Red Carpeted


Could this be a way for Martin Liptrot to publicly pledge his political allegiance without the use of social media ?

After  reading a series of Wirral Leaks exclusives on the social media mishaps of Wirral Council’s communications supremo Martin Liptrot(sky) we understand that the legitimacy of airing his personal political views in public whilst occupying a politically restricted post was raised officially by an unnamed councillor.

After the usual attempts to kick the matter into the long grass it appears the complaint has finally been given a response from the Council’s top cover up co-ordinator Surjit Tour . A leaked email from him reads :

In answer to the question you posed, namely “How does the information on the website fit in with the operation of the 1989 Act or 1990 regulations?”, I confirm that the information/commentary in question posted by Martin Liptrot on his Facebook page is not permitted under the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 and Local Government (Political Restrictions) Regulations 1990.

This matter has been discussed with the individual concerned and he has been reminded of the need to observe the obligations associated with occupying a politically restricted post.

Well that’s alright then!

Initially we were amused that Tour couldn’t bring himself to write our name – despite the fact we know that he has expended much Council time and money trying to “smoke us out” – more on that story another time.

But more importantly it seems we were right to point out that Liptrotsky was out of order – some might even say acting unlawfully – by his very public support of the Labour Party when his publicly funded role specifically required political neutrality on his part.

But oh what humiliation for Liptrotsky of having to be carpeted for his misdemeanours by Tour (of all people!) as well as having to hand in timesheets in to Joe “Blotto” Blott.

However is a Surjit-slap punishment enough? – surely there can be now no doubt that Liptrotsky is nothing more than a Labour Party apparatchik paid for from ever diminishing Council funds? . After being found to be in breach of statutes and regulations the proper course of action would surely be for Liptrotsky to resign his Council position and if he wants to continue in his role then he should be paid out of Labour Party coffers.

Then there would be no issue about Liptrotsky posting his support for the Labour Party wherever and however he chooses. Of course this doesn’t extend to actual support for Labour Party leader Jezza Corbyn – from what we’ve read Liptrotsky doesn’t seem too keen. But then he’s in bad company as local MPs Frank Field and Alison McGovern aren’t keen either. Apparently the term used by Corbynistas to describe dissenters is “Core Negative” – which sounds to us like someone with no soul. Which when it comes to certain politicians and their hangers-on they may have a valid point !.



22 thoughts on “Red Carpeted

  1. Successful and accomplished Public Relations People, at the top of their game.

    Everybody hates the bastards.

    Which would appear to suggest that they’re not very good at Public Relations.

    Er… *Scratches head*

  2. It’s interesting to read your poorly written columns.

    I chuckle at the content and pity your difficult lives living on the Wirral. It seems like a very bad place to live.

    Try croxteth or Norris green…..come and live here and moan about the things you talk about. You need to pipe down and stop thinking you are some kind of journalist; if you were, you would have a job at a decent publication not terrorising the good people of our neighbouring Wirral.

    I pity you, and wish I had the time you do to waste posting nonsensical journalism on this site.

    • Hi Little Dave
      Glad you find our columns interesting and you chuckle at the content.
      Shame you think they’re poorly written and nonsensical.
      Contradictory much?
      Perhaps Wirral Leaks isn’t for you as you don’t live here – if you wrote the Croxteth Chronicle or Norris Green News perhaps we’d be equally nonplussed.
      But you don’t do you ? – you just ask bloggers (that’s what we are – not journalists) “to pipe down” . Which we won’t.
      Ta -ra.

      • I write here due to the fact I spend a great deal of my time on the Wirral. Your fellow residents are some of my best customers, who knows you may be one too.

        My family also originate from your precious peninsula, so please don’t pre judge my qualification to read your poorly written tirades of underwhelming local news. Oh sorry, ‘blogs’.

        Check your grammar too before you post, you would have thought it were you who was educated in croxteth not I.

  3. G’day Lordly

    Little Tiny Dave is probably referring to my comments Lordy because they are shite I will hold my hands up.

    They are shite because the the topic of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council is not only bad but rotten at the core.

