Host Town

Host 010

This town is coming like a host town.

Apparently the Wirral Chamber of Commerce co-ordinated “Birkenhead First” steering group has appointed three “Town Hosts” to welcome and direct visitors to find the town’s “hidden gems.”

This trinity of holy hosts will be the public face of the Birkenhead Improvement District and will ensure Birkenhead is clean and tidy and “will act as a highly visible deterrent for anti-social behaviour”. We’re imagining  something akin to air stewards with tasers and pooper scoopers.

So what “hidden gems” might the Town Hosts visitors be directing visitors to?. We can imagine that their spiel goes something like this :

” …..And on your left is a contact centre and if you look to your right there is another contact centre. If you’re feeling peckish you can pop into Al Capone’s for a light snack. Oh sorry it’s been closed as being a serious risk to the community…. ”

Now we know that the Birkenhead Improvement District want to accentuate the positive but beyond the wonder of Hamilton Square and the world class river view even they have to admit Birkenhead is a bit of a hard sell.

That assessment includes the much lauded Birkenhead Park which due to lack of adequate security has become something of an arsonist’s playground. Additionally the perimeter of the park is falling into wrack and ruin. Witness the continuing sad demise of ESWA Sports & Social Club building which we first reported in August 2014!. As Private Eye wrote at the time :

” This had been used as the ESWA Sports & Social Club …until it closed in 2012. The following year the houses were bought by a developer. Soon after they were burgled,and 24 hours later they went on fire,the fire services suspecting arson. The shell of the two houses now stands open to the sky and surrounded by hoardings. The plan,apparently is to convert the structure into apartments,but so often in the Wirral a fire is followed by demolition….In London, the house would be graced with a blue plaque and cherished. But poor Birkenhead is different”

Heading for two years later poor Birkenhead is still “different” and not in a good way :

Host 016


In the same post above we drew attention to appalling state of the derelict site at the corner of Balls Rd East /Oxton Rd . Coincidentally the same person who provided the pictures for that article has sent us some more recent pictures which illustrate this article and our photographer asks us whether the Town Hosts will be directing visitors to the beauty of Borough Road (see above and below) or tidying it up before they get there?. They sent the pictures to us in the hope that something will be done about the fly-tipping and the filth as the last time we published their pictures something was actually done about the situation.

Over to you Town Hosts !……………..

Host 011

As you can see this delightful picture taken on Borough Road includes the obligatory dog crap. 




6 thoughts on “Host Town

  1. Between 1982 and 1985 I was the proud business owner and tenant of one of the shops shown in your photo of Borough Road. At that time, most of those properties were occupied by successful small businesses. However, Wirral Council (in their inestimable wisdom) declared that my business was ‘not economically viable’ and, with zero consultation, the buildings on the opposite side (incl Marriott’s) were bulldozed and a lovely, shiny dual carriageway constructed…proudly sporting double yellow lines outside our shops. I was forced to relocate my business, other shopkeepers went bust. I chose to move out of the borough to Ellesmere Port where I continued trading for another 20+ years as a tenant of EP&NBC, employing dozens of local people over the years. Nice one, Wirral Council. Nothing has changed. And that’s the sad reality.

  2. Having presided over his self-declared ‘Beirut’ constituency for 37 long years, and having carved out a glittering parliamentary career, and having achieved little of substance for anybody but @teamfrankfield – apart from a Frank-ly bogus reputation for ‘caring about the poor’ – I blame the local MP.

  3. G’day Lordsville

    Talking of “The Chamber Pot” and some of their main players “The Chamber Potty” and AdderleyDadderleyDooLally not that you were specifically.

    The mess that they left behind at Wirral “Funny” Bizz with them knocking off about £2,000,000.00 that was never tidied up by at least two CEO’s still thrives in the community and “Highbrow” and I could not stop laughing for as long as it takes “Ankles” to eat a dozen pork pies….. about five minutes.

    Because the “accountant” at Wirral “Funny” Bizz that did over 100 hundred tax returns incorrectly for connections to “start ups” got away with the rest of the gang he is still operating.

    The funny bit though My Good Lord is that someone met another person from Wirral “Funny” Bizz who was visited by the police when working there and he was cursing the Inland Revenue for a £3,000.00 plus fine.

    That is how stupid they all were My Leaky they still use the same dodgy accountant that WMBC let get away with no case to answer.

    So it just goes to show that they can start schemes but have no expertise to monitor or complete them.

    Any idiot even AdderleyDadderleyDooLally can spend money cause the half wit thinks it is not ours anyway so it doesn’t matter.








  4. And on our left we have a burnt out hotel, proceeding on we pass Hamilton Square a jewel in Birkenheads crown about to receive pathetic refurbishment, oh sorry, sympathetic refurbishment.
    Around the corner we have the route to Wallasey Town Hall, sorry its closed again. Must increase council tax to pay for a shoddy repair which might last a few months until Duke Street Bridge conks out. Never mind come back to Wallasey Town Hall and see how much luxury you can handle , I’ll just phone ahead to HR who can order a luxury buffet and and some spin consultants. Does anybody here like Golf?

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