The Eagle Has Landed In Hot Water

Angela eagle


Oh dear ! – pardon the mixed metaphor but Wallasey MP Angela Eagle seems to have dipped her toes in the local political waters and had her fingers burnt.

Apparently taking to Facebook to announce to the world that that she had succeeded in getting one of her constituent’s ‘Passport for Life” concessionary leisure pass reinstated and including a photo of a letter sent from Wirral Council to her stating that they would be in touch with her constituent them to tell them the good news !…..

When this fact was brought to Super Duper Director Clare “Wet” Fish  she was adamant that this was not the case and there has not been a restoration of a ‘Passport for Life’ for any former member of Wirral council staff . Therefore in what seems to be yet another case of right hand meet left hand  Fish was forced into making the embarrassing  confession that :

” inaccurate information was provided in error to Angela Eagle MP for which the Council has apologised ” – Oops!

Obviously Ange’s post on Facebook has now been removed as this apparently was the original link :

Meanwhile our advice to Ange would be to leave meddling in Wirral Council matters to the monster , sorry , master – Birkenhead MP Frankenfield. For example he provides a masterclass in dissembling in an article published earlier this week in the Liverpool Echo. Wading into the row over the future of Byrne Avenue baths site Frankie says Wirral Council must  “be careful with every pound of taxpayers’ money………..I am not prepared to speculate on the possibility of a group coming up trumps on Byrne Avenue when the risk of failure would mean that £400,000 was taken away from care that is being delivered to elderly people, or the council’s attempts to save the lives of vulnerable children.”

You’ve got to admire the sheer chutzpah of  Frankenfield as he somehow reconciles Wirral Council having to be careful with taxpayers’ money so they can care for the elderly infirm and the “starving mites” with asking them to pay for work from his mates Nick and Tony or as he tries to box off the Wirralgate scandal using council taxpayers cash!.

Clearly Ange has a lot to learn from Frankenfield when it comes to the carefully constructed public representation as a champion of the people.


1 thought on “The Eagle Has Landed In Hot Water

  1. Each and everyone of them are far to concerned with pushing their snouts deeper into the trough of plenty, Remember when you Re-Elect the same old rubbish, all you get in return is more of the same old trash “Pick New Face” is the only step in the right direction.

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