    The core being “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” “Ankles” “The Pretend Friend” ” Nurse Rat” “She who thinks they named an art gallery after her” “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell” “The Shyster” “Legweak” “Humpty Dumpty” “The Chamber Potty” “The Garbage Lady” and everyone’s favourite AdderleyDadderlyDooLally.

    All headed up by he who hasn’t come out from under his desk since Paul Cardin said G’day or more likely in scouse “yer right?”

    The Blinking CEO, Eccles Cake Face, Spotty Dog.

    Poor Mrs Robinson he just doesn’t have the cojones to come out and deal with Wirralgate and Wirral “Funny” Bizz.



    You just keep doing what you are doing My Good Lord more and more are getting on board to rid the good people of Wirral of this Blott on the landcape.

    luv ya more xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Good to see they are reading you over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant Wirral Waters.

    Tell ya mates Wee Wee Dave

    • Hi James

      Do you have any idea of who I am? I suggest you research this and tread very carefully as I would value a meeting with you, you perhaps may not.


      • Veiled threats already?.
        We’ve really got under your skin haven’t we?.Like scabies.
        We were mildly diverted by your hostility – now we’re intrigued.
        Clearly you’re not a casual observer from Crocky who stumbled across the site
        So what’s your agenda Little Big Man?

  4. Good morning, Wirral Leaks
    Oh dear, you have upset someone here haven’t you? Yes, I do mean ‘Little dave’…
    Interestingly enough I had a very similar exchange with a supercilious ‘super-educated’ self-important individual regarding comments I posted on our local online ‘newspaper’ before Easter. Since deleted by the Globe. Very similar sentiments were expressed on a very personal rather than content level.
    My discussion ‘partner’ didn’t apply his logical and reasoned arguments (as he described them), to the article regarding which I commented, so his stuff was a bit of a rant – nothing more, nothing less. ‘Little dave’ appears to be confused with our precious peninsula (which is precious to us and why blogs like this exist in Wirral) and the very questionable ‘most improved’ Wirral Council (which is why blogs like this exist in Wirral).
    I ask myself, are ‘Little dave’ and ‘Wirraly’ one and the same individual? Are they related? Is someone else writing their scripts? I could let my solicitor know.
    Any individual endeavouring to belittle me is at liberty to try, as is ‘Little dave’ to belittle you. It takes a very brave and courageous man to hide behind a pseudonym at a very safe distance in the acclaimed Northern Powerhouse, and courageously tells us does big business in Wirral?
    Will you give us an informed view of the tunnel toll issues, notsobig dave?
    I don’t hide behind a pseudonym on this blog, neither do many people if one reads the posts. ‘Little dave’ knows we say who we are, because we are not gutless bastards.
    Is ‘Little dave’…short for something…probably…
    Little dave, do tell – answer your own question and delight the poor undeserving, ill-educated plebs in your neighbouring borough of Wirral (which is rapidly sinking…) the benefit of your wisdom and disclose your fearsome moniker. Assuming someone will find time to read this thread to you, I’ve tried to use as many two- and three-letter words as possible, to make it easier.
    Dr Robert B Smith

