Word on the Street

Word on the street

Kept in the dark

It’s been flagged up with us that half the staff of Wirral Council contractors  BAM Nuttall (or should that be BAM F*ckall?) have been told to hit the road. If this is the case  –  can we ask how this will help with the streetlights repair backlog and the holes in the road ? – perhaps Council streetscene Tsar Stuart “Witless” Whittingham can take time out from posing with a lamp post to shine some light on the situation  before everything turns to pot (holes).

Send in the Clowns

We understand that whilst a police investigation has concluded in the case of Wirral councillor Louise Reecejones  there still remain more questions than answers. We all remember that Reecejones was suspended by North West Labour Party nearly a year ago – although not from council duties.


We understand the suspension still stands and suspect the council will be taking matters further as well as dealing with the public spat with outgoing councillor Jim “Crabby” Crabtree.

As one of our sources say  : “It’s an awful mess and at the centre of it is money that was given in grants for the specific reason of helping form policies and procedures as well as to hold the LA to account on behalf of children with special educational needs and disabilities and the LA have been carrying on without any parental input on the new SEND* law and reforms –  
Children with SEND are suffering because of all this but yet again the most vulnerable are left out in the cold.” 
*  Special Educational Needs and Disability
 No change there then!
Reds on the Sunbed
Finally we’ve been asked by some of our readers about do we know anything about the man with the tan and how he got it ?. We’re talking about Wirral Council”leader” Power Boy Pip Davies who has appeared publicly recently looking rather ruddy. Her Ladyship thought his flushed appearance could be embarrassment. But I reminded her of the old phrase : ” A blush is the colour of virtue” and she was quickly disabused of the notion.
Perhaps Pip himself can enlighten us as to where he got his glow –  New Brighton? Reno ??, Cannes???…………..

4 thoughts on “Word on the Street

  1. Do people actually read this tripe?? I almost feel sorry for you, you go to so much effort, and for what (yawn). So opiniated as well.

    • First of all Pat we just wanted to say we love the word “tripe” – very retro.
      And yes Pat lots of people (including you clearly) read this tripe. More importantly the people we write about read this tripe.

      Also we think the word you were looking to describe us is “opinionated”.
      We make no apologies for having an opinion and we have a right to express it.
      You too have an opinion and have a right to express it – we just think your opinion is ,er, tripe.

      • Ok, you got me there Leaky, clearly your such an intelligent person. I bow down to your greatness both in spelling and witty comebacks…..

        However, your articles are still boring and no-one ever comments apart from me and that odd bloke that goes ‘oh lordly lordly lordly’ or whatever he says.

        Maybe you should all meet up and get a room. Oh, I forgot, you have one…..here’s Wirral Leaks!!! 🙂

      • Nothing like a bit of repartee to get us going this early in the morning.
        However first things first and sorry we have to do this but it’s “you’re” not “your”.

        a) If our articles are “boring” – why do you read them?
        b) As for the comments – which clearly you’ve taken time to read- are not just from you and Mr.Griffiths. For obvious reasons many of our commentators wish to remain anonymous and therefore the real action takes place at our email address – wirralleaks@gmail.com
        Where do you think we get our leaks from? – from people who wish to remain anonymous. We also get contacted by many people telling us to keep up the good work and from the likes of documentary makers for BBC2. We’d give you the heads up when the programme is on but you’d probably find documentaries on BBC2 boring.

        Do keep commenting Pat – perhaps you could contact us at our email address with some ideas for future posts.

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