Vote for X

Vote X


The 103 candidates up for 23 council seats in Wirral’s 22 wards have been announced:

For us one name in particular stood out on the ballot sheet .

Let’s call them Councillor X  (although there are quite a few other things we’d like to call them including  ex-councillor).

Unlike Wirral Council we wouldn’t want to interfere or influence the democratic process by naming Councillor X .However we have grave concerns that Wirral Council officials have colluded with the likely election of someone who should have been suspended from public duties a long time ago.

Labour Councillors  Jim Crabtree and Louise Reecejones must feel particularly aggrieved at their suspensions as judged on what we know about the allegations made against them they don’t come anywhere near the seriousness of the malpractice that has been alleged against Councillor X.

Although these allegations have been duly investigated you’d think if it was the usual “no case to answer” that the matter could be forgotten about and we could get off our ballot box.

The report into the conduct of Councillor X (and others) was completed long ago. However the Standards Panel where it was to be discussed has shamefully been subject to delay after delay after delay thus enabling Councillor X to stand at the forthcoming local elections with an unblemished record when it comes to upholding the seven principles of public life. Nice to know that Wirral Council are enabling voters to make an informed choice about who they’re voting for isn’t it?.

The apparent reason for these delays was the unavailability of a representative from one particular political party and yet , making no comment on the the emotive issue that they were discussing , the members of that same political party all managed to attend a Cabinet meeting held today at Wallasey Town Hall. We also know that councillors who are not members of the Cabinet will be leafleting , electioneering and generally gladhanding the general public and reassuring them that they models of personal and public probity…..and yet not one of them could find time to attend a meeting to consider the most shameful episode in Wirral Council history before the local elections – funny that isn’t it?. ….and the joke is most certainly on Wirral’s voters.


13 thoughts on “Vote for X

  1. Wirral only has 22 wards, so maybe you need to edit your first sentence stating it has 66?

    I thought Cllr Niblock (not the councillors referred to in your article) standing as an independent against the Labour Party candidate was worthy of comment too!

    • Hi John
      You’re right – we were too busy trying to get the crux of the matter. We meant 22 out of 66 councillors not wards.
      And right again about Niblock – but we didn’t want to distract from the main attraction. We think Lib Dem/Labour/Independent Niblock is worthy of a post of his own.


      • As there are two councillors being elected in Liscard ward, it’s and election with 22 wards, for 23 councillors and 103 candidates.

        So the first sentence unfortunately still needs a little editing. Otherwise according to you we have less candidates than vacant positions for councillor!

      • G’day Leaksy and “Tarrantino”

        To err is human – to cover up Wirral “Funnhy” Bizz knicking £2,000,000.00 and being allowed to run off to Portugal is unforgivable.

        Don’t vote for any incompetent incumbent co-conspirator.



        Luv ya’s XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • I’m assuming this Councillor X must have special knowledge about others which, if released for public consumption, would make these others’ positions and the power they enjoy with them untenable.

      That’s the way business is done in any dishonest, malpractising organisation where the organisational ‘culture’, if that’s the correct term, continues to wallow around in the sewer.

      So if this councillor has manifest insecurities, and judging by his unusual hairstyle he does, then these insecurities may implode, turn in on themselves and begin to consume those closest to him if people don’t pussyfoot around treading upon eggshells.

      So……………… he has to be protected at all costs.

      And the public have to be shortchanged and prevented from accessing the sordid details, again at all costs.

      And all concepts of ‘democracy’ and ‘accountability’ are again subverted.

      I wonder if Eric Robinson may soon have an emerging thought, emerge from beneath his desk and emerge into the daylight, away from this godforsaken hellhole before too much shit starts to stick to him personally?

      • G’day Leaky and Paul

        Come on ecca, man up, get some cojones or you will join Wilkie, Norman, Burgess “The Shyster” and “Legweak”.

        Oh sorry Eccles Cake Face you haven’t rid us of the last two conspiratorial scum bags yet.



        C’mon Blinking CEO smell the coff.. I mean shit at wirral with a small w.

        Luv ya lads XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. G’day Lordly

    Wouldn’t it be great Lodrsly if Ecca the Blinking CEO made a statement and fessed up about the conspiracy against “Highbrow” and myself over Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off about £2,000,000.00 and the asset stripping Lockwood/Harbac that AdderleyDadderleyDooLallly et al were all over and continued to pay the villains for eighteen months without the inevitable court nonsense.

    Also Davies and Davies et al Wirralgate crud.


    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Clean it up Eccles Cake Face and get from under that desk your hiding under from Cardin, he only wanted to say g’day.