  5. Hello Little Dave, My very warmest regards to you following your first message and your debut of dipping your toe into this bear pit.
    First and foremost I am ‘not’ jumping to the aid of his Lordship and his Ladyship. Both are very capable of fighting their corner without any help from me. Neither am I about to attack you. I wouldn’t do that because I like to see new posters emerge who may be able to contribute to the discussions generated by the offerings authored by the mighty Leaks.
    However, given that I’ve been writing for many years and I know the art of this mindless game and dance we all play whilst we all shovel out our vowels and consonants as we desperately try to rise to the top of our game, there are tiny things that I feel sure can help you with to produce better work.
    For starters, in my experience to succeed and to demonstrate to the reader that ‘here is someone who knows what they are doing’, you’ve gotta enter the bear pit and produce a piece and a writing style that captures the readers imagination, demonstrate some fluidity in the writing style, develop a point, build on that displaying some written imagination and then, just when the scene is set and the reader is in no doubt that you are a force to be reckoned with, you produce your sword and go in for the kill.
    You’ve actually done none of these things Little David. You’ve completely ignored all the skills and deliberate steps that are required for you to rise to the top of our very own pile of bile. Instead of producing a piece of written work that follows my good advice, you’ve come hurtling in, ignored the golden opportunity to demonstrate any literary ability to us the readers and in very quick time you’ve simply said, ‘Your writing isn’t to my liking’. Try as I might, other than a reference to his Lordship failing to appreciate the good life on the Wirral you’ve actually expressed very little.
    From here on, build a point, have a point and try and argue and evidence the point. Throw in some hook of a word or line that makes me howl, ‘you clever fucking bastard. You’ve written before’! Quite simply Little David, like me and the author of the mighty Leaks use your imagination to illuminate your piece and demonstrate to all of us that ‘you are a force to be reckoned with’.
    Finally, the last bit,…..’have you any idea who I am’. Now this is where I am going to be a little sarcastic with you. We’ve no idea who you are Little Dave and you’ve no idea who we are. This is the point of all of this rancid undiluted pigswill that’s been exchanged between us and you. I hope with some reflection on ‘have you any idea who I am’, you’ll mutter to yourself, ‘Fortyseven is right. I’ve made myself sound like a complete toss pot’.
    Take care Little David and if by any chance you’ve been tasked to author your words on the Leaks, tell your paymasters that you’ve done your best but with hindsight you are poorly equipped to survive in this Bear Pit.
    Do you see what I’ve just done Little Dave? I’ve demonstrated my ability, I’ve made a point, I’ve developed a point, displayed some literary imagination and after slapping you a little and having some light hearted fun, I’ve gone full circle back to the beginning of my odd reference to the Bear Pit. That’s writing Little David. I’m good at it. The Leaks are better at it than me which means you are very wrong. Take care lad.

    • Keep walking down the path please….

      Your posts make me chuckle. My name is Dave, not David so please get this right.

      You call this a ‘bear pit’, ha ha ha, I guess you’re a sixth former doing English badly as an A level? Comedy indeed.

      I mentioned the fact you should tread carefully, not as a threat. I don’t threaten people. I was simply advising you to be careful what you write. A lesson one will learn.

      I trust you will now be very upset that you have been put in your place and will duly want to come back at me. Unfortunately your response will be a juvenile aggressive response or a silence that I will only ridicule.

      I thank you for your time x

      • Not sure you understand how this blog thing works “Dave”.
        We will always have the last word. It’s nothing much but it’s all we have.
        We could just send your responses to “Trash” but we choose to “Approve” as hey! it’s raining , there’s nothing on the telly and you’re vaguely entertaining in a “this guy’s got issues” kinda way.

      • Sorry Martin, but I do understand how blogging works. I also understand how to live a life without moaning. To have set up a website to post negativity under a sudonym is a little cowardly to me.

  6. Dear lord Julian so somebody does not like your “Blog” so what, the majority do.
    I have crossed swords with Mr. Tour in the past over the Graham Burgess invitation to all the councillors to the open golf last year when I posted what a scandalous waste of ratepayers money on John Brace’s website and within minutes john emailed with a threat of legal action from Mr Tour not veiled but actual. I withdrew the comment and within 10 minutes the shit hit the fan so to speak and Mr Tour had to withdraw his threats when the truth came out. Yet the politically incorrect gets a slap on the wrist from Mr Tour and keeps his £45,000.00 a year job at ratepayers expense so that’s Tour justice and yet he bullied a ratepayer for telling the truth about our corrupt goings on at the clown hall

  7. Hats off to the amount of time you guys put into this content, it must take ages you bunch of nuts! Have you thought about creative writing? It just seems such a waste of time. I don’t like the council as much as the next person but there are people here that really harbour hatred and it makes me wonder to what end? What do you want to happen? It’s really quite creepy. In medieval times you’d have all been trying to burn Cheshire lines down with those flame torches, you know the ones I mean? Like a gang of angry villagers!

    • Hi Liz
      We hear what you’re saying.
      Much of the anger is directed towards politicians and senior managers at Wallasey Town Hall rather than council employees at Cheshire Lines or elsewhere.
      We’d like to think that providing a place for people to vent circumvents the torch lit parade !.

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