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There certainly seems to be more life in the ‘Passport for Life’ saga than there is in the now defunct ‘Passport for Life’ long service award itself which has been withdrawn from ex-Wirral Council employees who had more than 25 years service.

Apparently the original offer to former Council employees involved three choices…

•       Love2Shop Gift Card (vouchers)
•       A cheque to the full value of the award (less statutory deductions)
•       A ‘Passport for Life’

Whilst we would have thought a lifetime’s worth  of counselling would be more appropriate for those who’d spent a quarter of a century working for Wirral Council it is not clear how  ‘A Passport for Life’  is able to become ‘A Passport for as Long as Wirral Council Feels Like It” . We  would suggest that unless there was something in the terms and conditions when the ‘Passport for Life’ was magnanimously “gifted”  that Wirral Council could be on dodgy legal ground . So no change there then!.

We’re just wondering whether those who chose the vouchers are being asked to traipse back to some of the dreariest shops on the high street to return their gifts?. Or those who trousered the cheque will be asked to empty their pockets and look down the back of the sofa to help out the cash-strapped Council?.

We think it is a salutary lesson for all those Wirral Council staff past and present who ever thought they were valued as public servants. It seems to use that they’re rather like their “free” gifts  – an economic unit and a disposable commodity.

Once again the back of a fagpacket financial planning which also characterised the Girtrell Court closure proposal seems to be at work during the making of this decision.

The faulty logic behind the projected £100,000 “saving” seems to be concomitant on 400+ former employees turning round and saying :

We hear our loyal and generous former employer is having financial problems . So we don’t mind chipping in £15 a month out of our pensions to make sure Wirral Council can make up the shortfall caused by the Wallasey Town Hall petty cash thief or to enable them to pay-off another failure of a senior manager or to enable council officials to fly off to some far flung destination on a wing and a prayer. 

What also hasn’t been factored into the projected “saving” is the administration costs, officer time and reputational damage.  We understand that a letter is due from one of the Super-Duper Directors clarifying the long service award situation now that they’ve returned from their holidays!. They just don’t get it do they?.

We look forward to receiving a copy and commenting on the tortuous explanation for this latest debacle.


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5 thoughts on “Return the Gift

  1. This ragtag bunch of Councillors have been at their farcical best over the Passports for Life business. I have reliable information that a letter was sent to a local MP saying the Passports would be reinstated to all 400+ retirees. This was met with pleasant surprise by some retirees so being a cynic who refuses to rely on the rumour mill I thought I’d check it out with the Chief. It seems that the letter contained a ‘typo’ error and it should have said ‘will NOT reinstate the Passports for Life’. A simple error but really too far fetched to be true. I think this needs a Freedom for Information request. By the way a legal challenge is being processed.

  2. I served in the army for many years and conducted operations in places with names that where used instead of the word of hell. I used my forces veterans passport twice a week for a swim with my kids. I was then told due to cost savings that this privilege would be withdrawn, normally I wouldn’t have taken issue with this, but I took issue with the fact that Army Cadet Force Adult volunteers were given the privilege of a passport under the umbrella of “serving forces members” I’m afraid I instantly seen my a@se and took my passport to the oval and handed it in, I explained the reason to the staff member who was very sympathetic and also stated that these individuals in her opinion abused these passports by block booking tennis courts, football pitches etc and failed to use them, thus imposing a monetary loss on the council. She also stated how rude and arragant these individuals were. I wrote to the leader of the council on two separate occations but never recieved a response. I also wrote to the Wirral Globe who printed my complaint in the paper, I can honestly say as born and bred socialist I am disgusted in this council, and never will labour ever receive my vote again.!

    • Good to read you John, although not good to read how the council have been treating veterans who are unfortunate enough to choose to settle in the vicinity of unaccountable power abusers. People like you and I.

      It turned my stomach one recent November when I saw the sombre-faced Mayor Foulkes, loaded down with a huge poppy wreath, laying it down at the Remembrance Day Parade.

      The vomit in my belly was stirred and quickly arose because not long before this, he’d actually presided over the stripping of £736,756.97 (and a whole lot more unexplored and undeclared money) from the bank accounts of learning disabled tenants over a 9 year period, despite being told in detail about it early on by Social Services whistleblower Mr Morton. I was reliably told that a number of these unfortunate Moreton residents, constituents of Angela Eagle, were walking the streets dressed in rags and begging for food. Many have since died. Cheers Labour. What Godforsaken justification can possibly be finessed from thin air for this to be allowed to happen?

      Rant almost over…

      And what did Foulkes do as leader at the time? Nothing proper, correct or appropriate, just his very best to draw a veil, minimise the impact and cover it all up. The buck stopped with him, yet he allowed Mr Morton to be bullied and mobbed and forced out of his job. And his *successor* did f*ck all to make the sickly, protesting abusers accountable.

      And it seems Foulkes was later happy to be rewarded for something the bastards branded as ‘public service’, with a recommendation for elevation to Mayor by that *successor*, his woeful Torylite comrade-in-arms Councillor Phil Davies, as power was abused once again and all surviving vestiges of ‘democratic values’ were put to the sword once again.

      Rant not quite over…

      But that’s Wirral; a hellhole where anything goes once you’ve ascended to the top of the mountainous, stinking, foetid, putrid, rancid heap – which is what bad people do with gusto and relish, knocking the less well-equipped out of the way. Culturally, it’s unspeakable, deeply-insulting and populated by no-mark throwbacks and failures who would perish very quickly if thrust into the better world that would exist but is being prevented from breaking cover because these bastards won’t ever allow it.

      So on we all go, dragged down into the gutter, protesting – but never heard, just exploited, ignored and lied to, being forced to watch the filthy pigs wallow and squeal and congratulate themselves.

      Rant over.

      • Hi Scotty
        Our reading of the Independent Review was that the going hungry and wearing secondhand clothes was going on elsewhere other than Moreton.
        Though it’s hard to tell with the redactions in the report . We suppose we’ll never know the full story.Shame we weren’t going when it was all happening.
        All we do know is that no-one was ever held accountable and those responsible soon returned to positions of power.
        Beam me up indeed.


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