    Its ok L AdderleyDadderleyDooLally the idiotic blue galah thinks Wirral “Funny” Bizz was paid with someone else’s money.

    Luv ya work Leaksville XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • G’day “Tarrantino” and Leaky

      I made a mistake in my last post just to take the piss out of you two.

      Where I said

      Wouldn’t it be great Lodrsly if Ecca the Blinking CEO made a statement and fessed up about the conspiracy against “Highbrow” and myself over Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off about £2,000,000.00 and the asset stripping Lockwood/Harbac that AdderleyDadderleyDooLallly et al were all over and continued to pay the villains for eighteen months without the inevitable court nonsense.

      What I meant was wouldn’t it normal to own up to our mistakes.

      Why do Wirral think they never make a mistake and if they do they are full of denial.

      Or…were they fully aware of the crimes>

      Paying them for a further 18 months after the whistle blowing suggests………



      18 months Lordsville paying suspected villains.


  3. Emerging Thoughts! That was a good thread from the Leaks. We all enjoyed that. I did. Course, Cardin, who brought this up knows that. He knows this very well, He knows we all enjoyed reading about Eric and his emerging thoughts just as we did reading Cardin’s bit on Wirral In It Together about Eric’s use of the word Passion and bloody Passionate and I know that Paul raised the whole Emerging Thoughts for a reason. He wants a response. He yearns for a response. He’s salivating waiting for some fool to step forward and rant again about Eric and his Emerging Thoughts.
    The reason I’ve stepped forward, other than I’m a fool, is I watched the TV recently and a senior Police Officer was stood in front of the camera explaining to the viewing millions how he and his men saved some stranded cockle picker from the mud. The poor soul had wandered away from a safe sandbar and began to sink up to his waist in what was essentially quick sand.
    Then, staring straight into the camera, this bright shiny happy clappy, Godly creation to man bloody kind, fully laden and equipped with a degree in several pointless subjects that only he could be bothered to study because he is the most boring bastard in the World, explained to me and God knows how many others how they managed to save this stranded fella from the mud and the brine of the North Sea. He said, and the bastard meant it because I could clearly see him searching his minds vast volume of pointless, blue sky thinking, management speak shit, he said, ‘to facilitate his rescue we decided to employ and deploy the hand held excavator’.
    To make matters worse, this chisel faced, moustachioed arrogant twat of a man then raised him arm and produced to the camera for our nodding approval his fucking shovel which of course was his fucking hand held excavator. Course, my immediate response was to fall to my arthritic knees, howl, ‘you bastard’, knock the top off another bottle of ale, swallow a single dose unit of diazepam and wait for the surging anger that began to bloat and redden my fat face to subside so that I could process what I’d just witnessed and make some sense out of why this had just happened to me in my own home whilst I was minding me own bloody business.
    My conclusion? They’re all stupid arrogant narcissistically inclined bastards who unfortunately for me and most other people are protected by Common Law and most Criminal Law Statutes that prevents us hurtling up to their front doors, dragging them into their back gardens and starving them of oxygen after drowning them in their backyard bath tub.
    As for Eric and his Emerging Thoughts, I sincerely hope I never see the day when Eric can wake up, journey to work, sit behind his desk and not regret ever writing to The Leaks Doctor and disclosing that he often experiences Emerging Thoughts that prompt and inspire him throughout his day’s work that’s funded by people like us who only ever experience a quick and fleeting idea that could never ever under any known circumstances ever be described as an Emerging Thought.

  4. G’day Lordly

    Talking of voting I don’t know exactly when they elect “Dunny Chain Wearer” for the following year but I would like to suggest, in the interest of cost cutting, that they give “The Pretend Friend” one more go at it for his “I’ll stab anyone in the back for the cause” attitude.

    Think Lordsville you will get two for the price of one in these hard times and from the same ilk.

    Him stabbing “Highbrow” his mate in the back and leading him up the garden path for five years at a cost of about £250,000.00 of wirral council tax.

    Then there is missus bilong him “Nurse Rat” a disgrace to her vocation and an ideal candidate for Lady Mare ess.



    They were the first two that “Highbrow” approached at their cheap cider club with the funny animals about Wirral “Funny” Bizz knocking off about £2,000,000.00 and they showed disgust and were going to put things right.

    Right your avin a laugh scum bags through and through up their with “Phil the Very Very Deluded Dill” “Ankles” and “Phil’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell”.

    Not worth mentioning “Crapapple” he is gone.

    Luv you more each day L XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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