It Ain’t Necessarily So


Is it us or do Wirral Council lurch from one PR gaffe to the next with even more frequency than ever since the appointment of communication tsar Martin Liptrot ?.

The latest public relations cock up involves  Cllr Chris Jones – Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health – who thought she could stem the tide of discontent over the closure of Girtrell Court by making a stateswomanlike statement to the press.

We guess the lesson that Cllr Jones needs to learn here is that if you’re given an untrammelled  opportunity to put your side of the story that you need to check that it matches the headline.

Of course recently Wirral Council have been used to writing the story , the headline and take the picture with the Liverpool Echo  (more of which another time). Other media outlets  – including us – are rather less accommodating.

But then again we doubt very much whether Cllr Chris Jones – marginally less of a Welsh windbag than her Hagrid-like husband  who’s also in the Wirral Council Cabinet of Curiosities – actually wrote the press statement.

Consequently the distaff side of the Jones household has had to send a clarification as to whether the closure of Girtrell Court is a done deal or not . The mealymouthed missive sent on her behalf currently doing the rounds has inevitably landed on the Leaky Towers doormat.

Sent on behalf of Cllr Chris Jones – Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health

Dear Councillor,

Following yesterday’s article in the Wirral Globe regarding Girtrell Court, I think it would be helpful if I clarified the current position.

The article led with a headline stating that Girtrell Court would close in August. This is not necessarily the case, and did not form part of the text I issued. 

We are continuing to meet with the families and carers using the facility in order to discuss their care needs and the various options available to meet them. A carer’s event has been arranged for 14 April, at which people using Girtrell Court and their families will be able to meet the numerous alternative providers in the area.

We have agreed to continue accepting bookings at Girtrell Court until the end of August 2016. This does not affect the consultation which is currently ongoing. This decision was taken in order to give the families and carers using the facility the ability to plan their summer breaks.

We will continue to hold discussions with individual families using the Girtrell Court facility to ensure that we are able to provide them with appropriate respite care which meets their needs. No closure date has been set for Girtrell Court.

When  I read the line  : “The article led with a headline stating that Girtrell Court would close in August. This is not necessarily the case, and did not form part of the text I issued. ”  to Her Ladyship ,  she replied  : ” Who does Cllr. Jones  think she is ?- the Almighty handing down tablets of stone to Moses?.”

We think perhaps that Cllr Jones may have been over-influenced by the alleged strong leader powers of the Godlike Council Leader Power Boy Pip Davies. Fortunately here at Wirral Leaks we understand that the things that your liable to read from Wirral Council – it ain’t necessarily so……


4 thoughts on “It Ain’t Necessarily So

  1. How about a retraction and an apology for getting it wrong AGAIN. The Council were wrong in the beginning for even considering this proposal, wrong to think they could have it done and dusted within three months, wrong to think we would accept any alternative provision offered, wrong not to offer continued respite until all the assessments and consultations were undertaken and more importantly WRONG to think we would not fight.

  2. Being my alleged ‘representative’, Councillor Chris Jones knocked on my door in the run up to #GE2015, the one that got the backside voterigged out of it, throwing UK pollsters into a tizzy en masse. (Watch out for #VotegateUK, coming very soon.)

    Anyway, my firm, but good natured refusal to smile, listen, nod, admire, praise, much less promise I would be voting for her, and my subsequent detailed explanation of the years of callous abuse that councillors and senior officers had indulged themselves in quickly had her eyes gazing, her brow moistening, her mouth drooping agape and her feet making backward movements towards my front garden gate. Her assistants had by this time deserted their leader and she was all alone and looking forlorn as she lurched into reverse and out onto the pavement, mouthing nonsense words that didn’t quite cohere into legible sentences.

    No, it’s not every day (or even every 5 years) you knock on a Seacombe resident’s door to be greeted with the relentless and awful truth (the biggest threat they know) shaped into hammer blows and being delivered confidently in steady, pounding thrusts to your befuddled brain.

    Last thing I saw of her, the poor thing was running up the road desperately trying to catch up with her cowardly colleagues who were now mouthing off on the doorstep of Mrs Coltart’s at Number 47.

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