Unsporting Life

Unsporting life

On Grand National day our thoughts turn to sporting pursuits or more accurately unsporting pursuits with the local main players being (sad to say) self -serving Evertonians.

We’re not being partisan – it’s just the way things seem to work round here.We just wonder how Liverpool fan – Wirral Council Chief Executive “Stressed Eric”  Robinson – slipped through the net?.

Firstly whilst Her Ladyship is a keen golfer and is avidly following this weekend’s Masters golf tournament in Augusta she was not dismayed to learn that the Hoylake golf resort has hit a rough patch. We understand a 100 strong meeting was held on 29th March and the meeting was overwhelmingly against removal and development of the Green Belt as a means of setting up a golf course and (more pertinently) a housing development . However as far as we can tell this opposition hasn’t been reported anywhere else. Vested interests or apathy outside of Hoylake ? – you decide.

Continuing on an unsporting theme  –  what does Wirral have in common with the judicial system?. Apparently it’s a place where life doesn’t mean life. Witness this message we’ve received about the ongoing “Passport for Life” debacle :

”  A ‘Passport for Life’ surely means a Passport for Life and I checked and yes I still have a pulse, albeit difficult to detect on occasions. An award, by definition, is a gift that should not be taken back……… I think there’s room here for a petition to demand the return of the Burgess et al golden handshakes and the reinstatement of all our long service awards.

Norman Meddle, retired Wirral worker and Unison member.”
Norman Meddle – what a great name and what a great suggestion. He also tells us he’s been in touch with local and national Unison to see whether there can be a legal challenge to this move. We don’t fancy his chances as Unison haven’t backed a winner in a long time  – but then that’s what you get for being top of the handicap when you’re an employee and a union rep. As the saying goes  you can’t ride two horses at once.
Although Mr Meddle specifically mentions former CEO Burgesski we think special consideration should be given  to additional pension contributions  for “retirement” (with absolutely no justification) to  the likes of another Wirral Council CEO  Steve ” Mad Dog” Maddox and more recently Kevin “Addled” Adderley.
But then Wirral Council’s main players  have a long-standing record of not playing  fair or by the rules . Witness this week’s non-debate of the Girtrell Court closure proposal – blaming the Wirral Globe for an allegedly misleading headline and asking opposition councillors for an apology for , er, opposing …….or the continuing  delay of the Standards Panel when they know the game is up for some of the Council’s leading (own) goal scorers.
They remind us of that spoilt kid who takes their ball away when the whistle is blown on their foul play.

2 thoughts on “Unsporting Life

  1. G’day Lordly

    When I walked into AdderleyDadderleyDooLally’s office on 5 July 2011 to meet with him and “The Chamber Potty” to blow the whistle on Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off about £2,000,000.00 I looked up at his football shirt on the wall and thought this man must be a brilliant sports person.

    Sport and team games generally makes a good character in my opinion.

    Five years on he is still a stinking ashtray of a scum bag.

    I played semi professional football till I was forty and I never knew anyone of this ilk.




  2. G’day Lordsville

    Regarding my above post and “The Football Shirt”.

    65 Clowncillors stood behind the lies and obfuscations of the Wirral “Funny” Bizz shenanigans.

    Only Stuart Kelly stood up to the cheating and lying and they made sure they got rid of him.

    Please don’t vote for any of those 65 clowncillors.

    It was voted to Lyndale.

    It was voted to close Girtrell Court.



    Lordy me old mate anyone in Wirral can just nod and ear ear if that is all there is to getting pocket money and pretend we will be the golf centre of the world.


    Ecca when are you going to clean up Wirralgate and Wirral “Funny Bizz?

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