading parasitical tics, with or without any help from me. You do very well indeed!
      You are the author and purveyor of the word ‘crud’. It’s your word James and yours alone and this word Crud does more to describe these sorts than anything I or anyone else can conjure up. They are the Crud James. Morally corrupt pieces of Crud that happen to be certifiable narcissistic sociopaths who, by definition, can only think of themselves and or the importance they feel that everyone should have and hold about them and their deeply distorted view of themselves that’s seen through their own oddly skewed lens of vision belonging to the mentally unwell.
      Fuck them all I say! A mouth full of phlegm in their puffed up faces. You see James, all these high flying Council Officers or elected political figures, locally, nationally or even globally are all ugly. Every single one of them! Probably bullied at School because of their inability to join in with ball games or, more is likely they were prone to get the nits and get violated by the visiting Nit Nurse thrice monthly, they all have this narcissistic tendency in common and they all carry this strange notion of self entitlement.
      Fuck them! A curse on their homes and a clubbed foot to their firstborn child. The Lord, our Jehovah, will ultimately judge and sort this Crud out come the day of reckoning and once God gets to grips with something he’s hitherto not taken to much bloody notice of, I reckon God will deliver them all a mighty blow.
      Course, what that mighty blow may be or how mighty it may be, I’ve no idea. Knowing God he’ll go about it all in an entirely roundabout way. Instead of delivering Emma Degg’s abode a bolt of lightening causing forty eight thousand pounds of damage to the roof tiles hollering, ‘Emma give my Wirral people their money back’, he’ll probably put the thought into some toss pots head to tippy toe up behind her, memorise her PIN number, snatch her card and take forty eight thousand pounds out of her account before the local Constable gets the chance to investigate the matter.
      And Mark my words James, once God fixes his omnipresence being upon an issue like Emma getting forty eight thousand pounds of public money or, even me scurrying up into the attic sneakily and repeatedly masturbating to the execution of Saddam Hussein on Youtube, God’ll sort it out and I wouldn’t be the one to have God getting miffed with me because I easily become sexually aroused as Saddam goes hurtling downward through the trapdoor.
      And if Emma is even bothering to read this tripe I’d tell her to hand back the money before God starts getting bloody irritated wondering what’s been going on upon The Wirral.


        If these people were only half as good a bloke as you My Bobby47?

        Thanks Bob for your guest appearance please don’t leave it so long next time and please give some thought to probably the most evil welsh leprechaun barstard who pretended to befriend another hero “Highbrow” and led him up the garden path for now five years.

        Please Bobster don’t forget his vilest of vile partners who has sold out to the whole nursing industry with the smuggest of smile on the front page of their local rubbish propaganda sheets.

        When my mum was dying Bobby after a whole life of being a nursing sister in St Helens, Clatterbridge and Sydney the sisterhood of nurses in the home would come in before their shift started just to bath mum.

        Will the welsh cretins poor long suffering be given those last pleasures?



        They just don’t think they affect peoples lives and all for about £30,000.00 CRASS CRUD

        LUV ya BOBBY47


  2. Since they are incapable of examing the turd that is before them and have kept my testimony out of sight. This is what I wrote to Mrs Thynne

    of **, ******* ****, *** ********, ******** **** ***

    Statement taken by Patricia Thynne as part of a telephone conversation

    Statement taken on 3 August 2015

    I am an accountant working in the private sector for a company which sells car parts.

    I have read the first report in this investigation and I am aware of the context. I attended the Council meeting on 15 July 2013 and I spoke at the meeting, along with Martin Morton. After I had spoken I sat in the public lobby area and then when the meeting adjourned I went to the public gallery as I wanted to speak to Liam Murphy about the questions I had asked of the Council Leader. As I approached him he waved me away. He was engaged in conversation at the time with Cllr Steve Foulkes. I was rather annoyed at being waved away because I wanted to speak to him.

    I have a clear memory of there being a large A4 envelope. I cannot now remember which of them was holding it – whether it was held by Cllr Foulkes or Liam Murphy. At the time the only thing that bothered me was that I couldn’t speak to Liam Murphy. I was so put-out by this that I went back out into the lobby and met Martin Morton. I didn’t speak to Liam Murphy at all on that occasion. I don’t know for how long Cllr Foulkes and Liam Murphy spoke but it was clearly a serious conversation because Liam Murphy had already covered my whistle-blowing several times in the Liverpool Echo. and yet could not find time to speak to me after an important exchange in the Council chamber where the Council had finally agreed to publish the Executive summary of the BIG report.

    I know Cllr Foulkes as I had attended a meeting of the Council’s Audit and Risk Committee in September 2012 and Cllr Foulkes had made a long rambling speech about whistleblowers. He was sitting behind me as the Deputy Mayor during the Council meeting on July 2013 when I spoke.

    Signed by me Nigel Hobro as a true record of my interview on 3 August 2015


    Now if all the attestees were to do the same then we would be able to conduct OUR own investigation and publish the conclusions.

    THESE events happened nearly 3 YEARS ago for pity’s sake!!!

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